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Thank you, everyone who has helped me with my lineage projects! I do accept IOUs. I am currently seeking a 3rd gen Holly from a HollyXWhite or WhiteXHolly checker IOU.15725w3.jpgoNhyb.gifWindnose.pngb4thechange.gif

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    Dragons~ :D

    Breeding requests:
    2nd gen Mageia x White

    2nd gen Xeno swaps

    ~~~~~~Everything below this is from before my hiatus~~~~~
    cerulean-skies~ To: 49 Spitfires
    ~From: 1 CB Thunder, 2 Winters to freeze, CB Day Glory hatchling, CB Day Glory egg, CB Stripe egg, 2nd gen Ultraviolet, cheese hatchling, CB Sunrise hatchling, CB Golden Wyvern egg

    Halloween 2013 request list:
    sashocirrione~ (0/1)
    3rd gen Shadow Walker egg from Shadow WalkerXSnow Angel checker [bloodswap]

    Christmas 2012 request list:
    auster26~ (0/1)
    3rd gen Yulebuck from YuleXWhite checker

    My IOUs:
    4th gen Silver Metallic with hellfireXmetallic spiral lineage

    Please note regarding IOUs:
    I do take filling IOUs correctly and quickly very seriously. HOWEVER, if I owe you something, I do have other IOUs to fill. I see everyone on my IOU list as equals, regardless of how long they've been waiting. I promise to always be trying to fill at least one IOU every week and I do keep my list up to date. Also, if I do have what I owe you on my scroll and I decide to keep it, don't ask me about it. There are many reasons for why I decided to keep it. However, it is very rare that I do this and only do it when you owe me something as well. If you don't owe me anything, I will almost always give it to you unless the dragon was a gift.
    On another note, if you do happen to think that I am taking too long to fill the IOU, feel free to PM or email me; I do not bite. If you treat me kindly and politely, I will treat you kindly and politely.