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  1. Plus Infinis seems to have a thing for insects.
  2. Got mine and heading to bed. Interesting to see what these guys hatch into.
  3. Last night when the release started, I was hunting with five people in the forest. I have to admit that was very nice. Love a stress free release.
  4. Thrilled to have new hybrids. Let's see what they be. Edit: *bubble bursts*
  5. Sounds like it's time to breed a bunch of random Xeno zombie fodder. ... Which is really sad, but a dragon wrangler has to do what a dragon wrangler had to do.
  6. Bred 85 pairs of reds. Didn't keep track, but I should have put at least 60 2nd gen eggs out there. Hooktalons didn't do as well since my first two pairs refused. Think I only got three eggs from those guys. About ten pyropes including one from my alt sweetling. My other alt sweetling sent a red to the AP as well. Still working on some more pyropes and royal crimsons. Painting the AP red!!!
  7. They are all lovely additions to the cave. Thanks and congrats to the spriters.
  8. Bumping this up since Red Nose Day is nearly here. Got my reds and royals ready to rock.
  9. It's amazing just how good it feels to see all those bright pink and frill eggs in the fan sites.
  10. Just caught my second pair of mottled eggs. So happy. Trying to get my scroll goal of those before I go for more of the drakes and the two heads, but the frills keep calling my name.
  11. This has my full support. While I don't have bright pink based lineages, I hate the idea of people's hard work going to pot now that they have a way to add to the lineage base on their own.
  12. I'm with you, ADP. I'm loving the new zombies, but I already adore my neglected. Have always thought they had some of the best art on the site. Would hate to see them change.
  13. Just checked out my zombies. I love them so much. I need to make more zombies next Halloween.
  14. I would love to see the store implemented, another egg slot to even things out, and a cute little badge of some nature. Don't care to have rares released or anything else that has the potential to exclude some members like the avatars did. With such a milestone, I think we need to have something that everyone can enjoy equally.
  15. You see that argument goes both ways. You want it, so my opinion/frustration shouldn't matter? I'm a collector. This is a collecting game. Creating something else that I can't collect breaks the game for me. That's why I care. And considering that releases are no longer scheduled, it's easy to miss one and thereby miss your only chance to catch that new rare. Olympe has covered everything quite well so I won't rehash that. I just wanted to answer the question posted to me. Edit: You want new rares for trade fodder. Since rares tend to trade for rares, those who can't catch them still will never be able to get them, so how exactly does that solve anything?
  16. Natayah, I think that last statement is dependent on the individual, in all actuality. I'll admit that I was excited when I caught my first gold..at 3am when I was suffering from the flu... but other dragons that I've struggled to get have actually turned me off from the game. Take the GoN. It took me so long to get it, that I've come to despise it. When I first saw it, I was captivated. When I finally got it, I sighed with relief that I didn't have to try for it anymore, but there was no excitement at all. The frustration had killed that long ago. I don't hunt rares because I find life to be frustrating enough. I don't breed the ones I have, except by request, for the same reason. I can't even catch the Spessartines I need, so the idea of more true rares really turns this old player off even more. It really doesn't give me more to hunt, because I won't waste my time hunting what I know I won't be able to catch, so there goes my interest. I know I'm unique and probably the only one who feels this way, but figured I would share just the same.
  17. I couldn't agree more. I'm not in favor of market value and think value should be in the eye of the beholder. I don't see a reason to have more dragons with impossible to catch drops and hideous breeding ratios. That zaps a great deal of fun out of the game for many. No support for more rares. The player base already has shown its ability to create false rares. I see no reason to add to that by letting us create more ultra-rares.
  18. I have a ton of CB reds and quite a few pyropes and crimsons that are sitting around doing nothing. I'll be happy to turn the AP red.
  19. I admit that I don't trade, but I've never known hybrids of having a value, because as you said, everyone can breed them when they want them. Alts do because getting them is much more the luck of the draw, but they still don't have very high value. I doubt this would cause any serious reduction in perceived value.
  20. From my understanding they were conceived as a method of getting people to pick up overly common breeds. Any of the alt creators are welcome to correct me, but I don't see how having a few drop in the cave is actually disrespecting the concept. The majority will still be bred. Or not since I only see segments of the player base working with hybrids. Most hybrids seem to get ignored after scroll goals have been met. Introducing a few as CB needle in a haystack would actually rejuvenate the interest in those breeds and bring the artists' work back to the forefront. Seems like a win for the player and the artist. Will it happen? Probably not, but I think it would be a nice bone thrown to the "collector" players who have hit the point where all they do it sit around waiting for a new release. This would at least give them some incentive to hang around and prowl the cave. I've watched so many drift away over the last year that it would be really nice to see something done to change that. This could at least help.
  21. I trust nothing on April 1st.
  22. The evolution egg is so cool and I'm loving the cat trio.