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  1. I just got a message about how to take off my box head. I like my box head. T-T
  2. Granted, it stings you and comes to join my army of Death Bees. I wish everyone knew of my Death Bee army.
  3. I don't know if anyone has already mentioned this but, vegetarians lack a lot of protein. And I don't think peanut butter would solve that problem.
  4. Granted, have fun. I wish for a random book.
  5. Granted, it spontaniously combusts. I wish for a piece of cake.
  6. ...he did not think he needed anyones help. Afterwards...
  7. Granted but it was unwrapped too. It was on the floor! It spontaniously combusts afterwards. I wish for a lanturn.
  8. Granted, you spontaneously combust. I wish for an eraser.
  9. Granted, it really doesn't matter. I vvish for you to find THIS mistake.
  10. Granted, it spontaniously combusts. I wish for a piece of gum.
  11. Granted, it happens so fast it didn't even happen.
  12. Granted, they die again. I wish for any super power of my choice.
  13. Granted, it spontaniously combusts. (Thats my answer to a LOT of things) I wish for a mitten.
  14. I cut my hair a few months ago. I wanted to have my hair short and cut it myself. It was really stupid at the time. It used to be way past my shoulders and now its barely past my chin.
  15. Granted, it spontaniously combusts.
  16. Granted, but it spontaniously combusts. U mad? I wish for a 6th finger.
  17. ...there were not very many bananas in the area. So he...
  18. ...cause destruction to campers by knocking down their tents and...
  19. Granted, but you spill water on it therefore breaking it. I wish for a coin.
  20. Granted, but they die. And you are unable to make any of them zombies. I wish for a glass.
  21. Alright, a couple nights ago I had a dream where I was a wizard (too much Potter Puppet Pals D: ) Okay, I was in my house, I think it was night and only the stairwell lights were on. I was at the top of the stairs and I said Expecto Partollum or something like that. Then a ball of purple light appeared in front of my index finger and it suddenly grew and I shot it. I think it went through the walls. Then I shot one at my dog and that part was so realistic, she didn't die or get injured though. She jumped when it hit her (the scared kind, when people twitch or something in reaction) and wh
  22. Two words: Lice Queen. But really, I've never had lice.
  23. I'm afraid of... ................................................. I'm paranoid of ghosts that aren't there.