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  1. Really awesome adults! Congratulations, Spatio and Schen!
  2. Happy Samhain, Happy Halloween ~ very excited to see these new eggs grow! 🙂
  3. I wanted to quote this one post in particular -- just because I'm really glad someone noticed this part in the description. It does have elements from all the designs of the other 12. (Or should I say the other 12 have elements from it? haha.) Anyway: Astrapi - asymmetrical spines (on tail) Thalassa - body stripe Mageia - layered scales and crystalline scutes Chrono - glowing tendrils sprouting from head Gaia - bug wing-esque frills (some are calling them ears... haha!) Pyro - wide/flat spine plates Aquilo - smooth body plating Aso - thick/rounded back spikes Pharos - floating crystals Obidar - branching horns/antlers Umbra - crystal scales Ke'maro - tentacles (It was difficult!) I wish I could like replies on here- thanks you guys for such kind words to my other post. ;v;
  4. Exactly five years ago (well, from the posting of this thread, anyhow!) -- June 27th, 2015 -- the original Xenowyrms were released. The Gaia, Astrapi, Chrono, Pyro, Thalassa, and Mageia were those six wyrm children that were released upon Galsreim! I genuinely never really thought that they would come to be enjoyed so much, especially five whole years later. I hope you guys enjoy the new six to complete the elemental set: the Umbra, Aquilo, Obidar, Ke'maro, Aso, and Pharos. Some are friendly, some are not-so-friendly. 🙂 And... of course, the big wyrm in the room: the Staterae Xenowyrm, the original ancient dragon that branched off into all the different subspecies we have today. It's been really fun reading the thread, and seeing the discussion in Discord about these guys and this release. (And the surprise when someone bred the first Staterae...!) I'm glad to have the opportunity to create these dragons, and I look forward to seeing what cool lineage projects you all have in mind going forward! So to wrap up... I just wanted to say, thank you for making the five-year anniversary of the Xenowyrms special!
  5. Popping in just to say that I am super glad you mentioned this, as part of the design inspiration behind the Wintertide came from some of the transoms (ranma) that I've studied from old Japanese architecture. It's a fairly obscure inspiration so I am glad to see some of that came through! 🙂 Thanks for the kind words!
  6. Happy Holidays from the Wintertide Dragon!
  7. I don't know what you're talking about, I thought her name was okay 🤔 General thanks to @Process for all the beautifully disgusting lineages I've snagged up tonight. spicy
  8. nah I think what we did fit our intent pretty spot on 👌
  9. I mean. I remember when I was a newbie, and I wanted an alt offspring and could never get one because I didn't have anything good enough (read: "good enough") to trade for one. Which sucked. Didn't even care if it was a 2G or not. Now I've got some alts, so might as well spread some alt love to people that might not be able to trade pretty shinies for low-gen altkin. That way, more people can have some dragons right from spriter alts without having to worry about trading or feeling like it's hopeless to get one. 😉 Also. It was a fun lul. Lighten up, this is the most fun I've seen people have AP hunting in ages. 🙂 It's nothin personnel, kid.
  10. . idk man. I like the Pyrovar's pose. Have liked it since I first saw it. It's a pose you'd catch in the blink of an eye, a frame of a unique animation/movement, yeah? Not exactly something someone would be positioned at for some extended period of time or seen often (like a sitting pose, or a frame of a running/walk cycle for example). You'd be pretty amazed at some of the crazy stuff a body can really do when you take a larger movement and cut it down into its individual frames/components. Pyrovar's pose is an example of that. Shading style is a stylistic choice- everyone both in-cave and in DR has a different style from one another, yeah? If I had seen a sprite like that in DR (since everyone's talking about DR stuff?) I wouldn't have minded it because the way the shadows/highlights are, it's executed correctly, but just in the style of whatever artist. It's light blue, it's at a foreshortened angle and has a big shadow cast on it and is in a style similar to other things made by jotb. (Which I happen to be fond of that style, so...) And ditto to TCA's sentiments. nice post 👍 It's concerning glancing back onto the forum after a while of being gone, at a new release and seeing such a negative thread. A new release is a new release; should be something to be happy about, regardless of if the dragon's your cup of tea or not... and if you've got some frustrations with something else with how the site's handled/art is handled/whatever, try not to take it out on the dragons (and by extension, artists) that got released. I don't think- scratch that, I know- I have ever seen a community react to new additions to a game quite like the way this one does... it's pretty disheartening. And that extends to sites that I've worked for as well as games that I just enjoy as a player (that people pay for)... That's all I have to say to that though. Not really in the mood to debate, just to express my observations. Bleh, whatever. No use rambling on. Anyway, congrats to JOTB and Mys. Nice seeing some more of your guys' work. Keep your chins up.
  11. ^ This is the kind of quality content I look forward to seeing on the forums. As far as new prizes go or how current ones are handled, I'm pretty neutral on it all.
  12. That is quite a wonderful surprise! Congratulations on your Gold Tinsel.
  13. A bit late, but I am very happy to see that one of my Advent eggs made it to a loving home. Love the name you chose for him!
  14. I wish I could give heart reacts on posts, because I am 100% with the both of you! <3 Best of luck to all the midnight egg hunters and everyone else, too.
  15. I am exhausted as all heck... but man... I am so tempted to scramble for dragons at midnight. ;_; Having even one CB Holly has been my scroll dream for so long-- how exciting. Thank you for the opportunity to snag a couple, TJ!
  16. @ people wishing there was concept art... there is breed concept art, I'm just not home so I can't post it right now since I have no access to it. Whenever I get back to my computer I will post it. By this point you guys should know that drawing stuff for breeds like this is kind of a thing I always do. ;P
  17. @Process, congratulations on your first holiday release! It was a pleasure getting to work on these bad bois with you and I am really excited for you!! Thanks for the kind words too, everyone else. It's hard to do things with pixels but without pushing boundaries you never really grow as an artist, and these were a big boundary push for both of us with a lot of ideas that we've both had for a long time and we both learned a lot throughout the... process. *cough* They were a lot of fun to make. I would have more to post but posting from mobile is hard. ;p So I'll post more when I'm actually on a computer.
  18. His hatchlings have around 6d10h left, meaning about two and a half days. ------ I really hope you guys like them when they grow up!!
  19. *rubs chin* applying the 2-CB-limit to a raffle also raises another issue: what if the winner already has two of each existing holiday dragon for that particular holiday? Then what? They just can't get a prize because "Well you already have two of each of the past ones"? I don't know how I feel about people being barred out of participating simply because they, well, may have been around long enough to have all the CBs they're technically allowed to have with the current limitations. Seems to be a bit unfortunate to those (however few it may be) that have been so dedicated/loyal all these years! For my opinion on the existence of a raffle for past holidays, though. I would love this raffle because darn it I want a CB Holly so bad. ;( Hollies are too cute.