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  1. I BURN LE PIES! *Burns and flies off*
  2. Wheeee-OH NO! *Transforms into a winged-fox and flies above the ground before crashing*
  3. STATIC IS DELICIOUS! *Eats the static Fire-Ice generates as she runs*
  4. Banned because I have a question for you all. How many of you remember me?
  5. *Crawls back on and enjoys the ride*
  6. *Pops out of a bush in front of Fire-Ice* RAAAAAA! *Tags Fire-Ice and hangs onto her back as a Joltik*
  7. I have no idea what I'm waiting for.
  8. Hi, Jedi. I'm waiting for others to post moar.
  9. Oh Noes! *Hitches a ride on an airplane as it takes off*
  10. *Carefully puts Wends on the ground and flies off quickly*
  11. I didn't notice this happening until now. O.O *Noms on the Snickers* I'm going to get sick on candy BEFORE Halloween!
  12. *Flies around the area, looking for something interesting or mysterious for Wends and I to check out*
  13. *Finds Wends, picks her up, and flies away with her*
  14. Helloooo everyone. *Flies to Wends*
  15. What'd I miss? OH SH- FIRE-ICE IS IT NOW!! RUUUN!!!
  16. *Jumps around like a crazy galvantula*
  17. What? ClosetKitteh is evolving! Dun DUN dun Dun dun daaa dun DUN dun DUN dun DUN daaa dun DUN! Congratulations! Your ClosetKitteh evolved into GALVANTULA!
  18. I changed to and from a variety of pokemon while I was gone, and I'm a joltik again. Is it ok if I hang out on the generator? Electricity tastes good.
  19. *Turns into a Joltik with a trollface and runs out and away*
  20. Hee hee hee...Ha ha ha... HAHAHAHA! *GOES INTO THE DEN AND TURNS INTO A WAILORD!!!*
  21. (Currently: Forever Alone) Why is nopony in Equestria? Where'd they all go?
  22. I'm flying in Equestria. Good luck finding me!
  23. Heh heh heh... I'm safe. For now.
  24. WHY HELLO THAR, WENDS!!! *Tags and flies off. I decided I'm going to be a pegasus*