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    Yes, I won a Male Silver Tinsel in the 2014 raffle!
    Glorious Aegis is my baby.
    Scroll name: Shapochka

    Rules here now that I actually know how he breeds and all:
    (List is currently: Open || Waiting: 0)
    (Holidays from Tinsel reserved: none)

    1) I am generally looking for 2G Prize-Swaps, Neglected, 2G SA, Multiple CB Silvers, CB Gold
    2) I will take and do IOU's for 2G Prize-Swaps, for everything else, I'd like straight trades with dragons on hand. I post trades on forum! But you can PM too (see #4 though!)
    3) There is currently no TinselKIN list - those are generally traded/AP'd/Gifted as they come. If you want to "reserve" one, I like Prizekin swaps, CB Aeons and Reds, CB Zyus except Alpine ones. 2G metals. CB Celestials. Would like a Vampire from an original vamp at some point.
    4) I don't check the forum regularly, so expect delays with PM's. It can't be helped, so sorry about that!