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  1. So they stick 'em on after for protection?
  2. I bred a pure gemshard from green parents and APed it. Can't wait to see how it colors.
  3. Appears to be completely random.
  4. I like them with Undines, Brutes and Royal Crimsons, but I think I might go with http://www.coup-detat.info/NDER/Lineage.ph...ate=rNEUK&style[bg]=y or http://www.coup-detat.info/NDER/Lineage.ph...mate=1JfM&style[bg]=y
  5. Sigh* If this was a possibility.... http://www.coup-detat.info/NDER/Lineage.ph...ate=oE5ax&style[bg]=y
  6. Very pretty new additions. Thanks to the spriters for sharing their talents.
  7. I think the color distribution among the gemstones is pretty equal. Going by the reports in the thread, of course. I might go stalk the fansites to see how they're looking, but I really believe the only color rarity will be one we create through demand.
  8. Six of my eggs hatched and I was able to pick up another pair of each species. Hooray for common releases!!!!!!!
  9. I was just comparing since we had the same colors. I ended up with a correctly influenced pair of greens, and a red male as opposed to their pair of greens and red female. :-) I didn't think influence was a factor in colors.
  10. I almost match you, but my red is influenced male.
  11. I ended up with a red and two greens. I'm happy with that.
  12. Since TJ has all three colors, I really doubt they would be scroll coded. I also don't think he would make that mistake again and want to deal with the drama it would cause. The gemstones are most likely random like the nebulas. I would go with time based, (green, morning. Red, noon. Blue, evening), but considering that they enjoy the sun, I doubt that will be the case.
  13. I look at it more like he's getting ready to pounce. When my cat is crouched like that she is anything but passive. Just my take of course.
  14. LOL. Ah yes. Substance is always best.
  15. Appears that we share the same tastes in dragons. ;-)
  16. Same here. I must catch more. *twitch*
  17. The gendered plated guys look incredible. Wish the gemstones would gender Never mind. Wow. That was unexpected
  18. All the hatchies are wonderful. I need more of the pushy guys though. I live beefy dragons with attitude.
  19. The first one has a S1 crack.
  20. He seems to keep his eggs from hatching until the next morning. At least that's what I've notice over the last several releases.
  21. From looking at the number of eggs TJ has. Looks like it will be three colors with adult and hatching dimorphism.
  22. Locked! ....and caught them with the phone. O.o
  23. Naturally, because my computer broke and I won't have it back until next week. Sigh. At least I caught one of the plated ones with my phone.