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  1. Well my username comes from me.


    I thought of Basement cat and Ceiling cat and thought of a cat in between: Closet Kitty. The fact that my cat is gray and sometimes sleeps in closets helped a lot too. And I respelled "Kitty" to "Kitteh" to fit the cheeseburger sites.


    And there you go, the reason(s) I have my username as ClosetKitteh

  2. So yeah, my cat is a small, grey female. I've had her for years, since she was like a few weeks old. Her name is Daisy, I got her when I was five. I got her from a friend of my mom's. Apparently Daisy and her sister followed said person into her apartment. My family adopted her, I named her Daisy, and she loves me a lot.


    … did I just tell the history known of my cat? Did I mention that she's seven years old and not showing signs of old age?

  3. Omigosh, Smokey looks just like my cat, even the same collar. I've seen cats that look almost exactly like my cat Daisy ( I named her ), are they a new species of cat that look exactly the same? Raff, is that a little white spot right near Smokey's collar?

  4. In the olden days of pokemon, they were described as magical creatures, yes. But that was before they had science- in the pokemon world.

    You cannot expect us to explain a fictional concept with science that applies to our own world. Nevertheless, it is science that is applicable to Pokemon, not magic. Everything in Pokemon has revolved around science, even if it can't be explained- however, everything does has a vague explanation, but it lacks details because in truth it wouldn't correspond to the scientific laws we know as fact already. That's what makes it fictional.


    They aren't "magical powers" that are bestowed on these creatures by a spell or curse. It's how their biological structures are made. Fire-types use fire because that's how they are constructed as a living creature. You can't expect me or Crazy to explain something that isn't real on the basis of real facts, because it just won't work- it's a fictional concept. But that doesn't mean you can just call it magic and be done with it.


    Just so we're clear, a Pokeball is not a magical item. It is man made and constructed by technology.


    Mew's transformation can be explained by scientific terms, even if it doesn't apply to how things work in our world. There is a difference between the scientific capabilities and laws in the Pokemon world and in the real world. That's why it's a science fiction, not a fantasy.

    Mew's transformation can be easily described as the ability to rearrange structural cells to resemble that of another creature. Maybe that's extreme passed what anything on our world is capable of, but I direct you to the creatures that use camouflage, such as that one type of octopus (can't remember the name~) or the chameleon.

    Vaporeon was described as having a molecular structure similar to that of water, which gives it the ability to melt at will. Obviously, this would never happen in our real world sciences- but, that doesn't negate the fact that that description is a scientific observation, not a magical power.

    Magic is simply anything that cannot be explained currently by science, but once it is, it's no longer magic. There's no special spell or divine energy that's given these pokemon the power to spew fire from their mouths or dig a hole- it all has to do with their physical and genetic constructions. That's where biology comes into play, but I repeat, just because it might not follow the rules of biology of our world doesn't mean it isn't still biology- it just happens to be a biology that exists in a separate world.


    It's fictional science. Science fiction. Nothing else.


    And yes, time travel can be explained scientifically, I'm surprised you even asked that.



    And yes, we probably would be able to make our own pokeballs. But not ones that function like those in the games and anime, because the science in our world is different from that in the Pokemon world. BUT, that doesn't make it any less of a science. You need to address the fact that it's fiction, therefore it doesn't have to follow every single law of physics in order to still be a science.

    And I've never heard of Celebi bringing someone back from the dead.

    Digi's argument is now invalid. My brain borked when I read that, Haze.

  5. No! Don't stop them! I wanna see how long they'll argue!


    btw you must be a hater serce, not wanting fantasy thing to exist.


    Oh and shut up digi, pokemon are not magical. A psychic type pokemon's powers can be explained, same with fire types.

  6. There's a lot of really talented female voice actors that do surprisingly good male voices :3


    Eh, I liked Brock. I thought he was funny and cute, and the only one who actually knew anything about pokemon. >> I wish he'd get a girl friend already, though.

    There was ONE girl that actually LIKED Brock, it didn't work out.

  7. Yeah, because kids can get sucked into computers without imports or the technology. Pokemon with forever be living things from when they are an egg to death, with an exception of porygon & its evolutions. Or is porygon a living thing? Not sure.

  8. Hey everyone, a friend told me that pokemon and digimon were made (or thought of, whichever) by the same guy, but pokemon will forever more by my favorite. At least pokemon makes more sense that digimon. Yeah, because kids can get sucked into computers.

  9. I don't get it. People can get eyesight problems from staring at their DS for 2 hours when I could play for hours and I wont even get anything o.0. Therefore I don't think I would have a problem playing the 3DS. btw whats with that big and random button on the 3DS?