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  1. Decided I'd take a peek at the list and, wow, it was longer than I expected . Still, I narrowed down my favorites to the following in alphabetical order (and their reason/s) : Arctic Fox (I enjoy the idea of a fox-dragon on the site) Briar (An amphitere that is both colorful and reasonable) Chimeric Amphiptere (A breed that has a host of possibilities for lore) Cinnamon (I just enjoy the design of the sprite) Darkwing (My own personal ideas for descriptions... ) Deja Drake (The Desipi are nice, but I enjoy the mind powers of these drakes more) Double-Winged (They resemble a bit of a griffon to me) Duality (A true Yin-Yang dragon coming to fruition) Feral (Extremely colorful and fancy) Frostbite Wyrm (Have yet to have an actual Wyrm on the site and this one seems well-designed) Kangaroon (A truly unique design and I would love to own one. I do prefer the original "Karoogon" name, but I'd be fine with either) Long Necked (A different look for an otherwise standard dragon. No pun inended, but the neck helps it stand out) Phantasm Dragon (Both creepy and yet endearing) Psion (Love the idea of a dual-dragon without being two-headed) Serpent Queen (I imagine the BSA to influence your own eggs into becoming Serpent Queens) Seven-Headed (Always been a fan of Hydras, and this seems a perfect fit) Shadow Two-Headed (I imagine a good deal of fearful descriptions escaping these beasts... ) Skinless (I can see this being a good Halloween candidate) Spotted River (A croc-dragon? I'll take it) Tanglewyrm (A flowing and graceful yet vicious and territorial beast... I like the fit) Trickster (A large fan of riddles, I couldn't resist) Twin Royal (I'm a sucker for nearly any multi-headed dragon, plus the possibility of fake gold / gems luring unsuspecting foes / prey intrigues me) Wolfsbane (A werewolf-inspired dragon without any lupine traits, and still manages to be fascinating) Zmey (As I said, multi-heads easily win me over) Anyhow, take my opinions as you will... And hopefully we'll see these in the DC lineup soon.
  2. Well, I have a few dragons that could be useful for this. So here you go : Copper Dragon X Black Marrow X Cavern Lurker X Grave Dragons X X Desipis X X X X X Heartstealing Dragon X X Frilled X
  3. I have to say "The Prince". It's a little known game by Firebird on the Commodore 64, but it was one of the most horrendous bits I had to deal with in my life. You play as the titular prince as you wander around a huge map, with slowed movement when going through forests (these cover about 85-90% of the map). You then get random battles which award you nothing and only serve to drain your energy. You don't even win by defeating all the enemies, but instead by slowly moving over from the center to either side of the screen. Your job is to find all the hidden dungeons on the map in order to get all of the pieces for a hot air balloon of which to rescue the princess. You have no defense underground and your jump mechanics are terrible. There is also only one life and no means of continuing.
  4. I have a large hatred for the "Lost City" A.K.A. Mole Knight's stage in Shovel Knight. Exploding brick-platforms that have to be destroyed, lava that negates the Phase Amulet (couple of seconds of invulnerability for 8 MP), slimes that can become fire slimes with immunity to downward thrusts, long stretches of staying with a slow-moving platform that when failed results in instant death, timed rushes over lava pools that you have to transform back and forth between bouncy passages with a time limit... Oh, let's not forget those bouncing firebirds that can't be scrolled off-screen, take four hits to kill (when most enemies can be killed in one or two), and love to send you tumbling into one of those lava pools. Now add on top of this that one of the Feats is clearing all levels (save the very first and last stages) without using a checkpoint, meaning you need to one-shot this level for it. I love the game Shovel Knight a lot, but I get bad memories of that stage every time I hear its music from the soundtrack.
  5. A Mint, a Dorsal, a White, and an Ochredrake. I got the Mint alone, only going to get the other three eggs for my limit, after two days when I was sure I could handle more than one. Hey, I was a novice! Didn't know what it was like yet
  6. I prefer the default (part of the old-school in me, I guess), though I admit that the Portal 2 skin looks neat.
  7. I played this game a lot way back when, and I should really take a second look some time. My faves to use are Rammus, Anivia, and Galus. I want to learn to play as Renekton, but I don't have the skill to use him properly (although I can do better with him in the Crystal Scar, it's still not as good as I would like).
  8. And why is it that every time I see "Fabulous", I can hear it in the Jim Carrey "Grinch" voice?
  9. Freddie Krueger fears having nightmares of Chuck Norris.
  10. Duh, because we did it once and now the MLP fans are out for blood.
  11. Hundreds of butterflies and a few lasers from a ghost girl while trying to cut her, in the Touhou fighting-platformer fan-game "Youyou Kengeki Musou" (translated as "Enchanting Swordplay Reverie") It's a fun game, but she is very, very difficult for me. Maybe I should have leveled more before taking her on.