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  1. Since all the food is (or was) now burned, I baked peach cobbler muffins. No chocolate so maybe Jedi will take the bait. Runs......

    *Burns the muffins (Derpy Hooves hates me now)*


    *Flies away~*

  2. I have my wiiiings back and just above the groouund. Discord was deefeaated before I fell to my dooom!~


    If I were Rainbow Daaash this could've resulted in a SONIC RAINBOOOM!

  3. I have an idea. TAGGING MUSICAL!


    I fly around all daaaay, looking for other people who plaaaay (this game). But all I can fiiind are running and screaming NPCcccccc's. It can get quite lonely, flying above everything, but now I am falling, because Discord took my wing(s). Bum bum bum! The ground is still quite, far away. All other worries, are at bay.



  4. I saw this with the scroll thing burning and I thought this was gone forever! But its not! Yay :D


    But unfortunately I am pretty busy right now... *Sits at desk doing stuff, preparing to jump out and run when 'it' is sensed.* Btw my desk is in the middle of a forest.

  5. Granted. It stays as it is. Its a great song why would you want to change it?


    I wish for a potato battery, like the one that had GLaDOS in it, but never had GLaDOS in it.

  6. Lets see... I can sometimes control animals. I was in my bed one night and some dogs were barking and I was like "Halt!" and they stopped. Then I said "Proceed" and they started again. I am animal god, bring me snacks.


    I can also bend my thumb backward below my knuckle. Scares the censorkip.gif out of people.


    Lastly, I can cross my left eye while the right stays looking forward.