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  1. I'm a bit upset that people don't get why I named my Electric dragon 'Killer of people with forks'. It ruins the joke when I have to spell it out to them. It really isn't that hard a name to figure out... *pouts* Oh hey, let's not forget one of my newest additions to my mint army, 'Mint is the other white meat'. I almost feel sorry for it. Almost. I'm so cruel.
  2. ...Wow. People here are talking about getting Guardians and Frills in their first batch. When I came here, even skywings weren't out yet. Yikes, I feel old now. But, back on topic. My first four of my babies were- A purple egg that later hatched into Graceful Saturn. Not one, but two light green eggs that later hatched into both Lovely Venus and Mercery. Yes, I grabbed two light green eggs at once. And can you tell I was trying to spell Mercury? And a dark green egg that later hatched into Jupiter plant. I was going for a planet theme at the time... *Nods* Edited for using the wrong form of 'their'
  3. My first rare was actually my chicken Mighty Beast. The funny part was, I didn't even know it was a rare until after I picked it up. =P
  4. Member No.: 5,666 Joined: 12-June 08 ...Wait, that makes me a master. O_o;
  5. Because of the Umbreon vs Espeon thread in the Video games section, I've just named my new Whiptail... Eeveelotions are Overrated
  6. Um... how do you send invitations to someone?
  7. Your welcome, YOUR WELCOME!
  8. Hey look, I just remembered Wajas! I just figured out that all my Waja's are now covered in a cobweb If anyone wants a cheap first waja (Or breeding), my mem. number is 79061!
  9. The purple and pink say in there descriptions that...: *Hint hint nug nug?*
  10. ...How do you get a waja, I can't find out... TT_TT