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  1. Magi, Vine, Water, Red That sure was a long time ago |D;
  2. My twin is also on this forum sometimes, Zeekaice |D We have no idea if we're fraternal or what, as it never really mattered enough to us to ask someone. We pretty much share a brain and will say the same things on accident sometimes. It's weird to us that all the twins we've met in real life weren't all that close, I honestly can't really imagine it.
  3. I would go on these forums a lot more if there were R-rated sections. I feel restricted, and that's why I don't post. I can't swear like I do. Just putting this out there for the sake of feedback; I'd love to see the mods really cut down on people who are causing drama. If they really do take care of it like they should, I certainly have not seen it. I don't mean to be rude to the mods though :x
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    Aywas won't load for me; is anyone else able to load it? I need to find more Candy Cane Custom Orbs so I can make a Ryba army ;-;
  5. Monster Hunter 3: HOW THE EFF DO I KNOCK OUT THE KELBI :|
  6. Build beacons so you don't get lost. Trust me, it's VERY easy to get lost, with the infinite map and all. Make sure to have plenty of food. When it's daytime, get out of your house and look around for creepers. Don't dig above yourself. Gravel might fall down on you and kill you. Keep your mines away from water. That's about all I have right now.
  7. I'm such a freakin chicken. I keep trying to mine but I the MOMENT I hear a sound I go all "Oh hell no" and get the hell out ;; I also have trouble keeping interest in all my save files. Any advice for playing Minecraft on a Netbook? I have to go to the bare minimum graphics-wise and frankly it's quite annoying. I forgot about the censoring :| Bah. Made it more happy rainbows.
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    OSKE. WANT. hoshizz. I'm gonna have to get my butt in gear if I want to make my custom >->; This is what he looks like so far: :>
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    I'M SO EXCITED FOR V3 FFF ...But I'm very bored :c You can't do anything right now because of the data..
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    My Aywas account is Shenkka C: I love aywas; I'd have a custom right now if I hadn't used the Custom Crystal wrong (I sent it to slash and posted in the thread instead of using it like I was supposed to fff) Ohgod I can't wait to see the results of the random breedings
  11. It was a great game. Then Viacom came. I did love the stock market though; I had an account but then I forgot the password and the e-mail account I'd used was closed. Oh well.
  12. FMA Brotherhood Bleach One Piece (I just started watching it though) Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (Ginga Densetsu Weed's not on here 'cause Weed is a gary stu) Digimon They should make a +Anima anime >:I The older Pokemon movies Kuroshitsuji Death Note Wolf's Rain Have I mentioned that +Anima needs to be an anime?
  13. ....A BSA for the Shallow Water dragons? Or just utter madness. Either one.
  14. DAYUM These new dragons are amazing! I'm glad I caught two of each All except for the Shallow Water, of course ;-;
  15. ;-; I want the T-shirt. Thank you for the updates C:
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    I just barely managed to join this site. I took one look at the Melo and immediately fell in love ; Currently I'm looking for Fennec Fox Melo and Thylacine Melo.
  17. ...Does this mean my goldxfrill pair will have a less chance of producing a gold egg? But yesh. I agree with Corteo. Lytharien was a volunteer and should have full rights over her work IMHO.
  18. Woh ok. I do not have 500 dragons ._.; Why do I have said trophy.
  19. The trophies are shiny
  20. OMNOMNOM pretty eggs and basket :U My favorites are all of them! I'm very glad we get to keep them.
  21. I found my last egg C: Now I wonder what happens after the event is over.
  22. Six more to go.. Curse my procrastination.