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  1. I can't get past the load bar. It was working fine yesterday but now it doesn't want to load. :/ Help please? I have tried refreshing and waited some hours before trying again.
  2. ( I feel like I'm walking blind into A WHOLE NEW WORLD /Yes, Disney reference, go ahead, sing it. Anyway, I have a train to catch. ) Nina slipped past everyone else and leaped into the open door in pursuit of Lioko and Quiok. Can't let them have all the fun... aw dang, I should have went in WITH Archios, we're partners after all... how rude of me. But wait... Nina expected to find a hard floor under her foot, but she felt nothing.... She was falling, like a drop of water dripping from a leaky pipe. Darkness surrounded her... something in Nina's mind snapped and paranoia caved in. Falling... all alone in the darkness... was I alone? Dang it all... I feel so lonely.... should have jumped with Archios.... But wait, where are those other two? (Falling for what seemed like decades huh? Well then, just keep the paranoid thoughts coming, eventually Nina will drift into a state of dreaming. And if it is okay, I'd like to fall on someone. )
  3. <n< I feel like this RP is dying.
  4. ( I have nothing for my character to say or do, I am a sheep which follows the crowd. )
  5. Christina gazed at the doors in amazement, she'd never seen such oddly shaped doors. And in a church no less. Nina heard her group leader call her name, wait... this wasn't a group, it was just Nina and Archios. Does this make us partners? Nina rushed to Archios's side, the architecture could wait, but that didn't stop her from noticing the door on the ceiling. "Yes Arch- holy wowza, is that door on the ceiling? Whoever build this place is a troll." (TROLL IN THE HALLWAY, TROOOLLLL IN THE HALLWAY, just thought you should know.)
  6. "Any door is as good as any." Nina whistled as she stood in awe at the architecture... there was just so much to take in. (Super short post, SUPER THE SHORT.)
  7. "Latin huh... I'd also like to know the meaning... that is if you have that information." Nina heard Con mutter something, but she wasn't sure what he said and she didn't think it was worth exploring. He must have murmured it for a reason... and we're already burning daylight, time to get our adventure on. Nina started walking towards the church, her body was still turned to the group and a small distance had been established. The time of talking about exploring the church was over, the first move had been made and it was time for the players to fall into place. This game of life played by the youthful hearts was slowly going through the motions. (Adventure Time, come on grab your friends- hope you don't mind the dramatic thoughts, I couldn't resist. ^u^ And I can't help but think CHESS~! Fall into place my little pawns, time to meet the king who commands you and the foe whom you must overcome. )
  8. "Alright-y," Nina grinned, "I'll probably switch off from calling you Boss and Archios. And Archios is a beautiful and uncommon name, do you know what country it originated from?"
  9. ( Not sure if it suits you since I don't know you, but it is a sweet avatar. WEAR IT PROUDLY. )
  10. The faces of three different Doctors... surely this is a friend, but they all look so intimidating that at first glance they look like a foe. FRIEND~!
  11. Yes... these people are going to call me by my preferred nickname... victory is mine. "As tempting as it is, I won't call you French Fry and might I say your blue hair is quite unique." Nina gave a confident nod at Con to establish she was acknowledged. This guy shows signs of a high energy level and he is wearing headphones, I think we'll get along swimmingly. The girl with the notebook had shook Nina's hand and Nina's spot on the team was sealed hook line and sinker. I'm so lucky to have scored this group~! It's even perfectly even, two girls and two boys. I couldn't ask for a better set up. Nina took a mental note of everyone's appearance and their appointed names. Wait... the leader didn't give her name! Nina turned to the group and chuckled, "It's a pleasure to be included in this group," Nina looked at Archios and added, "I seem to have misplaced your name, can I make it simple and just call you Boss?" (Connie... Nina will never acknowledge you as a girl until it is clearly spelt out to her. Con has been burned in her mind as a guy, IT IS CHISELED INTO HER MEMORY THAT SHE IS A BOY. )
  12. Well I finally posted, I thought the bit with just Moon Blitz acknowledging Basilisk was a bit too short, so I added random talking. /About marefriends... kinda setting things up for Blitz to flirt with Twilight Charmer./
  13. Oh jolly yes~! The girl with the notebook has appointed herself a leader, bold move girl, bold move. "I'll cluster with you~!" Nina volunteered as she immediately ran up to the girl with the notebook. "That is, if you'll have me." Nina grinned as she held out her right hand. "I didn't quite catch everyone's names, so formalities are in order, my name is Christina, but you may refer to me as Madam La'cross, or Nina, people end up calling me Nina."
  14. Moon Blitz felt like the cats pajamas, he was reunited with his gang and life felt like skittles and beer. Although he was overjoyed at this current moment, he realized how much reality's sick race of survival had separated them. If only we didn't have to waste every moment breaking our backs for the upper class. Catching up on everyone's lives was amusing and time consuming, it was a wonderful way to pass the time. But by now the beer was blurring his brain, Moon could never hold his liquor. He could barely comprehend what was being talked about anymore, right now he was just laughing at anything being said. His old gang had begun to ignore him by now, they already replaced his supply of beer with water, not that Blitz noticed. Even though it was a festival and getting drunk beyond belief was expected, there was no point in wasting good drink on someone who was too intoxicated to appreciate it. RedPolish was saying something about having a marefriend, exaggerating her graces to his audience proudly. RedPolish explained that she couldn't join him tonight because she was working as a maid for the fancy dinner party. "Hahaha," MoonBlitz laughed uncontrollably, "how do I know you aren't hic making this up?" "It's the truth," Red grinned as he brushed him mane back, "you're just poking fun at it because you can't hold onto a relationship." "I can too!" Moon said rather annoyed but his quiet chuckles made it hard to take him seriously. "I just haven't found a mare who can hic hold my interests." "It's not about if someone can keep up with you, it's about if you're willing to slow down for someone else." RedPolish shook his head in agreement to his own statement, "You'll never find happiness if you continue to think like that." "I'll be happy once I become a hic shadowbolt, you only have a gal because you're one hic heck of a pretty boy." MoonBlitz slurred, then he followed up his reply with a chorus of laughter. "If you would stop drinking for a moment I have a proposition for you." "What's that?" MoonBlitz laughed as he met Basilisk-Soul's glance, "Well looks who is it is, hic graced me with your presence eh? And hic at a festival no less, must be important!" In the corner is his eye he could see WildRide and PixiePeach begin to leave, ponies like them knew better than to mix with the likes of Basilisk-Soul. "Don't bother, I'll be back." Moon struggled to claim his balance as he pried himself away from the group. "Where shall we hic talk business?"
  15. Nina was still pretty lost on what was going on, but there was to be adventure and the bending of the rules. Sounds like a beautiful plot to me, just like some story book. "I don't care who I get sorted with, I don't know any of you guys very well to pick favorites." Nina grinned, she was still catching her breath, but she stole a long glance at Archios. She has a notebook... wonder what's in it, people who carry that kind of stuff around can be fairly inspirational. I hope I get into her group, it'd be weird to request that though. (Pssst~! Please sort me with her, people with notebooks man, notebooks.)
  16. "Hold on a moment!" Nina huffed as she took a deep breath gasping for air. She seemed to have appeared from nowhere, "Sorry I'm late, I fell asleep somewhere. So what's going on? I see you've stopped playing baseball." ( Sorry I'm late, didn't realize the post party started. ' )
  17. Oh sweet someone is trying to join us. . I'll post when I get the time, I am very distracted.
  18. So pretty... gotta find the combination...
  19. Man, it is just an eye opener to see so many people show up for this momentous occasion. There are just so many of you dragon collectors to race against for new eggs. I shake my fist at you lag.
  20. Sorry for the late post, I was unsure what to put... and it feels rushed to me. RAINDASH YOUR AVATAR IS ADORABLE.
  21. Vocal Glory and Autumn Strings followed Night Haunter's instructions and found themselves among many other musicians. Vocal admired the view from the musician's box and curiously took in her surroundings. Vocal spotted Sea Cloud and planned the route she'd take to the table after her performance. This is going to be the best night ever. This was her first time performing in the Mayor's Palace, and Vocal was very nervous. Vocal recognized some musicians and sought friendly encouragement, they reassured each other that they'd do great and words of good luck were exchanged in hushed whispers. Vocal was glad to have found company, it was a pleasant distraction from the delicious aroma of food filling the air. She watched from above as the catering staff brought out appetizers and served them to the party guests. Hope my performance comes up before they serve dinner. Vocal had signed up for an early performance time in the name of being present for dinner. Vocal felt someone touch her shoulder, it was Autumn Strings, the moment they had been waiting for had come. Thank goodness Strings was paying attention. Vocal took a deep breath and began her performance, she sang slow ballads which were pleasant to the ear. Soon her work was over and Vocal retreated downstairs, she waved goodbye to Autumn Strings who went to join the celebrations in the street.
  22. Question, how is everything set-up? Is there a stage for the performers? Or are they to be heard and not seen? And heres a picture of VocalGlory's colors http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Doxa/Random/vocalglory.png
  23. Choas would reign = thoughts about Discord. Lets keep him out of this. >:3 And will any of us be sitting together? I know I got myself a spot next to Sea Cloud. I could always have Glory stumble across Twilight Charmer, or when she can spot her somewhere and start talking about her to Sea Cloud. After her preformance of course... I should really write a post with her preforming.