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  1. I'm looking to be sent puns, and blue/extravagant looking blossoms. Edit:Flowers sent !!! I am getting some quality puns, thank you! *u*
  2. Excited for the updates, the upcoming grind for eggs, and the sweet taste of that platinum trophy.
  3. Does anyone know how to get past the Horse and Cliff?
  4. Welp, time to hunt.
  5. Limn


    Digging this old thread up. PS4, Anyone play Destiny here who would like to get together for raids and other such nonsense?
  6. Day 6 still seems to be withholding my item privileges.
  7. Same. Glad to see this is a more universal issue going on instead of just me.
  8. Ah! The new Holiday dragons are gorgeous. Thank you.
  9. Thank you, can't wait to see what they hatch into.
  10. My compliments to the new split dragons spriter, very well done. And the fur lining on the new silvers has a great flow to it. It's gonna take awhile to get used to the changes made on the Silvers though.
  11. Robert's hand found the desired object, it gripped the plastic bag containing his prize and let it go. If they had food there was no sense in eating your own reserves. He zipped his backpack back up, sitting on the makeshift bed he had previously been passed out on, resting his backpack against his skinny leg. "What do you plan on doing with us?" ((Sorry it took so long, was hoping someone else would post first since I don't think there's really much to say here anymore. Concerning Robert's digimon, I think the resistance would be appropriate for him to show up in. How exactly are we incorporating them in? Just throwing them in like vegetables on the side or into the stew to be apart of the main dish itself?))
  12. Hello, I am new to the Monster Hunter series. I was coaxed into it by a friend after months of them dumping videos and info of the game on me. I started playing Monster Hunter 3 months ago, didn't play much because I am largely unmotivated for most things (started playing quite frequently then stopped suddenly and pretty much never picked it up again), and I knew there was no way in the seven hells that I would be able to catch up with my friend so I could hunt with him on his level. I'm excited for monster hunter 4, for the fresh start to hunt with people and for the sheer amount of detail they seem to always put in their games. I'm mostly here to see if I can find some willing hunting companions...
  13. Evelyn, Michael, Nico. Robert inhaled, breathing out slowly. These were the people who knew his world. He had no idea what to do about Evelyn, she looked like she needed some serious comfort, but Robin doubted he could provide it. Besides, he knew he looked less than pleasant, he was liable to scare her more. Michael seemed on that situation, there was no need to add another to it. Orgemon seemed distracted from Robin's requests, that was fine, maybe they didn't have enough food to spare to useless vagabonds. Hm... Didn't I have a sandwhich when I left the house who knows if that's still good. Robert trudged his way to his backpack. "Our species is called humans, have you ever had any of those in the Digital World? Perhaps any particular magic areas that have some unnatural ways?" He asked digging through his pack. "And if you guys have a limited food supply, could we at least get some warm water on our bones? Falling from the heavens is not a graceful ordeal."
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    Homestuck Talk

    The person who animated Mambostuck and Manicro has been working on this for the last two years, today it is complete. [it's about the ancestors go watch it.] =D
  15. ((Well, I'm unsure whose waiting on who to post, but if it's me please say something. In the meantime. Dusk raven, what are the effects of the Digital Scourge? Like is it a disease? What are the signs of infection or is the process immediate? (gonna be asking this stuff as well as questions about Dominimon laters) Also, for the sake of understanding roleplaying our digimon better, tell us about Dominimon, his army as well as the resistance, their lifestyles, protocol, common things they do, etc, gotta get a feel of their lives. And if you would, do me a favor and flip a coin and tell me the outcome.))
  16. Robin listened carefully to everyone, all the info and offhanded comments they had for him. Hefelt his muscles relax, his headache ebbing away. Good. Robert looked to the boy with the goggles. "I call you a child because you are one, just as I am. " He exhaled, "And even if you weren't, you're someones baby, you'll always be their child; whether they want you or not. We're just kids." Robin glanced at who he assumed was Orgemon. "Just putting that out there in case this is one of those savior deals." Robin waved over to the goggle boy. "I know at least one other person got a text, mine had asked me something along the lines of if I wanted to change the world." He paused to inhale, smoke wisping from his lips. "Obviously it didn't mean my world." Robin breathed all the smoke in his lungs out slowly. "We have a virus and a tyrant who sees fit to rule and destroy it, and this merry band of robin hooders. I don't know about you lot, but I have no skills to help any of this." Robin tapped his cigarette, letting the ashes fall to the dirt. "I'm about tired of referring to everyone based on how they look in my head, so how about we get some names, and something to eat while we discuss? I'm Robert... And I feel like I've been hit with a truck so if I could get a warm shower, or..." He glanced at the primitive huts, then at the candlemon. "...a bath, I that'd be awesome."
  17. Robert almost glanced back at the yelping noise behind him, but his focus was on another. The demon was coming towards him now. "Uh, sure! I don't think that'll be a problem. Hey, Candlemon!" Surprising Robert twirled his cigarette eagerly. But only for childish reasoning. Fairytales are always obvious in their roles of villains. Accommodation leads to favors, wait and see before you assume again. "Help the new guy out, will you?" Robin watched as 'candlemon' trudged over, he walked to meet him halfway. Robin showed him his cigarette, and slowly led it to the candlemon's flame, letting it catch fire before bringing it to his mouth. He took a swig, letting the relief of peace wash over him. "Thanks, appreciate it." He breathed, walking back to the group. He puffed the cigarette slowly, looking over the other humans and creatures around him. Smoking was like eating, the food wouldn't process in his stomach yet, but it was there, filling his need for it. "Sir, what can you tell me? I need all the information you can give of the situation here." He said, smoke cascading from his mouth as he spoke. His voice was calmer than it'd been since he woke up, he could feel his mind settle. "And children, who else got a text?" ((Hm... Quite the chance you give me. I can feel my bones preferring a wild thing for my partner. Tell me, in your world how are the digimon savages/ digimon who live on their own in the wild? I may have Robin wait a long time for his partner.))
  18. Robert let the lithe boy past him, it was good another person was up and moving. His lighter wasn't here. "A light? Hmm... don't think I've seen anything like that, but I wasn't the one who found you, so I wouldn't know. But there's Digimon here who can make fire, if you need that." Robert coughed, "I do in fact need some fire." He looked back to the door, eying a candle creature hesitantly. "Helps me think..." He went to stand next to the tan, blonde haired boy by the door. It smelled so clean here, cleaner than where he lived certainly. His toes dug into the ears uncertainly. He had to retrace his steps. I had been heading into the marsh. The green man was walking towards them. Robert watched as he approached, a new question arriving in his head. Do I fear death? Robin felt his face twist into a frown. No. He cleared his throat. "Excuse me, horned sir, would it be rude to ask one of those candles for a bit of flame?"
  19. "I." The response was so simple, so small, but it was all Robert needed to feel sick. He swallowed, trying to concentrate. He had to figure this out, he had to keep himself from purging his disease. Think. "Rabbit? I'm not a rabbit, I'm Elecmon!" The creature sounded a bit offended, what should he do about that? Apologize? Reassure him? Try to take charge of him since he was obviously just an underling? He couldn't take that, Robin knew he couldn't lead, every attempt left him backing out in time, giving in. He just wanted peace. He didn't say anything, he couldn't think of anything to say, his head was beginning to pound, it was waking up. Creatures were passing by outside, a walking candle, a huge bee, what looked to be the spawn of a demon and Frankenstein. "No, you fool, you set it up like - fine, let me do it!" Voices were talking, but he didn't recognize anything. A hunger gnawed at him from the inside, he needed something. He knew it would help him, everything would be fine when he got it. His hands reached for his jacket pocket, watching the green brute manhandle a log as they slipped into what looked to be a barricade. His left hand found what he wanted, but his right had nothing. Where is my lighter. His hands twitched, his body tensing up. He glanced back at the room behind him, the girl from earlier was huddled up in a ball now. He looked at the others in the room, a boy sitting up, with goggles on his blonde head, he seemed to be cradling a headache. Another boy was looking in his direction, most likely at the creature. Robert's hands produced a cigarette out of habit as he looked his makeshift bed up and down for evidence of his missing lighter. He glanced at Elecmon. "Hey, Elecmon, you got a light?" he asked, his fingers twirling his peace as he bent down to look more vigorously for his object. "By light I mean fire, and have you seen my lighter? its a tiny black canister with liquid in it." Robin was beginning to panic, he needed to calm down. There was no way he could get out of this place if they tried to hold him here. Barricades were bad to, he didn't know where he was, what was out there. How'd I get here? Robin bit his lip, but his brain gave him nothing but its demands for peace. (Apologizes if this post is hard to read, I needed it to be this way in an attempt to portray his frantic mind.)
  20. "Yes," the girl said simply. She was just lying there, tense as a piece of jerky by the looks of it. Robert didn't have much to go on by that, she didn't seem interested in helping, or helping herself. It was possible she was in denial and waiting for everything to go away, but he didn't have time for that. "I... don't actually know," I have to get going. No time. "He's a busy mon, and all... hey, you probably should lie down, don't want to exert yourself too much." A groan filled the room."This better be a dream," it said to the air. Another person was awake, Robin had to get moving or try the overpower route if they were going to hold him here, but none of these people, not even him seemed in any condition to do so. Fall after the high. "I think I've exerted my sleep muscles enough already. I think I need to get moving, get some warmth on my lungs and into my shower at home." But where is home? Robert trudged for the door, his feet heavy with the edge of his sleep, and the ache of his body. No one was in condition to fight, they were all like him. All like him. Something the creature stuck in his mind, Orgemon had to carry us all over here, us all. We all fell. Robin felt his feet stop as he just stared at the door. His body hurt so much, and a headache was beginning to form in his mind, he was late. "Who else sees the red and blue rabbit? Say I." ((Is k, we didn't go nowhere. Welcome, glad to see you. =) Hey Dusk Raven? Do we got a wooden or dirt floor to this hut? And what time is it in the day? Anything else in here but beds + us?))
  21. Robin frowned at the gasping sound. Someone else is awake. "I... don't know, really. You just kinda... appeared in the sky. And then fell. It looked like it hurt. Ogremon had to carry you all over here, you were out cold." Robert kept his eyes on the creature as it spoke. He hadn't seemed to notice the gasp. Robin flinched when the creature jolted, his body screaming at his jerk. He wasn't as calm about this situation as he thought. Hallucinations can only hurt as much as you fear and run from them. Calm down, how many times have you been told this? But yet, in Robins mind he knew the story checked out, he remembered falling, and he was hurting right now, though certainly his mind knew that. "Oh! You probably want to talk to Ogremon, he's the leader around here. I'll be right back!" Robin watched as it rushed out, the moment its body was out the door he turned his gaze to where the gasp had come from. Now that Robin was really looking, he noticed how young she was, too young. He had to get out of here. Maybe, get her out too? That's dangerous, but... still... Robin struggled to his feet, pain shooting through his body. Little guy had gone to get his boss, bosses were always bad news. Shouting in the distance. "Hey girlie." Girlie? That's not a very nice thing to call her. "We need to get out of here, do you remember how we got here?" He grunted, stretching his back with a sickening pop. The red creature blue fire kissed creature had returned, but not with his boss. Good news. "He'll... be a moment." Bad news. He gave a glance to the girl, he'd have to bolt without her if she didn't move, but then again he was in no condition to be out running anyone. "How long is a moment?"
  22. A dull pain presented itself within Robin's mind, slowly enveloping him in a consuming ache as he stirred. He didn't want to wake up yet, especially to whatever physical state his body was in, but the irritation of his mind brought him to. There was agony in his tailbone and a sore tenderness in everything else. How did I get like this? He muttered to himself in his head as he attempted to recall his past events. He remembered answering a cryptic text, a flood of colors, a landscape and then that feeling when you're trying to sleep but your body spasms like you're trying to catch yourself when you fall. He heard wood creak beneath him as he sat up, his tailbone protesting the motion. "." He croaked, his tired eyes burning in response to the light flooding into the room as he fluttered them open. He didn't recognize where he was or who he was with on his first glance. I musta done something foolish again. "So, you're finally awake! You're lucky to be alive, you know." Robert froze, his eyes snapping back to the red mop on the ground he had overlooked for clothing. It had eyes, and they were looking at him like some creepy furby doll. He stared at it. The red creature looked like a clawed rabbit with tail feathers. Colors. Falling. Talking animals. ...This must be what they meant when they said Alice in Wonderland is just a story about acid. But Robert didn't remember meeting with anyone or even taking LSD. It didn't matter, he had to live with it all the same and find his way back home before something bad happened. Robert blinked, quickly checking to make sure he was still clothed, his hands fumbling with each garment. Beanie, jacket, shirt, pants, knife, phone, backpack. Good. He sighed, looking back at the creature, it was still there, and it looked so real, maybe it was. Maybe it was a person morphed in his head because of the hallucinogenic and that was why it's eyes looked so real. It couldn't hurt to ask, real or not. Everyone else seemed to be asleep, so only he would see him talking to himself. "Hey," Robert's voice was rough with weariness. "Do you know how I got here?"
  23. Thank you Dusk Raven. I await your intro eagerly, may skill and inspiration be with you.