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  1. Never thought I would be grateful to a misclick. I was keeping the Pyrope I caught, then decided to drop her and try for my seventh silver lunar. Instead I caught the green copper that I've been after for two years. *truly happy*
  2. Think I'll try later once others have caught their fill.
  3. Not in favor of them producing an avatar because of the neutral affiliation of the GoN as previously stated. Not in favor of them breeding true since the summoning feature is the base of their lore. "Gods" breed with mortals and create demi-gods. Off hand, I can't think of a God who mated with another God to create a God. Ares and Hephaestus ... maybe, but there are other accounts that say Hera produced them on her own without Zeus' help. The old Gods mated with humans, Titans, and various other entities instead of one another. This is just my speculation, but I believe that's because the combination of two Gods would create a creature greater than themselves, and I doubt they would want to produce something that would give them the boot. Don't believe a GoN would feel very different.
  4. I'll be thrilled if they're common. We need more beautiful sprites that are common and this one would certainly fit the bill.
  5. My fear is that the ratios are going to make the other colors rare even if the Dragon is common. I didn't catch the initial drop, so I don't know if there was a true flood, but having the eggs mixed when I did come across the release was disturbing. The coppers dropped really well their first day, and all colors were available. I'm going to guess the lack of a solid flood was an attempt to off set the total eggs released at the start to help even things out as the other colors come on line. However, it makes sense that there will always be more gold lunars than the others, and hunters don't have the convenience of knowing that faster players will lock themselves and open the field for those who are disadvantaged by slow systems or physical issues. Finally, I fear once breeding starts we're going to see a drop in the cave offerings, once again due to ratios, and the new release will be pushed into becoming a false rare in much the same way stripes were for several years even though they are a common breed.
  6. Scary times ahead, my friend. Scary times. :-)
  7. Been hunting since ten last night. Caught one at three a.m.and finally just caught his mate. Dreading what it's going to be like when the silvers and blues drop.
  8. To me, it sounds like the other colors will come from breeding, like stripes.
  9. They're more lovely than imagined.
  10. That pretty much where I was going, but you put it much better.
  11. It's actually many things that cause players to leave. I'm fighting the urge right now, but what it comes down to for me is that it's just not fun anymore. The high rate of refusals was the start, but the random releases combined with that adds greatly to my frustration. Right now I do nothing. Absolutely nothing. I don't bred anymore in large part because I don't know when I need my scroll free for a release. If I spend months working through refusals, no egg, and the wrong species egg to finally get the breeding that I need for a lineage it's almost guaranteed that we'll end up with a release. Then I have to decide whether I want to hold onto that long fought for egg, that has a strong possibility of growing up to refuse its mate, and forgo catching the new release, or do I dump it because there's a 50/50 chance that I may never be able to catch that new addition if I miss the first couple of days. *Looks to Coppers, Pyralspites, and Xenowyrms.* At least if we were back to scheduled releases, I would be more incline to be active those other three weeks because I could make a plan. I've gone from being on everyday to checking on Saturdays at noon and midnight to see if there's a release. No release. I go off and do something else. Release. I catch my eggs and spend a couple of days hatching them before beginning the cycle of waiting for the next release. I've been playing since around the end of January 2008. I've met some great people and made some wonderful friends, but I'm just getting tired of feeling jerked around. I really do believe that going back to scheduled releases would be a step in the right direct if the site wishes to retain me and others like me, but only time will tell.
  12. Think I'm going to stop hunting and wait a week or two. Right now it seems to be an exercise in frustration. Got enough of that in RL. :-) Looking forward to seeing what these guys grow into. That's good enough for me
  13. Just missed a silver in the forest.
  14. At least last night I would see one or two every five minutes even if I couldn't catch them. Right now, I'm not even seeing them, which is a little disheartening. Oh well. Will get pairs eventually.
  15. No support for the rerelease because of this. I like that the holidays are about giving, and that's what the AP is about. Sure, not all the lineages are pretty, but there are gems in there that people have put thought into creating with the purpose of "sharing the joy of the holiday". I hate to see that diminished. The focus of normal dragons is on CBs so people can build lineages. One of the things that makes holidays stand apart, to me, is that the focus is generally shifted to finding a pretty lineage that you want to continue. The multi-clutch feature is not only unique to these dragons, but it also greatly increases the hunter's success of finding something nice. I happily give up my chance at a CB Holly, Yulebuck or 09 Val to have three or four second gen holidays from various Thuweds, prizes, or spriter alts floating around the AP as special gifts for people who many never be able to obtain those dragons any other way. So, yeah. Not willing to sacrifice multi-clutching for reintroduced CBs.
  16. So we have a pygmy, a two-head, and a drake?
  17. I just saw one sitting in the jungle getting no love.
  18. Oh well. Missed this one so that blows my collecting one from every release date. And with the biomes blocking seems like it will be a long time before I get the new one anyway. Pfft.
  19. I lost my spot, but, eh. Maybe next time. Congrats to those who made it.
  20. I got knocked off the list for reason.
  21. I will keep the fingers crossed for both of us.
  22. Same thing happened to me. I picked the same thing and now it's saying I'm on the list again.
  23. LOVE the Harry Potter egg. Y'all have found my weakness.