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  1. Matara waited for Gliese to say something, maybe she did the equivalent to a table-flip and fled to the bowels of her hive. She had doubts about the alien, for she encounters many younger trolls who pretend to be aliens. They are revealed to be trolls when they're deep in conversation and Matara asks what their lusus is, works every time. Gliese finally asks if the alien, Aeolus she thinks he was, was still watching.

    ~Yes, the alien is gone.~~So you got your copy?~~I hope mine comes soon so we can play it together!~

  2. Matara stared at the screen confused, and after a couple questions ended up getting answered before asking, more questions came about. Its like branches growing on a question tree, "How does he get around?" or "Is he claiming he is speaking to us from the future?" are just a two of what would be dozens of branches by now. That question tree will become as big as the one tree on her little island. She notices that in one of this new person's statements that it says --or is at least supposed to say-- "you trolls".

    ~You call us trolls as if you are not one yourself.~~Are you perhaps one of those silly youngsters who likes to call themselves an alien, or the real thing?~

    Matara just hopes that Gliese will stay in the chat instead of fleeing out of her fear of aliens.

  3. Matara was searching for some decent My Little Hoofbeast fanart before Trollian popped up on her screen. In her and some other fan's opinions much of the art was terrible. But some people are polite enough to at least not call others out. Her friend Gliese wanted to talk, she must've finished an experiment.

    ~I actually haven't climbed my tree today, I've been looking a other people's artwork.~~And it doesn't really feel lonely here, I'm used to being all alone.~

    ~So, what horrifying procedure did you perform on a kid's lusus this time?~

  4. What? Minccino is evolving!

    dun DUN dun DUN dun DUN dun DAAA DUN dun DUN dun DUn Dun DAAA


    Minccino evolved into Magikarp!


    Magikarp wants to learn Last Resort but already knows four moves. Which move will you delete?


    Magikarp forgot Flamethrower and learned Last Resort!


    All laws of physics have been (BOOM).


    *Flies off*

  5. Yesterday I was on a server where everyone but another person and I. So we started a taunt war. In taunt wars you kill the other person with taunts that have the ability to kill. The other guy killed me most with Heavy's finger gun.