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  1. 36.Kanaye is a dragcave member.
  2. 34. You spelled edible completely wrong.
  3. 27. Everyone just won the other game.
  4. Last night I dreamt of a mix between Hetalia and Pokemon… wat?
  5. I generally play what I feel like playing, though I am often mistaken for a boy… I are shinx50.
  6. Well my username comes from me. I thought of Basement cat and Ceiling cat and thought of a cat in between: Closet Kitty. The fact that my cat is gray and sometimes sleeps in closets helped a lot too. And I respelled "Kitty" to "Kitteh" to fit the cheeseburger sites. And there you go, the reason(s) I have my username as ClosetKitteh
  7. I am tall for my age, I am 5'6", I am twelve. Don't comment about me still being shorter than you sis.
  8. So yeah, my cat is a small, grey female. I've had her for years, since she was like a few weeks old. Her name is Daisy, I got her when I was five. I got her from a friend of my mom's. Apparently Daisy and her sister followed said person into her apartment. My family adopted her, I named her Daisy, and she loves me a lot. … did I just tell the history known of my cat? Did I mention that she's seven years old and not showing signs of old age?
  9. Omigosh, Smokey looks just like my cat, even the same collar. I've seen cats that look almost exactly like my cat Daisy ( I named her ), are they a new species of cat that look exactly the same? Raff, is that a little white spot right near Smokey's collar?
  10. When I grow up, I wanna be an agricultural scientist! ( No, I am not as young as that sounds )
  11. I think pokemon is superior in everything compared to digimon, except for the anime. Yes, because every move always causes smoke when it collides with another move.
  12. Digi's argument is now invalid. My brain borked when I read that, Haze.
  13. You DO realize that Reshiram is the one on Black right?
  14. No! Don't stop them! I wanna see how long they'll argue! btw you must be a hater serce, not wanting fantasy thing to exist. Oh and shut up digi, pokemon are not magical. A psychic type pokemon's powers can be explained, same with fire types.
  15. Again, a friend told my that the guy who thought of ( or created, whichever ) pokemon did the same with digimon.
  16. Only on the games, duh. And where else are we supposed to put the pokemon?
  17. There was ONE girl that actually LIKED Brock, it didn't work out.
  18. So there, and us pokefans are still winning. SO THERE.
  19. Pikachu should be level 100 by now but NOOOOOO he can get beat by a pokemon who is most likely under level 10.
  20. Yeah, because kids can get sucked into computers without imports or the technology. Pokemon with forever be living things from when they are an egg to death, with an exception of porygon & its evolutions. Or is porygon a living thing? Not sure.
  21. Hey everyone, a friend told me that pokemon and digimon were made (or thought of, whichever) by the same guy, but pokemon will forever more by my favorite. At least pokemon makes more sense that digimon. Yeah, because kids can get sucked into computers.
  22. Tigerstar and Brokenstar, that is all, for now.
  23. I don't get it. People can get eyesight problems from staring at their DS for 2 hours when I could play for hours and I wont even get anything o.0. Therefore I don't think I would have a problem playing the 3DS. btw whats with that big and random button on the 3DS?