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  1. How do I make a potion? I can't seem to move the ingredients.
  2. Drat. So far only one of mine has gendered. I prefer wings on my hatchies. Guess I need to wait instead of jumping the gun when it comes to fog. They still have a couple of days though, so maybe when they get closer to the end.... *crosses fingers*
  3. I lucked out and found a couple of cb olives in the ap so I have some forest representatives, and now I'm locked until some of my fog balls bite the dust.
  4. Dirt common is great, just try to get dirt common from a variety of biomes. I'm trying to load up on volcano breeds since that's the only one I'm missing. Could use some more forest also. Wish a couple of my regulars would grow so I can add to the fog balls.
  5. Also, remember that each biome now has it's own tombstone, so if you want all the tombstones, mostly CB is the way to go.
  6. Yep. That's what I first did, but since they take a kill slot most people starve new hatchies and kill adults. :-)
  7. I did because I want to get them hatching as soon as possible. Anything that dies on the 17th or after will stay until Halloween, so today marks the beginning of hatchie collecting for fogging to death. ... how morbid does that sound?
  8. Seven hatchies sleeping in the fog, and seven more eggs that should hatch tomorrow to add to the zombie hopefuls.
  9. Maned wolf. The least studied canine. They're awesome.
  10. At least I'm out of the hunt so that makes your chances better.
  11. It runs into issues when the lineage gets larger though. You can't make the horse out in the small box. It gets jumbled. http://dragcave.net/lineage/cM2uX
  12. Appreciate that the holly still has tiny wings, but the broken neck was what appealed to me because it reminded me of an old Christmas card. The sprite is beautiful and retains most of it's holliness, which is wonderful, but it doesn't work for me. Can't please everyone, and I'm happy that others like the classic better now. I love the pose of the horse, but it's a bit hard to make out in my soulpeace X hellhorse lineage. Just a bit too busy in that little box. The nilias will have to grow on me. They seem... lighter, which doesn't go as well with their "heavier than you expected" egg description as the original did. Not much of a pygmy person, so it's not a deal breaker anyway. Very nice work spriters.
  13. Not that I care about rares and their price tag, but then wouldn't it be better to create more new rares instead of rehashing the old ones? As the artists constantly improve every sprite will eventually need to be updated. If that would happen we would get no new dragons and no further reason to play the game. Flaws add character. I, personally, find perfection boring. As long as a flaw doesn't effect function, it generally becomes an non-issue. The silvers have functioned just fine for years and have been well loved. I'm happy for the people who are excited about the update, but personally, I would much prefer something new to add to my scroll instead of losing the dragons I've loved for nearly a decade. Yes, the sprite will be shiny and gorgeous, but it won't be the dragon I caught or was gifted.
  14. The majority of human beings are resistant to change. It's part of human nature because only the known is safe. It's how we've survived. Basic psychology. We have to adapt to change. Most of us have to deal with change on a daily basis, which makes an unnecessary change to something we deem as an escape from the real world more frustrating than exciting. Niyaka, please refrain from the use of the term whining. It's argumentative and creates exactly what you're complaining when I have yet to see anyone "whine." People are expressing their concerns. The fact that they can't without being spoken down to is what I find wrong with this forum. Any opinion that differs from popular opinion is automatically devalued and creates hostility where there was none.
  15. Picasso's work have some serious anatomy issues. ... Just saying.
  16. Please refer back to Nine's post. No one has said anything about quitting. There has been no drama.
  17. 78 Dodge Aspen owner here. Modern cars have zero character. They all look the same. Same colors. Mostly the same boxy shapes. Nothing sets them apart from each other anymore. I still have hope that the reds don't change since Kila has said she is the only one who has been given the okay to do the update and she was only looking to do a little shading and tip them to standing flat, which wasn't a high priority for her. *fingers crossed* C4, I have not seen anyone who is opposed to the update "hating" on the new sprites. Quite the opposite actually. All have seem to state that they are sure the sprites will be wonderful. The problem comes from the lost of nostalgia, personal meaning, and how they stand to effect lineages.
  18. That was a copyright issue. There's a big difference between a necessary update and the current situation.
  19. While I can go to the Wiki, I rarely do unless I'm looking for information. I don't go there to reminisce. I like having the history on my scroll. The main issue I have though comes in the fact that when a sprite changes it is no longer my dragon. It's not the dragon I caught. It's more of an issue for me when it concerns a rare because of all the time and effort I put into catching it. I was ecstatic when I caught myself first gold. I woke up sick at three a.m. and got on line to unwind. Instead a miracle occurred and I woke the house up. That dragon is special. Sadly, in my eyes she doesn't exist anymore. There is an imposter in her place. There isn't a thing wrong with the new sprite. It's just not longer my dragon. I have no doubt that the silvers will be beautiful, but they will also no longer be my dragons. This is my issue with updated sprites, even if it doesn't make sense to anyone else.
  20. Hmm. Yeah, I never did "get over" that. It's just pointless to complain. People kept saying they would grow on me, but they never did. *shrugs*
  21. Not looking forward to the silver and Holly changes. While I'm sure they will be beautiful, it feels like the last fragments of the original game that I fell in love with are fading away. *sigh*
  22. Last year I collected extra papers and cheese specifically to try for an ungendered. Got it on the first try during my second round killing spree on Halloween day, so the rest were spared.
  23. Because the that time is quickly approaching, I figured I would bump this up and find out what plans everyone else has. With the unique tombstones, I need some zombies from forest and volcano biomes so I'll be focusing on those. What's everyone else up to?
  24. I'm absolutely opposed to having a mandatory second log in at hatcheries. I have to remember enough passwords and waste enough time at log in screens already. Besides, if you stick an egg in a signature at any high traffic forums you can easily view bomb it, and log ins at hatcheries can't stop that. Eggs got sick before hatcheries came along.