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    Have 3x 3rd gen Prize (2x bronze tinsel, 1x silver tinsel) Want 1 CB new Halloween hatchling for each Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. Ashtoret

    Prize Central

    Have 2nd gen Silver Shimmerscale Want CB new Halloween hatchlings Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. Ashtoret

    Prize Central

    Have 2nd gen Silver Shimmer from Omen Want 2nd gen Omen from female Shimmer in the next Halloween season (see underlined line in sig) Please PM me.
  4. Ashtoret

    Prize Central

    Have 2nd gen Silver Shimmerscale from Arcana Want CB Geminar hatchlings - please pm me your offer; underlined line in sig applies. or if you have other trade ideas, Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. Ashtoret

    Prize Central

    Have 2nd gen Silver Shimmerscale from Arcana Want CB Luminox Wyvern hatchlings, since I missed that release. Please pm me your offer. Underlined line in sig applies.
  6. Have 2nd gen Lihnseyre from Silver Shimmerscale Want 2nd gen swap, from male Shimmer and female Lihnseyre (also see underlined line in signature, in case you own a CB silver Shimmerscale and plan on breeding it with a Lihnseyre in the future) Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  7. Wooohoo, birthday eggs! I like it! :)
  8. Yeah... or a "repair all" buttom... I don't bother repairing anymore because it's taking so much time, especially if one has to move around some parts to get to the others. Repairing all with one click (as far as the ressources are available) would be terrific.
  9. I second this suggestion. Every 15 minutes would be even better... If one can only repair 3 cannons or build two new - IF one even gets a pile of snow (I got 3 x ice within the last 4 hours, so there's not much to go on now) - there isn't a lot to build or to repair or to help gain XP in one hour...
  10. Sadly I can't rotate my ice walls and corners... makes for an awkward fort (yes, I tried pressing Strg, Alt, Strg+Alt... none of that worked)
  11. As long as it's not something insanely difficult to get like raise 3 CB Golds, I think it's rather refreshing to see else than just "3 adult dragons". Congratulations to all winners.
  12. @Flamekitty48 and @Gluria: Just start somewhere. Pick a character you find interesting, and then just start. It's so much fun and really rewarding, to see a costume come together! Thank you @Starscream and @dark_sama! It just takes quite a bit of practice.... and I still have some issues with some parts of the armors I build - especially the helmet. But I'm very happy with the results in the end. Got two new photos for you as well... I just edited one of the photos from January of Maeglin, since this is the week of Tolkien's Fall of Gondolin (and thus fall of Maeglin)
  13. Uh, I just discovered this thread! Nice! @Starscream Your cosplay looks awesome! Well done, especially for your first cosplay! I've been cosplaying for 3 years now and while I started with one cosplay per year, the number has increased a bit. My first real cosplay was Ambarussa (Amras) from Tolkien's Silmarillion; the outfit I designed myself, same as the following Silm characters and the Jedi: (Photos: Philip Romeyn, Hydraforge, Stefan Lehrmann) For last year I built an armor for Maeglin, also from Tolkien's Silmarillion: (Photos:
  14. Can someone post the egg descriptions please? TJs eggs already hatched and on the dragcave wiki they're not yet listed. I don't know what I ought to be looking for.
  15. That's a good idea. Although I think that I will still be annoyed enough about this next week so that I will pay extra attention to the mate in any case.
  16. Priding myself to have a failproof system of naming my dragons so that I don't confuse a bred dragon with a CB (except the Holiday special releases since there weren't new CBs until this year), even checking the dragon I was about to breed my CB Shimmer with (for the exact reason that the Holiday releases are excluded from my failproof system so far) and somehow overlooking that the dragon was NOT a CB... So I just bred my CB Shimmer with a 2nd gen. For my defense, I had a long and tiring day at work but even then, I don't get how I could overlook this when I explicitly checked this drag
  17. I completely agree with this. Not having EATW to our disposal during the Christmas frenzy was bad enough, but to see it ending for good, that is just sad The other hatcheries are okay too, but EATW was always my favourite, also because of the dragon market, where one didn't have to go through as much trouble as here on the forum with trade posts. I'll miss this site a lot!
  18. I noticed that the fogged offspring isn't shown at all on the parent's children site, as well, - not even the code or a cloud of fog - even though the other parent still is listed. Seems to be normal. As for the reppearing as an adult: Maybe the egg you watched was fogged the whole time until it hatched (at the right time and with low time it doesn't take more than 30 minutes for an egg to go from 0 views to hatching), and then fogged again til it was ER, and then quickly got enough views to grow up. Unless you monitored the egg 24/7, that's imo the likeliest explanation for it not showin
  19. LINEAGE PROJECT FORM *Scroll link/forum name: Ashtoret How can others help? No help needed, really (unless for example for Holiday mates) Are you willing to help others with their projects and how? Of course. I'm willing to breed pretty much anything on my scroll. Notes about your projects: If you want a sibling of one of my finished projects, I'm happy to breed them for you. I have many more lineages which I'll add to this post... it just would take too long to write them down now all at once. *Lineage name: Qelveaz *Breeds of dragons involved: Ic
  20. I've been using Chrome recently to better catch Holiday eggs and now I wanted to go back to Firefox, and there suddenly the lineage views are all messed up. This is what they look like, instead of the usual family tree: I'm sure it wasn't displayed like this when I last used Firefox... and with Chrome the family tree is displayed. Did I accidentally change some settings that I shouldn't have? Any idea how to get the family tree view again? Thanks a lot! edit: playing around with the Browser/add on settings I realized that it has something to do wi
  21. The Gaia one looks perfect indeed with their mirrored tails! Although I do prefer a bit of contrast, so I'll have to think about what I'll try first. Maybe something like Red Firegem.