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  1. This year's Christmas dragon is beautiful!
  2. While I have my own system of naming which makes it fairly easy to avoid accidental breeding, I support the idea of removing some of the dragons from the breeding pool. I do not support the idea of having to enter a name or a code for each new mate - often I just randomly scroll to a certain point of the list of potential mates (like the game one sometimes played as a child, one person silently going through the alphabet and the other person saying "stop" at some point, having to guess the letter the first person stopped at) and breed the dragon with one of those that are visible i
  3. I support that - I'd love some white-winged lineages on my scroll but sadly I've got the tricolored Snow Angel. So if the colors were hereditary I wouldn't have to limit myself to Snow Angels of the color I like the least.
  4. Have 3rd gen x Grey checker Want 2nd gen or 3rd gen checker Christmas hatchlings. Open to offers, just looking for beautiful checker lineages or 2nd gens with which I could start a checker lineage. I'll decline what I don't consider. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. Have 3rd gen Holly x Grey checker Want 2nd gen or 3rd gen checker Christmas hatchlings. Open to offers, just looking for beautiful checker lineages or 2nd gens with which I could start a checker lineage. I'll decline what I don't consider. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  6. I'm just catching up in naming the most recently grown up dragons and I had forgotten about the two 3rd gen Royal Crimsons checkers ( x Golden Wyvern and x Gold) which I just bred, resulting in this beautiful 4th gen: https://dragcave.net/lineage/8MqkZ Thank you @herk
  7. Have 3rd gen deadline Holly x Silver Shimmer Want 2nd gen or 3rd gen checker Christmas hatchling. I'm looking for pretty lineages or 2nd gens for starting pretty lineages, but I'm totally open to offers for all kinds of Christmas dragons, so offer away. I'll decline what doesn't appeal to me. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  8. Woohoo, it's gotten (relatively) easy to catch Hollies in deed. Thank goodness, got my 2nd one. Now only to catch 2 Yulebucks (once the other overdue eggs have hatched) and then I can concentrate on lineages.
  9. Nice one!! Grats! I'm waiting for me eggs to hatch... they're overdue, but WON'T HATCH!! Come on, come out of your shells you little critters!
  10. I found this awesome 3rd gen Holly x Red Gemshard checker: https://dragcave.net/lineage/tQU4S This 3rd gen Aegis x Thalassa checker: https://dragcave.net/lineage/gsLY8 And this 2nd gen Snow Dragon x Soulstone: https://dragcave.net/lineage/sRuPa (I am usually not too fond of Holiday x Holiday pairings, but this combination is gorgeous!) Thanks to the breeders!
  11. I can't wait for the first load of Holiday eggs to hatch so that I can get a second CB Holly (amanged to catch one yesterday after all), and 2 Yulebucks. It seems possible now, but who knows for how long before the newer dragons clog everything. I'm glad that there's the 2 egg limit though; otherwise I would have caught a lot of the newer CBs while hunting for the old ones. Plus it would only have slightly stalled the clogging problem.
  12. Damn, those Hollies are impossible to catch!! But I'm glad we've got the chance. Although I do hope the ratio will adjust itself, since the Cave will be increasingly blocked by the dragons from the last years which most people already have. I hope more Hollies will drop along the way.
  13. Yes it is! I'm even thinking about copying the lineage so that I can build a 4th gen
  14. Thanks @Miral for https://dragcave.net/lineage/WacCB and Angel's Punishment for https://dragcave.net/lineage/v3yty
  15. Wooohooo! After all these years of trying, I've finally won a Prize!! Silver Shimmerscale too, that was my preferred Prize (along with Gold Shimmerscale). So, my plan is to keep the first Shimmer egg, and then rotate between swapping 2nd gens, gifting and trading (for a couple of common CB hatchlings though, nothing too difficult). I hope this works out, I really want people who don't have a CB Prize to be able to get 2nd gens without having to sacrifice 3 CB Golds or something... (I've been there long enough). Good luck to all who participate in the next Raffle.
  16. * Request I am looking for a 2nd gen Hellfire from Mistletoe CB. Any help would be appreciated Thank you @Ruby Eyes!
  17. You're welcome. I'm always happy to find my lineages here in this thread
  18. Oooh, I love the group thing, the raffle and the new eggs. Happy Birthday DragCave!
  19. Have 2x 4th gen Heartseeker x Green Copper checker Want a good home for them Please let me know if you take them. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  20. This time I am starting a bit earlier with making sure I have mates for my Valentine dragons, not only a week before Valentine Of course I am willing to trade - let's discuss via pm. Basically I'm looking for the following eggs - if I can complete a few of these pairings, that would be cool: from Heartstealer - 2nd gen Striped River - 2nd Silver Lunar - 2nd gen Specklethroat - 2nd gen Thalassa Xeno - thank you Mistyca_7! from Radiant Angel - 2nd gen Golden Lunar - 2nd gen (Red) Neb - 2nd gen Green Copper - 2nd gen Nhiostrife - 2nd gen Fever - 2nd gen Re
  21. Wooohoo! After over 3 years a certain pair of a lineage project finally produced the right egg!
  22. I remember this too. I think it showed up in this thread Great Lineages Found in AP, Why would anybody abandon these?!, maybe a year ago? I couldn't say. edit: ah, Terces was faster - I assume that granddaughter was the one I remembered.
  23. Very cool. Thankfully I only had 2 eggs on my scroll, which will hatch soon, too, so I can load the scroll with new CBs. I don't care a lot for hybrids; will probably breed a pair or more later, depending on how they look, but first grab as many new CBs as possible
  24. This is pretty much my opinion I would have loved a CB Prize on everybody's scroll for the 10th birthday. Even a restriction of just one Prize (or better one of each kind, so 6 Prizes - because Golds are worth more than Silvers and these more than Bronzes, so it would be unfair again to get "only" a Bronze while others get the other kinds) per scroll would be great. That would very much regulate the trading and make wounderful checker lineages possible. (Yes I know, checker lineages do exist, but not to the same extent as stairs, simply because most people couldn't possibly continue them