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  1. Thanks, Arbock. I was going to say the same thing, but you beat me to the punch. I didn't see anything wrong in that post at all. The comment was that the dragon was unbalanced and offered a suggestion as to how that might be corrected. We don't have to like everything, and I always thought people were allowed/encouraged to share their views.
  2. Happy about the new additions to the market. Now I have something to spend my tiny stash on.
  3. Thanks for the extra info on the Lacula. I need many of these. They're beautiful.
  4. The egg sprite has always been pink. You don't know the dragon is black until it hatches.
  5. Good luck, Fuzz. I'd like to grab a couple, too, but don't seem to have the patience anymore Guess I've gotten too old. 😉
  6. It's very nice to have a release that doesn't have me camping out in the cave. Hooray for hybrids.
  7. I think the store would be an ideal answer since it gives everyone an equal opportunity to earn what they desire, but I've seen many against it.
  8. As people with black Sweetlings leave or die, then the dragon will disappear. It wasn't meant to be a release. It was meant to be the Spriter's alt and was graciously given up as an apology. I don't feel that should ever be released again because of the conditions surrounding it. As far as not being about to get offspring directly from original vampires, I don't see why that should be an issue. Vamps are in no short supply and I seriously doubt they ever will be. Since they aren't capable of being worked into standard lineages, I don't see a reason for their re-release. I would like to see old breeds re-released to the tune of one or two a year along side the new release and have the breeds swap out over time. That way everyone would get a chance at what they missed and CB's will remain in the population. However, I don't see a reason to raise the 2 CB limits.
  9. The eggs all look amazing, and the banner is fantastic.
  10. Me either. I hope TJ tweaks it soon. It all seems very out of kilter.
  11. Haven't seen squat. No tetras either.
  12. Since the header graphic just shows the blue egg, I'm betting the red and green come through breeding.
  13. I'd rather not have a rare, but would love a hybrid. Also could handle something green.
  14. Thank you. Pretty lineage. She'll have a good home.
  15. Just pointing out that a CB Holly can't refuse a CB Val since refusals are turned off during the holidays. ....Carry on.
  16. I manged a pygmy zombie. It's adorable. Now I'll need to hunt pygmies so I can work on a zombie army.
  17. The lag is killing me. Think I'm going to try a little later. Good hunting, folks.
  18. Apparently, I'm not smart enough for the mini game.
  19. The eggplant is taking me to an error code when I try to collect it.