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  1. 5 hours ago, TJ09 said:

    Update 2:

    • Resource drops will now appear in your fort after leveling up. You get a resource every level appropriate to that level (e.g. levels 20‚Äď29 spawn tree stumps), and every five levels a present will spawn with extra resources. These drops are retroactive, so people who have been leveling should receive a bunch of new drops.
    • Random battle targeting should be better about making sure the selected fort actually has things for you to damage.

    Awesome, thank you! :)

  2. 37 minutes ago, Dalek Raptor said:

    Is it possible to get resources faster than an hour? Maybe every 30 minutes? At this rate I may just have nothing but cannons at this point if people keep destroying my cannons and it's already so hard to play on mobile ūüėē


    I second this suggestion. Every 15 minutes would be even better... If one can only repair 3 cannons or build two new - IF one even gets a pile of snow (I got 3 x ice within the last 4 hours, so there's not much to go on now) - there isn't a lot to build or to repair or to help gain XP in one hour...

  3. @Flamekitty48 and @Gluria: Just start somewhere. :) Pick a character you find interesting, and then just start. It's so much fun and really rewarding, to see a costume come together!


    Thank you @Starscream and @dark_sama! It just takes quite a bit of practice.... and I still have some issues with some parts of the armors I build - especially the helmet. But I'm very happy with the results in the end. :)


    Got two new photos for you as well... I just edited one of the photos from January of Maeglin, since this is the week of Tolkien's Fall of Gondolin (and thus fall of Maeglin), I just have to post it.



    (photo by Denise Egal/Ahlundae, editing by me)



    And I finished my new armor for Loki, just in time for the Medieval Fantasy Convention in Solingen last weekend, and I love the result.



    (photo by Stefan Lehrmann)


    More photos here. :)

  4. Uh, I just discovered this thread! Nice!



    @Starscream Your cosplay looks awesome! Well done, especially for your first cosplay! :)


    I've been cosplaying for 3 years now and while I started with one cosplay per year, the number has increased a bit.

    My first real cosplay was Ambarussa (Amras) from Tolkien's Silmarillion; the outfit I designed myself, same as the following Silm characters and the Jedi:

    philip-romeyn_29425454594_1fdf833e22_ok. hydraforge_12933124_935536069894782_5638 stefan_lehrmann2_k.jpg?w=200
    (Photos: Philip Romeyn, Hydraforge, Stefan Lehrmann)

    For last year I built an armor for Maeglin, also from Tolkien's Silmarillion:
    stefan-lehrmann__r4a1990_web.jpg?w=200 dsc_3807k-1mt.jpg?w=200 so-27sbk.jpg?w=200
    (Photos: Stefan Lehrann, Rokes Cosplay, Nika Istarnie)


    For this year I built an armor for Aikan√°ro (Aegnor), brother of Galadriel, from Tolkien's Silmarillion:

    dsc_3705-1cr-k-1mt.jpg?w=200 es7b8739-final-copyright-w.jpg?w=200



    (Photos: Denise Egal/Ahlundae and Aloha Airbrush)


    I also bought a costume for Loki and then started upgrading it with armor parts and weapons. Right now I'm building on a totally new outfit for Loki, but til then, these photos should do ;)

    normal_05k.jpg?w=200 dsc_2445-1kmt.jpg?w=250



    (Photos: Denise Egal/Ahlundae, edit by me)


    And finally my newest cosplay, a yet nameless Squamatan Jedi:

    jedi.jpg?w=250 p7151437b2-4b2kmt.jpg?w=250


    (Photos: Denise Egal/Ahlundae, edit by me)



    You can find more photos here on my FB cosplay page: https://www.facebook.com/foedhrass/

  5. On 11.1.2018 at 12:15 AM, Ruby Eyes said:

    Rename the wrong mate (temporarily) with capital letters DON'T USE or something? Just to remind you next week.




    That's a good idea. Although I think that I will still be annoyed enough about this next week so that I will pay extra attention to the mate in any case. ;)

  6. Priding myself to have a failproof system of naming my dragons so that I don't confuse a bred dragon with a CB (except the Holiday special releases since there weren't new CBs until this year), even checking the dragon I was about to breed my CB Shimmer with (for the exact reason that the Holiday releases are excluded from my failproof system so far) and somehow overlooking that the dragon was NOT a CB... So I just bred my CB Shimmer with a 2nd gen. :dry:

    For my defense, I had a long and tiring day at work but even then, I don't get how I could overlook this when I explicitly checked this dragon... And of course it's annoying! Now I have to wait another week (and then hopefully I won't click the same dragon again as he's listed as a mate now).

  7. On 2.1.2018 at 9:04 AM, Lantean_Pegasus said:


    That's devastating news.

    EATW was my one and only standard hatching site ever since I started DC back in 2012, because I found it simply the best by far in terms of handling and, much more important, views management.

    I could put my eggs in there, and know the little ones would be save and sound until they hatched/grew up - which they usually did right at the 4 days mark.

    DC won't be the same for me with EATW gone. (The alternatives are either woefully slow, or have a much higher risk of sickness, as far as I observed.)

    So I'm very, very sorry for all the users that loose this great site, but much more for you for loosing a project that you invested so much time, work, dedication and money in, and that was among the best of its kind (the best in my books).

    Many thanks to you for keeping it running for so long, improving it on the way, battling difficulties and being a large help to the DC community !!


    PS: Maybe you should open a separate thread for this announcement, I'm sure there are many users out there who were using EATW, are wondering what its fate may be, and might miss the post in here ?


    I completely agree with this. Not having EATW to our disposal during the Christmas frenzy was bad enough, but to see it ending for good, that is just sad :(

    The other hatcheries are okay too, but EATW was always my favourite, also because of the dragon market, where one didn't have to go through as much trouble as here on the forum with trade posts.


    I'll miss this site a lot! :(

  8. 41 minutes ago, Nathair said:

    This question may seem silly.


    I just had offspring reappear on this dragons progeny page.


    Now I am aware of people fogging eggs. This completely vanished. Fogged eggs disappear from progeny pages and their own pages do not exist. But as far as I have seen the fogged egg's code still appears on the parents "children" area - the eggs code was NOT there. This egg just up and vanished then suddenly reappeared as an adult? The only thing I can guess is a site coding glitch that fixed itself when the dragon grew up? Has this happened to anyone else.


    I noticed that the fogged offspring isn't shown at all on the parent's children site, as well, - not even the code or a cloud of fog - even though the other parent still is listed. Seems to be normal.

    As for the reppearing as an adult: Maybe the egg you watched was fogged the whole time until it hatched (at the right time and with low time it doesn't take more than 30 minutes for an egg to go from 0 views to hatching), and then fogged again til it was ER, and then quickly got enough views to grow up. Unless you monitored the egg 24/7, that's imo the likeliest explanation for it not showing up as an egg or hatchling and then showing up as an adult.


    *Scroll link/forum name: Ashtoret

    How can others help? No help needed, really (unless for example for Holiday mates)

    Are you willing to help others with their projects and how? Of course. I'm willing to breed pretty much anything on my scroll.

    Notes about your projects: If you want a sibling of one of my finished projects, I'm happy to breed them for you.

    I have many more lineages which I'll add to this post... it just would take too long to write them down now all at once.



    *Lineage name: Qelveaz
    *Breeds of dragons involved: Ice x Red
    *Type of lineage project: 6th gen; no idea how to call it; even gen: https://dragcave.net/lineage/MZPnm
    *What are your goals for this project?: finished


    *Lineage name: Khassian
    *Breeds of dragons involved: Ember x Gold
    *Type of lineage project:5th gen;  no idea how to call it; even gen: https://dragcave.net/lineage/kdasM
    *What are your goals for this project?: finished


    *Lineage name: Zokirhu
    *Breeds of dragons involved: Gold x Heartseeker
    *Type of lineage project: 5th gen; Heartseeker CBs, the rest Gold; even gen: https://dragcave.net/lineage/wOKZl
    *What are your goals for this project?: finished


    *Lineage name: Vihzor
    *Breeds of dragons involved: Ice x Waterhorse
    *Type of lineage project: 4th gen checker: https://dragcave.net/lineage/CSHBZ
    *What are your goals for this project?: finished


    *Lineage name: Iluhal
    *Breeds of dragons involved: Golden Wyvern x Marrow
    *Type of lineage project:4th gen checker: https://dragcave.net/lineage/1Z0uV
    *What are your goals for this project?: finished


    *Lineage name: Triveer
    *Breeds of dragons involved: Silver x Trihorn
    *Type of lineage project: 5th gen checker: https://dragcave.net/lineage/kmi5i
    *What are your goals for this project?: finished


    *Lineage name: Khanastes
    *Breeds of dragons involved: Blusang x Cavelurker
    *Type of lineage project: 4th gen; Cavelurker CBs, the rest Blusang; even gen: https://dragcave.net/lineage/BtfRr
    *What are your goals for this project?: finished


    *Lineage name: Choklan
    *Breeds of dragons involved: Howler Drake x Glaukus Drake
    *Type of lineage project: 4th gen mirrored checker: https://dragcave.net/lineage/3uweN
    *What are your goals for this project?: finished


    *Lineage name: Plerym
    *Breeds of dragons involved: Bloodscale x Two-headed Lindwyrm
    *Type of lineage project: 4th gen mirrored checker: https://dragcave.net/lineage/wtL6Q
    *What are your goals for this project?: finished


    *Lineage name: Viacyn
    *Breeds of dragons involved: Falcon x Fever
    *Type of lineage project: 4th gen mirrored checker: https://dragcave.net/lineage/FYQoi
    *What are your goals for this project?:


    *Lineage name: Grayvias
    *Breeds of dragons involved: BBW x Grave
    *Type of lineage project: 4th gen; Grave CBs, rest BBW; even gen: https://dragcave.net/lineage/1gphr
    *What are your goals for this project?: finished


    *Lineage name: Choneeb
    *Breeds of dragons involved: Red Neb x Shadowwalker
    *Type of lineage project: 4th gen checker: https://dragcave.net/lineage/plG3B
    *What are your goals for this project?: finished


    *Lineage name: Pxelatan
    *Breeds of dragons involved: Trihorn x Gold
    *Type of lineage project: 4th gen mirrored checker: https://dragcave.net/lineage/9HM5n
    *What are your goals for this project?: finished


    *Lineage name: Lizeez
    *Breeds of dragons involved: BBW x Magma
    *Type of lineage project: 4th gen checker: https://dragcave.net/lineage/E71G8
    *What are your goals for this project?: finished


    *Lineage name: Khalcso
    *Breeds of dragons involved: Falcon x Grave
    *Type of lineage project: 4th gen mirrored checker: https://dragcave.net/lineage/LwLux
    *What are your goals for this project?: finished


    *Lineage name: Silteasar
    *Breeds of dragons involved: Silver x Black tea x Arsani
    *Type of lineage project: 4th gen mixed checker: https://dragcave.net/lineage/e7qNk
    *What are your goals for this project?: finished


    *Lineage name: Amastrae
    *Breeds of dragons involved: Nhiostrife x Gold
    *Type of lineage project: 4th gen mirrored checker: https://dragcave.net/lineage/ujnEG
    *What are your goals for this project?: finished


  10. I've been using Chrome recently to better catch Holiday eggs and now I wanted to go back to Firefox, and there suddenly the lineage views are all messed up.

    This is what they look like, instead of the usual family tree:




    I'm sure it wasn't displayed like this when I last used Firefox... and with Chrome the family tree is displayed.

    Did I accidentally change some settings that I shouldn't have? Any idea how to get the family tree view again? Thanks a lot!


    edit: playing around with the Browser/add on settings I realized that it has something to do with Adblock - when I deactivate the addon, I see the family tree... but of course I don't wanna deactivate Adblock. And I can't figure out what I might have clicked that the lineage display changed, or how to undo it - any ideas?


    edit2: never mind - I removed and installed Adblock again and the problem's solved.

  11. While I have my own system of naming which makes it fairly easy to avoid accidental breeding, I support the idea of removing some of the dragons from the breeding pool.


    I do not support the idea of having to enter a name or a code for each new mate - often I just randomly scroll to a certain point of the list of potential mates (like the game one sometimes played as a child, one person silently going through the alphabet and the other person saying "stop" at some point, having to guess the letter the first person stopped at) and breed the dragon with one of those that are visible in this moment.


    I don't really fancy having to click something else then like "previous mates" (they are listed at the top in any case so one doesn't even have to wait for the whole list to be displayed).

    On a sidenote, it would be great if one could remove accidental mates from the top... like when I accidentally bred dragon X to Z for a lineage but already had bred Y to Z for the same lineage... til the following week I will have forgotten about that and if I see Z as one of the previous mates of X, I'll try this pairing again, not thinking of the inbreeding that would occur due to Z being paired up twice in this lineage ... If one could remove them from the top - not the full list, just the list of previous mates, that would be fortunate.


    Since due to my naming system I see at first glimpse which dragon is a CB and which isn't (and it's mainly CBs I breed, apart from my lineages), I wouldn't need a dropdown or click option of showing only the CBs... though I think it wouldn't bother me neither, as long as the default setting is showing the full list and every other option demands a click, not the other way round!


    Having said that: I really hate the new system of the Fertility dragons - there loading the whole list of dragons does take ages - and I'm glad that breeding still works the old way (which fertility also used to and the other BSAs still do). So as long as any new features to the breeding options does NOT change the breeding system to the fertility system, I'm okay with it. Otherwise, no thanks!

  12. 11 hours ago, Aie said:

    I want Snow Angel colours to be hereditary. I love the white-winged lineages that I've bred over the years, but right now I keep catching gorgeous tricoloured lineages in the AP, only to abandon them because mine don't match.  Some pairings just won't work as beautifully with white wings.


    I support that - I'd love some white-winged lineages on my scroll but sadly I've got the tricolored Snow Angel. So if the colors were hereditary I wouldn't have to limit myself to Snow Angels of the color I like the least.