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  1. I don't feel good after eating that tree... *Lands so no one is the victim of an aerial-barf-attack*
  2. I didn't burn the forest! > Only the food. :3 *Flies off*
  3. *Eats all the apples... ...and the tree*
  4. *Burns the muffins (Derpy Hooves hates me now)* *Flies away~*
  5. *Le pyro instincts kick in...AND BURNS ALL THE FOOD!!!!* *Quickly flies away before anyone can process what just happened*
  6. OH GOD MY EYES!!! *The brightness that was created from all shadows being destroyed blinded me*
  7. I have my wiiiings back and just above the groouund. Discord was deefeaated before I fell to my dooom!~ If I were Rainbow Daaash this could've resulted in a SONIC RAINBOOOM!
  8. I have an idea. TAGGING MUSICAL! I fly around all daaaay, looking for other people who plaaaay (this game). But all I can fiiind are running and screaming NPCcccccc's. It can get quite lonely, flying above everything, but now I am falling, because Discord took my wing(s). Bum bum bum! The ground is still quite, far away. All other worries, are at bay. SING WITH ME!
  9. Ha ha! Look at all the running and screaming NPC's! >
  10. I have no idea where I am, but the NPC's are running away screaming.
  11. Next time, no one tag hgfggg unless he says he'll try to not forget or something.
  12. Heeere brony brony brony~ Come and tag someone~!
  13. OH SH- *Flies away, but this time as a fox, with wings!*
  14. I saw this with the scroll thing burning and I thought this was gone forever! But its not! Yay But unfortunately I am pretty busy right now... *Sits at desk doing stuff, preparing to jump out and run when 'it' is sensed.* Btw my desk is in the middle of a forest.
  15. Today I was extremely bored and got every cup in that one Rattmann den and got them into the test chamber.
  16. *stings Lalasa* U mad, Lalasa? *flies off in search of flowers to frolic through*
  17. I will cause your aircraft to crash by landing on the wind shield while you're flying.
  18. Bzzzzzzzzzz *sting* bzzzzzzzzzz *sting sting*
  19. Granted. It stays as it is. Its a great song why would you want to change it? I wish for a potato battery, like the one that had GLaDOS in it, but never had GLaDOS in it.
  20. Lets see... I can sometimes control animals. I was in my bed one night and some dogs were barking and I was like "Halt!" and they stopped. Then I said "Proceed" and they started again. I am animal god, bring me snacks. I can also bend my thumb backward below my knuckle. Scares the out of people. Lastly, I can cross my left eye while the right stays looking forward.
  21. Granted, it spontaniously combusts. I wish for a Purrloin.
  22. Granted, it spontaniously combusts. I wish my sister was out of my room.