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  1. I agree with the majority in the thread. Updates aren't going to fix the blocker issue, and they won't even work for long as a "band-aid". It's also not something that would happen quickly, so any of the other suggestions could be implemented before sprite updates occurred. I would much prefer seeing new breeds being released instead of time wasted in trying to update sprites. Most blockers are actually "new" sprites because their ratios are trying to catch up, therefore they have no need to be updated, and based on TJ's quote, they aren't likely to be updated anyway.
  2. I really like tjekan's suggestion. Yes, some lineages may be ruined by people's choice, but isn't that where we are now? Some people have had lineages ruined by TJ's choice and lost years of effort. At least if we had a chance to revert, there would be the possibility of reclaiming some of what was loss. As far as the "strap in and get comfortable" comment goes...No. I am not a sheep and there for am not required to just quietly accept when someone does something I don't approve of. The issue may not get resolved, but future ones may be avoided. By ignoring people's concerns, the only thing that occurs is a rise in player dissatisfaction. Some players will leave because the game no longer fulfills their entertainment needs. Some who have been long time supporters of the site become disenchanted with it, and may still play out of habit, but they no longer encourage new people to come to the site. If this trend continues, you begin to see less add revenue and the site itself begins to suffer. A wise admin will always treat customer concerns seriously and attempt to find a workable solution instead of brushing them off with "suck it up" styles of thinking.
  3. Couldn't agree more. It is a change in the Red that could actually cause me to walk away. While it was a mint in someone's signature on forum site that brought me here, it was the red that won my heart. I've always been attracted to the fire element, and the heraldic style that immediately brought to mind the Welsh flag was what sold DC to me. His loss will make the last seven years completely meaningless apart from some of the good friends I've made. Years ago, Kila said that she was the only one who had been given permission to update the Reds, and she was just looking to tweak shading and get him off his invisible hill. Something like that, should be alright, but any more.....
  4. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Winya http://dragcave.net/lineage/VFrOo Honorable mention prizes from previous raffles.
  5. And yet I don't feel like they are the best of the best. I think the Lunar Heralds, Neglected, Xenowyrms, and the majority of Holiday breeds are by far better than either Golds or Silvers. They have FAR more character. The only thing that makes the metals stand out is the fact that they are rare, and some folks don't care about that. While I'm certain that I'm in the minority, I play this as a collecting game, not a trading game, so site value is meaningless. If I was inclined to work lineages, which I'm not and these changes to sprites makes that even less interesting to me, I would use the Heralds to do anything that required a metallic looking mate. I find them much more attractive, sprite line wise, and the common factor means a good deal less frustration in the end. .... minus the moon phase thing. While I don't know, I can't help but feel that there are still far fewer CB prizes than CB golds and silvers out there, making them the rarest breeds since those seeking metals are generally aiming for CB. Not to mention, 2nd gen prizes often were, and possible still are traded for multiple metals. I believe that would make prizes more of a flagship breed, by your definition. For me, a Flagship breed would be Black Marrows. They are one of the first breeds I show people when discussing the site. That's also the only breed that sparked the idea of having it turned into a tattoo because I find it so unique. That, for me, is hands down one of the BEST of the BEST. Truth be told, I'm almost positive that the absolute rarest dragons out there are CB hybrids, but that's another story all together.
  6. Huge difference from fixing a blanket that resides only on your couch and one that has been given to thousands to do with as they like and enjoy. Nearly everyone, actually everyone that I've seen, has commented on how beautiful new sprites are and how much they would appreciate them if they weren't a replacement. No one is trying to slight the artists in anyway. As I said in my first post, Lady Lyzar did a lovely job. She always does. That is never in question. When changes effect the work that people have done with something they have been given, they will express their frustration. Sorry that seems self centered to you. Also, considering that we're dealing with old sprites, it isn't necessarily the original artist updating their work, but another artist sharing their vision through the new sprite. Those are also different things, and something we're likely to see more of since so many of the older artists have move on from DC.
  7. And that would be the solution. Add something new to the cave instead of mucking around with what's established and loved. While I couldn't give a tinker's toot about rares because site value is meaningless to me, I would most likely be able to catch a pair at the release and be done with it. Everyone would have something new to chase and trade. Seems pretty win/win to me.
  8. There is also the fact that the fog and sprite replacement of that original happened early on. I doubt most people had become attached to it, and lineages were in their infancy. Changes that occur now to dragons that have been standard for years, heading towards a decade, is quite a bit different. Users stand to lose a great deal more now. I prefer the color of the old gold, as well as the design because it reminded me of an Aztec coin. That was why I wanted one in the first place. It looked like a doubloon to me, and that made it special. Now, she looks like any other dragon. *shrugs* I know that is just me. When that drastic update occurred, I was told that I would get used to it. I never have. Edit: Zovesta, I would love a chrome dragon, but I was thinking more in line of platinum. I think that would be awesome, along with rose gold. With so many other metals or gem stones out there, I can't help feel it would be better to add new instead of reworking old.
  9. The problem is that it one sided. Old sprites get polished, so it's the minimalist who gets left out. Historically, sprites get changed whether players wish for it or not, so it really doesn't go both ways. If it did, people who value the historic feel of a sprite would at least occasionally be thrown a bone and be assured that this sprite or that sprite wouldn't change. As it stands now, anything from the first few years of the site's creation is subject to change, or has already been changed. That leads many to question "why bother" in regards to lineages that won't remain true, collecting an army of a favorite dragon that could easily change into something no longer appealing to that individual, etc. Out with the old and in with the new is an age old has become a rather standard train of thought. New is nearly always viewed as more desirable, but that isn't always the case. In this case, it's getting to the point where it doesn't just reference the new dragons, but players as well, which seems a shame. It's often, though certainly not always, the older players who have formed an attachment to the artwork and feel slighted by it's change. I already know many who have left or barely play due in a large part to these changes, and it can be something as simple as the newer, more intricate artwork being harder on their eyes. One of my friends said that over the last few years sprites have become too "busy" for her to make out the details so there isn't really a point in her playing like she used to. It may not seem like a big deal since new players will come in to replace the old players, but is it really wise to exclude those who have proven their loyalty over the years in lieu of the new who may or may not stay the distance? Food for thought. And yes, I know that others don't see the updates as taking the soul of the dragon. That's why I said that was my opinion. When sprites change, they are no longer the dragon I caught. In my eyes they become a soulless imposture of my beloved dragon. I still mourn the loss of my first CB gold. That is why I only play DC instead of other adoptable sites. I don't appreciate having things I collect change. Once something is submitted to the public, the public that uses it should be able to expect some sort of stability. This is something that we will simply have to agree to disagree on.
  10. But why must the minimalist fancier always take a backseat to those who want everything updated, polished, streamline, modernized, ... and frankly, in my opinion, boring? One of the reasons I've enjoyed DC for the last seven years is because there was a wide variety of styles when it came to art work. There was something for everyone. With TJ's announcement (read that as threat to me) of more updates in the future, all the uniqueness vanishes. DC ends up the same as every other collecting game — games many of us don't play because they lack individuality. Updates change the spirit of the original artwork. While they are prettier, it seems that they end up stripped of what made them special in the first place. They lose their "soul", as it were. I understand the desire to improve your work as your skills increase, but feel that is better shown through the addition of new work instead of reworking the old. I'm no artist, but I am a writer. Once I have given a story to the public, I would never dream of taking it away from them so I can improve it. I have, and likely will always re-read my work and see things wrong with it that I would love to correct or simply say in another "better" way. Instead, I write a new story for my readers to enjoy while fulfilling my need to continually improve my skills. Personal opinion, just being thrown out there as a reason for my dislike of updates. Edit: *raises hand* I'm extremely opposed to updates to the few old commons who still remain. I could care less about rarity since I'm not into trading and only have the few I have for gifting purposes. *Validating tjekan's statement*
  11. I can actually see that. I think it's the softness and the fluff. Brings to mind things like cotton candy and such. Also, I've seen many descriptions of "sweet" being applied to the male. He's lost his dragon fierceness.
  12. Fewer being bred might increase the cave's output of CBs. Personally, I'm not terribly interested in metals so I doubt I was competition to begin with.
  13. I really like the new splits. I appreciate that the basic pose of the silvers was retained, but I certainly feel that I've lost my dragons. There's nothing wrong with the update. They're beautiful, as is true of all of Lady Lyzar's work. They simply aren't the dragons that I fell in love with. Continually updating old sprites will eventually cause me to leave, because I don't see a point in investing my time and caring about something that will be taken from me as current fads in art change.
  14. Entered! Thanks so much, and thanks to natayah for the heads up.
  15. I would love a way to check the lineage from the breed page, and to me, that makes more sense from the rp/realistic aspect of the game. If you're orchestrating the breeding of your dragons, you would have lineage records on hand. As has been said before, I doubt dragons would appreciate us sterilizing them simply because we don't like their family tree. Animals, even intelligent ones, have a drive to procreate. That's why they agree, sometimes, to breed with the mates we chose. Taking that right away from a creature that will exist long after you're gone seems shortsighted, and just wrong. ....From the RP aspect. .
  16. I'm thrilled to have another feather winged dragon. Can't have enough of those. I get the Ancient Egypt vibe from them as well, and they remind me a bit of feathered Thestrals.
  17. It's a little sad when it takes many hours to hatch incu-hatchable eggs. We really need more folks in the hatcheries... which is an odd thing to say during a holiday release.
  18. I figured they were Misfits since that's who would tend to brew up mischief.
  19. Support. I spent days trying to kill my dragons. It doesn't add much as for as realism goes from my point of view because if the dragon dodged, you would immediately try again. You wouldn't wait a day. If it takes five days of dodging before you finally kill the blasted thing, realistically, I think the dragon would have left you, probably after the first attempt on it's life.
  20. I've only bred two marrows, one shadow walker, and a pumpkin. I have a bunch left.
  21. I took it as white and I would LOVE to have this as a variant. They're gorgeous.
  22. Same, but I can't get any more of the dragon's breath flower and that was the first item I found.
  23. Many, MANY thanks for the human stag. Tom Wisdom is one of my favorite contemporary actors, so it's really cool to have a treat that represents what became of him. Too bad he didn't last beyond the first episode, but at least I now have him in my goodie bucket. ... Which sounds rather wrong.