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  1. I generally keep my comments to myself, but feel the need to applaud the latest group of posters. I've always felt that the best way to gain tolerance and eventual acceptance is to extend the same to those with different views. I don't have to share a person's views to accept them. I look at all the various factions fighting for their personal rights under their specific labels, when I feel it's better to do away with labels that makes us appear different, and simply fight for equality for all. If we focused on how we're alike instead of how we're different, we might finally realize the equality we seek. Just my two cents, which probably isn't even worth that much.
  2. Some people have added the number of their successes with their refusals. I haven't bred any new pairs since my refusals, so I've had no successes to add. The increased rate of refusals on my scroll has stopped me from breeding. Maybe that's the reasoning behind it, but it sure sucks the fun out of the game for me.
  3. I'm afraid that would be considered an Easter dragon even if it wasn't set as a holiday release so it would get too much outrage. ....Which puts my thinking along the same lines as Zaverxi, no release until May. Hope to be proven wrong, because that would suck. With all the refusals I've been getting, I'm scared to breed, so I have nothing to do until we get a release. Yep. I'm pass bored.
  4. I've got lots of stripes, and a decent amount of pillows that I'll add to the mix.
  5. Six months without a normal release. ..... *sigh*
  6. The very first lineage project I started years ago. Finally. Done. http://dragcave.net/lineage/kzRA9 A love for all seasons.
  7. I don't believe that this is meant as a "rant" thread, so much as it's a place to gather information. There are people who are experiencing higher rates of refusals, and by listing that information we can qualify that statement to defend our claim. And to that end, I just had two lineage refusal in back to back breedings. 4th gen pair of geodes, and a set of 4th gen falconiforms.
  8. While refusals are currently part of the game, the discussion is about changing that particular mechanic because it has become a game breaking issue for many, as proven by the numerous complaints. It all seems relevant to me.
  9. I was under the impression that mints were the size of a VW Bug.
  10. Actually, some of the artists have shared larger sketches with us, and I was really hoping those would have ended up in the encyclopedia. For instance... I think it would make the encyclopedia more interesting, but that's just me.
  11. I'm running on St Patrick's because it's simpler and easier on my eyes, and I couldn't get my alt custom sort to work with the new default. Once I switched, everything went back to running like a charm. Also will throw my support in with making the original default as an optional skin. The new default is beautiful, but there's something to be said for the familiar.
  12. I couldn't get my alt custom to work at all with the default, but when I switched to the St Pat's skin it worked fine.
  13. Pretty, but I can't get my custom sorting to work.
  14. Fully expecting a release on Saturday. I was trying to clear all my eggs, just in case and then I went and bred her. Just knew they were going to give me a water horse. Been trying to build a mate for him for two years. Now I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that they don't refuse.
  15. I adopted him. He's lovely. Thank you so much, and once you get your ultraviolet and end up with a spare, I'll be in line for that.
  16. For me refusals are already meaningless unless the point is to stop me from breeding entirely because I'm already well beyond frustrated and into the "I don't need this crap" category. If it would take me an average of two months to reset a refusal, I would prefer a guarantee reset when I need it and a six month to a year cool down. I mainly breed for others, and the no egg, no interest are already bad enough. If I'm looking at months of trying to reset that refusal, then all I'm doing is compounding my irritation until I either give up or finally get the egg and forget who wanted it in the first place. Yes, anything is better than what we have, and I can roll with Marri's idea as long as I'm not giving up my breeding options for months on end while I try to fix the fallout of this game breaking worthless mechanic.
  17. I thought the cool down was suggested to be set at a year or so. That's an rather long time to wait to fix your broken dragons. Making that chance slim defeats the purpose to me.
  18. But the thoughts that go through my head aren't fit for polite conversation, and honestly the only one that is runs the line of "why am I playing this game?!!??" Not generally the object of a game mechanic.
  19. A little slice of pie badge would be cute.
  20. I completely share your opinion. At the very least allow for an opt out for those who are finding the game more frustrating than fun. Those who enjoy the challenge of replacing dragons who refuse can continue to have their fun, while who want to save themselves the extra dragon drama can one cup out of a already full pot. I play this for fun. I'm at the point that I'm afraid to breed new pairs. Refusals have become a game breaking mechanic that offers no positives that I can see. It's already hard to get eggs from many pairs, how is making that impossible good for anyone?
  21. Just tossing this out there for clarification. TJ doesn't want CB hybrids and alts to be a store item, so I think that idea is most likely dead. This would just be for prize dragons and possibly rares. Only shiny things would be earned through loyalty points or whatever comes to be, which reduces my interest in the concept tremendously.
  22. It's probably to give you a day to tweak whatever decorations you want to around the mate before it locks down.
  23. My boy ended up with an undine. I really thought he was going to have either a deep sea or a nebula in the end so I'm surprised, but he seems happy.
  24. I'm starting to have trouble with mice, too. I blame all the candy laying around.