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  1. one day, when i was 3 or 4… i followed my sis TDK and her friends after they climbed the fence. When i got off the other side everything was fine until i discovered a chunk of wood in my elbow, no one was there so i went back inside and my dad got it out. to tell the truth i'm not even sure that happened because i don't remember anything about getting it out

  2. What the?

    Since when do you not post in rp's, sis?

    Get back to your Pokemon! D<


    Anyway, yea. I hope it works.

    If When the show gets back on the air, what would be your most wanted episodes? Mine would be Ten Minutes to Doom, The Trial, and Invader Dib (of course. Who wouldn't want to see the 'movie'?)

    dont WANNA get back to mah pokemons.

  3. 1. the power to give myself powers

    2. Pokemon to exist so they can destroy all bad/lamest show creators, sparkling vampires, and whatever else everyone hates

    3. to be able to find anything in the world no matter where it is


    it all basically goes with the first one. and if i had a FOURTH wish

    4. a combination of all ninja moves and breakdancing moves so i can epicly do anything