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  1. So nice to have another feathered wing species.
  2. Because of the longer length of the initial drop, I think they'll be common. Of course player interest can make them uncommon, but .....
  3. Just caught this beauty. And I am thrilled with this one!! I have the building blocks to breed his mate. Thank you, breeders.
  4. Day six isn't playing nice with me. I tagged everything, but no whisker.
  5. Stuck. I haven't gotten flowers or a scale to bring to the shopkeeper.
  6. Happy to see a pudgy hatchie. Here's hoping the adult is ... substantial.
  7. I noticed that TJ doesn't have anything in the post about there being a two egg limit for the new release. I wonder if that is an oversight, or if something changed?
  8. Magelights away. Now let me see what else I can breed.
  9. Thyroid cancer here. Count me in. I've lost several good friends, and now my hero to cancer.
  10. Hoping against a raffle, but would love to see the store implemented.
  11. I've actually hit the point where I'm not terribly interested in getting a prize dragon, so the only thing that I would be saving up for is a hybrid. ...Which I don't think should cost more than a prize since the prize is meant to be the "be all, end all." Hybrids, in and of themselves, are rather common. HM awards are consolations for getting close, but not winning the game. A consolation prize shouldn't be worth more than the actual prize. I agree with Thuban that the "cost" being considered for prizes is too high. Yes, this is meant to be a way to fulfill your scroll goals/obtain your elusive dream dragon by working for it, but a more reasonable time frame will keep people working towards their goals. A lot of us have already spent five years chasing these blasted pixels. Even prisoners are credited with time served.
  12. That is the definition of picker. When I got her in 2010, I couldn't be happier. A random player decided to gift her to me. There was no teleport, so actually getting her on my scroll was a challenge because ANYBODY would have been thrilled to nab her off the AP before me. Now a holly like her will have a hard time finding a home. That is a change in attitude (pickiness) due to greater availability.
  13. The artwork is beautiful, but I'm particularly fond of the Gilded Bloodscale Dragon with their kitties. Way too adorable.
  14. Glad I'm not alone in my thievin ways. Amazed we got away with it though. We must just be that good.
  15. I had to start the game on my phone to get Milo to come out, then I switched back to the laptop. Hmm. Stole a pie and my tree is looking healthy. .... Okay.....
  16. I can't seem to get the day to start. I've walked in and out of my house several times and strolled around. So far no one has come up to see me.
  17. The non-competitive nature of the game is why I like it, so this really doesn't appeal to me. For folks that like to have a goal, the records thread is there for bragging rights without pressuring casual players to feel the need to compete.
  18. Thank you. My tree perked back up.
  19. Well... I just gave him the watch and I have a droopy tree. Thanks, Sock. I was slow on the uptake, but finally figured it out by accident.
  20. Why can't I get to the third snowball? I keep trying, but I can't seem to get near to it.
  21. Tom Wisdom. *sigh* I hate Syfy for canceling Dominion. ... and oddly enough, his face was on Hannibal. First episode of the final season. Dang stag.
  22. Can't seem to get past the blasted ice.