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  1. I was just wondering as well. Just wanted to check a record... and now I can't find the link
  2. You're welcome I'm glad that one of my dragons found its way here and that you like it
  3. I don't care for hybrids nor pygmies, but I'm still trying to get a decent number of the birthday release dragons... and I've just started with lineages - so any decision (new normal dragons, new hybrids/pygmies or no release this month) would be fine by me.
  4. Well look at the pink Pyralspites... they are super rare as CBs - imo it's easier to find a CB Metal than a CB Pink Pyralspite - but their 2nd gens aren't worth a lot (I guess... considering how oftern I see 2nd gens on the AP). Probably the same thing would happen to new rares. So I'm happy that they aren't as super rare as the Pyralspites. The adults are really beautiful btw.! Gonna get a lot more of them!
  5. Thanks so much for trying. Really? I thought that pairs that have refused once, will never breed.
  6. I have some almost last minute Valentine-kin requests. I'd be willing to trade something, of course. Please pm me. from Radiant Angel - 2nd gen Ember (I foolishly test-bred the 2nd gen Ember I have just now - I don't even know why - and of course the planned breeding pair refused) as mate for this Thanks again, Alliana! - 2nd gen Green Copper as mate for this - 2nd gen Brute as mate for this - 2nd gen Purple Ridgewing as mate for this Thanks alliana! from Heartseeker - 2nd gen Tan Ridgewing as mate for this Thanks a lot
  7. Found this cool 5th gen Whiptail x Skywing checker on the AP right now. Thanks to whoever bred it!
  8. I'd love something silvery. Preferably not a 2-headed or drake and absolutely no pygmy... I like to choose from more than just a handful potential mates for them (and pygmies just don't interest me at all).
  9. I know I'm a bit late, but I'm looking for some 2nd gen commons x Christmas dragons to be able to breed them next week. I would like to get my hands on these lineages: - 2nd gen Ember from Solstice as a mate for this - 2nd gen Falcon from Winter Magi as a mate for this - 2nd gen Cassare from Ribbons as a mate for this Thank you, nepenthe! - and a rarer lineage: 2nd gen Gold from female Holly as a mate for this Of course I would be willing to trade, please let me know what you want in return. At the moment I could offer two 2nd gen Golds for Gold: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! but of course I could breed something else, too. Plrease PM me.
  10. Two precious findings recently: 3rd gen Electric x Alt Sweetling checker, thanks Arella! 3rd gen Grave Dragon x Bronze Tinsel checker, thanks Tecca and a few days ago and today respectively, I found these three: 3rd gen Bleeding Moon from Bronze Shimmer, mirror, thanks again, Tecca, 4th gen Royal Crimson from Bronze Shimmer x Sunstone and Gold Shimmer x Royal Crimson. The parents are now wild, so no idea whom to thank for it. 4th gen Stone x Grave Dragon checker, thanks s0r0k4!
  11. Gah... I'm completely scrolllocked. Grow up, my hatchies, grow up!
  12. I agree. Way too many people breed their badly lineaged Prizes. I already thought about making a trade thread to organize 1:1 trades "kill your messy Prize, get a nice & clean low gen for it" (which of course should be continued that way). Also applicable to Metals of course. But I'm not sure whether that's not too hateful against messy dragons.
  13. Usually I don't mind them. Yesterday's Neo-wall was a bit extreme, since it was there several hours, but well... as long as it happens only so often, I guess it's acceptable. I can't imagine how many Neos the breeder must have. No doubt an impressive army of Neos! I like the occasional "normal" mass breeds though, when it's only one breed for a few minutes or an hour max. Like Ripan said, sometimes it makes me curious about the lineages.
  14. Wooooohoooo! Maybe I should have posted here sooner. After ten months and now 199 Cassare eggs - no kidding! - the 200th egg is an Ember!!!! Wooooohooooooo! I don't believe it! One down, three to go (and then the further generations... where I can only breed 8 pairs, 4 of which need to produce Embers... opposed to the 34 CB pairs I can breed now. Oh dear! edit: ! Another one and after only 6 Cassare eggs! I hope the ratio will still be more reasonable next week since I'm out of breeding pairs for this week
  15. I like to hunt CBs - on the abandoned page There are so many out there Plus, sometimes I keep lineages that I really like, and if I happen to grab a messy hatchling on the AP, I freeze it.
  16. You're welcome I was hoping to find one of mine in this thread eventually Happy that you like it!
  17. A little update: At the moment, I have 847 Embers, including 319 CB males and 320 CB females (without influencing them ) Grays and Anagallis I love too. I have 206 Grays. Anagallis, I just started hoarding (obviously, since they are pretty new)
  18. This is my oldest dragon: Name: Tzmukan'or Egg Laid on: Jan 29, 2010 Hatched on: Feb 01, 2010 Grew up on: Feb 06, 2010 I've slowed down for some weeks in between, but never took a real break. By now I have 5329 Adults 6 Deceased (I guess that must be the zombies ) (here's a tool for scroll stats: http://greg-kennedy.com/dragcave/tools/)
  19. So many colours... almost a rainbow. Great timing Can't wait to get all of them.
  20. Trying to get an Ember from Cassare for a while now. 187 Cassare : 0 Ember And I need 4 Ember eggs for my lineage (just from my own scroll, so there's no way to get help, except making Cassare become less common). I'll report back in ten years if I finally got the 4 Embers
  21. Same here But wow, this is crazy. And totally funny!
  22. Wow, I love these dragons! They are utterly beautiful as adults! The colours are stunning! Must get a bunch of them! I actually think they could be the next breed of dragon I want to hoard I like that the females aren't in a submissive pose this time, but the males.
  23. You can't abandon it because you have already named it Names hatchlings can't be abandoned (no matter what breed).