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    Shibuya, if you stalkers so insist.
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    Hello, everyone! I really love food. Sometimes I draw, but I get lazy and end up not drawing at times when I should be drawing the most. Robots are cool. Foreign countries are, too. Timezones aren't so cool, though.

    I like pasta, dango, okonomiyaki, candy, cookies, candy, foreign coins, world history, candy, and roleplaying. I ADORE roleplaying. I learn more English roleplaying than I do at formal classes. Really, though, I like other things as well. Like history, or foreign food. A good drama is bound to catch my attention as well. Foreign music attracts me, too - hey, you know what? Just give me a bit of neat information on a foreign nation. It's always bound to make my day!
    I like strawberry flavoured things the best!