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    Cool Codes

    Hey, I have some codes I think could be cool Forum Name: hibini How To Contact Me: PM Neat Codes I'm Willing To Breed: LUDe, CHAW, 1the, Zre0, bibs, mome, moda, FEaI, SHAT CB (Male) http://dragcave.net/lineage/1the, http://dragcave.net/lineage/CHAW CB (Female) http://dragcave.net/lineage/mome, http://dragcave.net/lineage/LUDe Not CB: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Zre0, http://dragcave.net/lineage/bibs, http://dragcave.net/lineage/moda, http://dragcave.net/lineage/FEaI, http://dragcave.net/lineage/SHAT Named Dragons: I don't name vaguely cool codes Special Requirements
  2. I just want to say I love this idea but I think people's 'gifts' don't have to be public. For events like the flower gifting it's nice to be able for everyone to see what flowers are in your vase. That said, regular 'gifts' could just be personal, so you don't have to feel the pressure to collect a lot of them and for your display to be pretty etc. My point is just that if something like this were to be implemented, it could work out in the long term to be a compromise between private and public gifts, which would really be nice.
  3. What pretty hatchlings! I can't wait to see the adults.
  4. I just got 3 of them, I still need the pearl one, and the heavy one. *cough, cough* Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear DRAGON CAVE, Happy birthday to you. *Bows*
  5. No problem. I don't expect my request to be easy judging from how open-ended my request was.
  6. Umm... maybe a Waterhorse egg, a purple dino egg, and an BBW egg. You can kind of cluster these to the side.
  7. I would love to make a request! Username: hibini BG color: baby blue-ish (If it looks terrible with that you can experiment with the colors. I think blue would be a good place to start, but I have no idea what color I want) Dragon(s): a male black on the left, a trio of eggs to the right Text (if any): The Name Traders Text Color: Dark purple (again, you can make it whatever you want, as long as it is fairly dark) Size: as tall as the completed one below me, and a good bit shorter Additional Info (If any): This is pretty open-ended on your part, I want something subtle but fai
  8. I can tell if there is water in my ear by tapping my head and feeling the vibrations/shot for lame super-powerness.
  9. If you want to, yeah, go ahead. I would do it on a first come, first serve basis, just for fairness.
  10. I can make a pig sound . It confuses real pigs and people alike. It isn't done with the sorting though your nose. It is when you snort through your mouth-throat-nose area, it's hard to explain. But it's cool
  11. I can play a bad version of the bagpipes with my throat.
  12. I promise to not breed my blacks, and I will try to bite quite a few of them .
  13. I come from a tall family. My mom is 5'12" (yes, she refuses being 6 feet tall) and my dad is 6'2". I am a hair under 5 feet and I am eleven. That means I am taller then average, but not by that much. I remember once at an airport I saw this woman who was probably 7'6". I had never seen anyone so tall. She was REALLY tall. But there had to be something wrong with her bone growth, or something, that was NOT normal. It was pretty darn cool.
  14. Yes, I got it approved, and I will probably make more of a form later. @-Rinikka- I like the banner!
  15. Have a couple: Midas Dorkface (two spaces ) Shallyna'r Hamburger My Dragon PM me with any offers, I like dinos especially. EDIT: forgot this baby: Shalyna'ar
  16. Banners: Credit to -Rinikka-: http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/838/tntc.png (feel free to make some)
  17. Now, this is very simple. You put names you have on a dragon up for trade, say what you will trade them for, and find deals for other dragons or other names. They can be cool names, pretty names, really every name, as long as you think somebody will buy them/trade them. Then you change the name, and let the correct person steal it. Now, lets get started. First and foremost... RULES ~No spamming, flaming, and forum rule breaking ~Be nice ~Only offer dragons that you are not emotionally attached to ~More rules coming later, so wait patiently Basic system Follow this:
  18. What was really interesting was that yesterday I saw this gorgeous tree, so pretty, well-balanced and colorful, not to many ornaments, not bare, Just perfect. I had begun to lean on the non-traditional trees, with my max rating an 8 for one of them. Then I saw that tree and rated it a 10 without thinking. The other trees can be cool, but in the long run, I think traditional wins.
  19. I am using it as particularly good, and I get those about every 20 times. You could say I am a harsh voter
  20. Hmmmm...I remember somebody saying earlier that most of these trees would be by people who never go on the forum, and we have no idea if they will love the overcrowded trees and hate the awesome ones. This could be interesting.
  21. Did anybody see that tree with ornaments standing on the bubbles that floated around the tree? So cute! I have ran into 4 blank trees, 6 DC trees, and a million overcrowded trees.
  22. No, not really. You don't have to vote on any of them if you don't want to.
  23. I just got a: hmmmm, don't know what that means.