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  1. It's a babysitter's job to make the kids they're caring for behave; if the kids won't stop fighting over a certain toy, they take it away. The mods have the job of keeping the forums civil; if they have to do that by taking away one hot spot full of problems, then that is how they're doing their job, not a way of getting out of it. If one thread becomes such a problem that it takes up all the mods' free time just to keep an eye on it (not to mention what it might do to their sanity), the whole forum or section of a forum could suffer from that. I want Take an Egg-Leave an Egg ba
  2. I only have a minute or two of comp time this morning, but I just wanted to drop off a couple points about the Take an Egg-Leave an Egg thing. Enough people seem to be saying that they still miss it that I feel like it's still worth looking at and hopefully trying to revive. This week I'm going to go over the old rules and see how I can strip them down to something very brief and very clear, keeping in mind all the feedback I've seen on this thread. (Mods, should I post that here for people to consider or discuss when it's finished, or someplace else?) One of those new rules would be
  3. Can I just say: this is a fantastic little device, and TJ, you are FAST. Thank you for taking the time to make this! (Of course I would like to see TaE-LaE come back, but holy cow, this is amazing. I always wished something like this existed.)
  4. I'm always trying to build interesting mixed-breed Magi lineages, so this Marrow checker was an amazing catch for me! Thank you cyradis4, wherever you are!
  5. Just a little clarification, in case you might be new- in this thread, you claim things that others have left in public, and you leave things for others to take in public in exchange. So you wouldn't be allowed to receive any rares in return for your links here- only messy AP dummy eggs as a way for you to see the name of the person trying to claim your hatchlings. In fact, if anyone does offer you a rare as a 'dummy' you should not accept it, as that's against the rules for them to send you. Hope that clears things up if there was any confusion
  6. Hooray for the updated 'do not leave' commons list! Everyone, please do go have a look at Pippy's new list! And, even though she said this already, one more reminder- update your signatures! Most of you seem to have done this already, you guys are quick (Also that albino was a bump for Petalura, I don't have it myself, so hopefully he or she comes back around soon! *crossfingers*) Thanks so much to everyone for helping support the move by filling in the gap with new offers. You are fantastic. I'm off to be dragged away from the computer now, so that's it from me for a while. Ha
  7. Bumping a few old offers from pages back on the old thread. Not sure if some of these have been bumped already or how active some of these owners are, but they deserve to be brought along! Lovely even lineage Albino Hatchling from Petalura Stairstep lineage Blusang egg from Tani Pyralspite egg from Spiteful_Crow Vampire egg from Lachwen Pyralspite egg from biruko Black hatchling from animaddness Bronze Tinsel egg from pinkkittykucing
  8. Taking: offered a dummy egg on SyrusAllen's Tri-Horn Wyvern Leaving: this Avatar of Creation egg with a not-quite-even but still neat lineage. Gone to Lolahighwind, not sure if it's being 'paid for' by the ice egg or if they're leaving something else for it, but either way it's a fair swap
  9. You guys all see what a sweetheart Pip' is? Got me all sheepish now. All right, let's help get this thing back on its feet! Taking: Nothing Leaving: 2nd gen PB Blue stripe hatchling Edit: Gone to Dreulchen! Enjoy!
  10. And I am happy to announce... drum-roll please... that it is time to switch to the new Take an Egg - Leave an Egg thread, run by Pippyspot! Everyone, please watch the threads list, she should be putting the new one up as soon as she notices that I've made this post. Thank you so much to everyone for your kind words about how this thread has been fun for you! Every single time I hear someone say so it makes me so happy inside, I can't even put it into words. You are all amazing. This has been a low drama thread, despite everything, and full of generosity. You guys are fantastic. Let's
  11. My fellow Dragon Cave click-addicts, it is my pleasure to tell you that the Take an Egg-Leave an Egg move is coming up within the hour (if everything goes as planned that is)! Here's a link to the original news post in case you missed it! If you have any donations or breeder offers ('taking nothing now, leaving this') please hold onto them and make them on the new thread once Pippyspot posts it. I'll add a post here right away as soon as it's time for the switchover. Remember to change your links and signaures once she has the URLs for them updated!
  12. Another alert for anyone who hasn't heard yet: Take an Egg - Leave an Egg will be moving to a new thread tomorrow! Tomorrow morning I'll make a post to announce what time the switch will take place. At that point I'll ask everyone who has a donation or other 'taking nothing, leaving this' type of offer to wait for the change over, so there will be fewer offers to bump into the new location. Remember everyone, if you have a link to TaE/LaE in your signature, you will need to update it tomorrow after the move! Thanks again to everyone for your patience with this whole thing. I hop
  13. In case anyone didn't see the the previous post, I'm posting another alert: Take an Egg-Leave an Egg is going to be relocating in the near future, as I turn management of the thread over to Pippyspot! You can see the full details in my earlier post here. Plans for the move to take place this weekend may be delayed, as I'm having trouble getting a hold of Pippyspot, but as we will absolutely be relocating in the near future one way or the other it's still worth reminding everyone.
  14. Really Big News! Things are going to be changing here at Take an Egg-Leave an Egg! A wonderful community has grown up around this thread, and I couldn't be more proud to have played a part in that. But, as you've probably noticed, I don't have enough free time to do this community justice- when people PM me with questions or problems I reply as quickly as I can, but TaE/LaE deserves a more present leader than I can be. Because of this, I am going to be turning ownership of this thread over to the wonderful Pippyspot! For starters, I know that she plans to re-structure the B
  15. *sly look left* *sly look right* *hangs head* I'm planning to start a nuzlocke run for Y this week. I keep thinking about how fun it might be to write a 'journal kept by the character' style blog to chronicle how it goes. Nothing super dark in tone- I'm tired of the overly dark and gory nuzlockes. Throw in a less depressing but interesting twist, where instead of dying a Pokemon that faints can no longer trust or recognize its trainer and must immediately be given away and never seen again for the former trainer's own safety. ...Except I'm really, really hung up over feeling stupid
  16. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who keeps doing this! Maybe they'll implement family trees... someday... or at least, I can dream that they will...
  17. Trainer name: Quis Friend Code: PM me if you want to trade or battle and I'll give it to you Game version: X for now, will also have Y in the near future. (Going to use it for Nuzlocke. Because I am a crazy person.) Pokemon I can offer: Some of the X exclusives; so far I can breed Houndour easily, and can catch wild Sawk or Mightyena if you give me time to go find them. Pokemon I need: Not desperately seeking anything at the moment. My Vivillon pattern is: High Plains, and I am very happy to swap patterns with anybody who needs this one. I also have a few spare Modern. M
  18. Just a quick update on that Vivillon pattern list, adding a new name to it. Vivillon patterns so far: Polar: Whitefire High Plains: Quis, Gamekat101 Garden: Takhesis Modern: kittygrl Also, with mod permission, I've set up a thread for everyone to post their X/Y wistlists and trade requests! It was originally only going to be for Vivillon color trading, but Shiny Hazard Sign said that it would be better if it was open to all trading, so there you have it. I hope it's of some use to everyone!
  19. Welcome to the Pokemon X & Y trade and wishlist thread! (Made with the approval of General Discussion mod Shiny Hazard Sign.) We now officially have a place to set up Pokemon trades here on the DC Forums! Thread rules: If we all just post like crazy every time we either find something valuable or decide we want something new, this thread is going to turn into a mess. So we're going to follow the example of the 'Complete your scroll wish list thread', and instead of posting whenever we have a new thought, everyone should post only one time and edit their post to keep it up to
  20. I PMed a General Discussion mod asking permission to make that thread a few days ago, but I haven't heard back from them. I've been considering PMing a different mod to ask again, but I don't want to be a pest, so I haven't yet. Oh well. Can't hurt to start a tiny record of interested people and who has what here for now, right? Vivillon patterns: Polar: Whitefire High Plains: Quis, Gamekat101
  21. I've seen several people asking this same question in a few different forums, but none of the answers I've seem have been definite or proven. One place said each encounter is a 5% chance, and another said each encounter maths out to a 1 in 3,333 chance. Not exactly a solution for you, sorry, but its the only information I've been able to find so far. :/ That's one vote for a Vivillon color swapping thread! *makes a tally mark on the board*
  22. Is anyone else out there trying to collect as many Vivillon colors in X&Y as possible? For anyone who hasn't heard yet, there are about 18 varieties of Vivillon (have a look at them here), and the color your game gives you is determined by the region your 3ds is set to. So if we want to collect other colors, we'll have to trade with other people from all over the world. The best list I've been able to find so far about what variety can be found where is this reddit post. I'm thinking about PMing a mod to ask permission to make a thread just for Vivillon color trading and nothin
  23. I was just about to post how excited I am to have caught this beauty, and I looked up the owner of the parents so I could say 'thank you to the person who sent this into the AP for a stranger to find'…. …And bizarre coincidence of the week, it appears to be the poster right above me! Thank you so much! I adore this lineage!
  24. Note for records: Original post contained my opening offers to the project. Record of Updates and News: Most Recent Update: Oct 9, 2013 *Thread temporarily closed by SockPuppet Strangler to remind people to be civil; no threats or heated arguing, everyone. *ArianeDragon added to the breeders list *Eos added to the breeders list after being accidentally left out twice in a row (thus winning this month's award for patience.) *Players are asked, as much as possible, to only offer messy dummy eggs in two-way transfers to discourage people from using two-ways as trades instead o
  25. Welcome to Take an Egg Leave an Egg! This thread is similar to the wonderful Departures board in that people come here to leave an egg (or hatchling) for someone else to take, but with one big difference: if you take an egg you must also leave one for someone else! That means that there should be one or more eggs here for others to take at all times. (Unless we have problems with theft, but I will be doing my best to keep that from causing too much of a problem.) Please read and follow these rules to keep everything running smoothly: *When you take an egg or hatchling, leave