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  1. ((Sorry. Work sucked me in and I had uni exams)) Axis followed Charon into the house, looking around. Soon they were in the kitchen. "Thanks for the offer, but I'm going to pass." She said, slightly unnerved at the fact that Charon was referring to someone who wasn't there. Or... maybe they are here, I just can't see them. Axis thought to herself. With his next few words Axis raised her eyebrows. "I'm... assuming that you can see and also commune with the dead? Or the spirits of the dead at least." She asked straightforwardly, seeing no point in beating around the bush with the question, which was seemingly obvious already.
  2. "My name? I'm Axis. Yes, I know. It's a perculiar name to have." She shrugged. "It's nice to meet you. What might your name be?" She asked politely, not wanting to be scolded again. She looked at the pale man. "My parents?" She asked, slightly shocked at the question. "I can't remember much, but my dad was about medium build, same hair colour as my own, two linear scars down his left cheek... and his eyes were brown. My mother had blonde, almost white, hair, blue eyes... um... actually, I don't remember her appearance too well. I remember her personality more." Axis blinked, shocked that she couldn't remember her mother's all of her mother's appearance. "And sure... I don't mind going inside." ((Marcus is a ninja And it's probably for the best not having the spirits of her parents around.))
  3. Axis winced at the scolding she got, but her temper flared when her parents were mentioned. She took a few steps forward, shoulders rigid, nails digging into her palms and teeth gritting against each other. "My parents were put six feet in the ground when I was nine!" She snapped, glaring at the older woman. After a few moments passed Axis allowed her shoulders to sag. Her ears flattened against her head. "S-sorry for yelling... it was uncalled for. There wasn't any way for you to know about my parents. I shouldn't have acted the way I did. I'm sorry." She dropped her gaze to the ground, feeling horrible about her actions.
  4. ((I forgot about the question. Sorry ^-^" They are commonplace. People don't hide their powers. Her eyes are blue and a reddish brown colour of hair, like a fox's.)) Axis looked up at the cliff and shook her head. "No, I didn't fall from the cliff. Just from standing height." She replied, putting on a smile, trying to hide the irritation the her hood had fallen off during the fall. I really should try to embrace being a demon, like Ebon said. Might as well stop trying to hide what I am. She thought to herself, remembering her guardian's words. She set her tail free from the clothing and let it drag behind her. "The cliff isn't even so high, I wouldn't have been seriously hurt if I did fall from it. I have fallen from higher places. But thank you for your concern." She smiled a little more naturally.
  5. "Insomnia os a condition that doesn't allow you to sleep, though it's not a medical condition." Axis muttered to herself, deciding to crouch down so that she was hidden better. To her, the two humans didn't seem bad at all. She couldn't sense any animosity between the two or any bad blood. Worst she could see was what she thought was a bit of irritation or annoyance. Slowly she tried to stand up and that's where the problems began. She over-balanced and fell forward. She reached out in front of her to keep herself from hitting the ground, but uer palms scraped the ground and withing a few seconds she was flat. "Ow..." She pushed herself up and looked at her hands. "At least I didn't end up on my face..." she sighed. "Cover is probably blown now..." she whispered.
  6. I'm sitting here sorting out 22000 perler beads. I made an eevee though
  7. "Uh... no not really. I don't know what to call what you had. I'm not a psychologist or anything like that." Axis said, pulling her hood further down, trying to hide her ears. Her tail was easy to hide under baggy clothing. Her ears were not as easy. She hated when people saw them, when people saw that she was a demon. She had hidden hee demonic features since... she shivered at the memory, forcing it down into the deep recesses of her mind. She looked over the part of the town she could see from the cliff and her attention was drawn to two humans, seemingly neighbours, were conversing. It was the body language of the two people. The old lady seemed increasingly fiesty. "You can stay up here the whole day contemplating the meaning of life. Or you can follow me, but you need to be quiet." With her interest thoroughly piqued, she walked over to the edge of the cliff. She looked back at the small man. "My name is Axis by the way." With that she stepped off the cliff, bending her knees to cusion the fall. She then kept in the bushes for cover and got as close to the two neighbours that she could hear them. She hoped that the distance was far enough that they wouldn't notice her if she was extremely quiet. "Wow.. that lady is really harsh. She can tone it down a little, maybe be nicer... or friendlier." Axis thought as she eavesdropped on the conversation, something she had become too used to doing.
  8. Laurents have been on a very long hiatus. Mostly consisted of finishing school, sorting life out, getting accepted into uni aaaaand getting a job. I now have an urge to say, hoI!!! im tem!
  9. All I can say is that I'm pretty disappointed that Lunalla isn't a dark type. But then again, that's my favorite type so I'm being biased.
  10. "Yeah.. he tells people in their dreams..." Axis' ears twitched as she just registered what the man had said. "You're one of the chosen ones?!" She jumped up from her spot, almost falling from the cliff as she did so. "A person named Rahka came to you in your dreams and told you that you had to fight demons to save Earth?!" Axis was sure her loud questions had woken the entire town.
  11. ((This signature of mine is actually from early 2015. Don't pay it any mind. I'll go change it now. It's been long overdue to be changed))
  12. ((I just realized that Charon and Axis are the only ones who are actually close in age. Huh. And that's a lot of people who would be seeing. I can't stop imagining Enyaba getting a nekomata))
  13. At the sound of a voice Axis slowly opened her eyes, looking at the small man in front of her. It's definitely a demon of sorts but I'm not sure what kind of demon. "A god?" She tilted her head slightly. "Gods are superior beings with immense power. There was a time when humans worshipped them, some of them still do, but after the purge years ago people, both human and demon, fear them." She blinked her blue eyes, finding it difficult to explain or even describe a god. "It's difficult to explain what they are since the world doesn't know a lot about them. All we know is that Telharmonious, one of the gods, caused the purge years ago to stop the war between humans and demons. I also know that a god named Rahka, who wears a baboon cloak to hide his face, is going around choosing humans and demons to fight against the gods for Earth's fate. That enough information for you?"
  14. ((You can start wherever you want. I wouldn't say same neighbourhood but in the same town or close to the town. I am not naming the town because I suck with that.) The town was quiet as always, the only commotion coming from groups of schoolchildren on their way. The cold morning air brought some fog to the town, but it wasn't thick enough to conceal anything. It was meant to be summer, but the purge had left the climate unstable; snow came down whenever it wanted and rain poured in the dead of winter. Axis pulled the hood of her jacket further over her head. She was sitting on a small cliff overlooking the town, mind swimming in thought. "I wonder when the first god will appear... and when us chosen ones will find each other. Or if we'll find each other." She heaved a sigh and looked at the town, resting her arm on her knee.
  15. I am loving this. Your characters are amazing! So, should we wait for more people or should I start us off?
  16. I end up sleeping for a whole day and the rp explodes with interest. Coryn, Walter is accepted and I'll add him to the list later. Marcus Pheonix and Riath, both are fine powers. Mr. Spyro and Coryn, the choice is uo to you guys so debate away. Characters may have weapons and they may freely change weapons. Because seriously. Putting a human up against a god without a weapon is suicide.
  17. The human powers would be, just to name a few examples, wounds healing faster, clairvoyance, strength, manipulation. You can bring in a magic power that isn't too strong but that won't make the character too weak. You can even think down the lines of powers of the mutated. That's literally what the energy of the purge did, mutate genes in the humans.
  18. You can use whatever you like. I just ised Japanese demons so people had an idea what the demons are like
  19. Accepted Characters: Username: XLaurentX Name: Axis Hearthrow Age: 18 Species: Fox spirit Powers: - Fox fire; blue flames that can either harm enemies or protect allies. It cannot protect and harm at the same time and it burns out faster than a normal flame. - Better sense of smell and hearing - Axis has the ability to create illusions, although she struggles to control it and the smallest break in her concentration shatters the illusion. -TBA (if I ever think of something) Appearance: https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/320xq90/r/922/Ogru7E.jpg Personality: Axis is the type of girl, though having trust issues, tries to see the good in every person, but after seeing that a person isn't as good as she thought she has no problems protecting others from that person. She cares deeply for the world and the people living in it. The care and worry she feels causes her to make rash decisions or act without thinking. Axis is an extremely sweet girl but she does possess a horrible side which is ruthless and, when worse comes to worse, murderous. Other: Not yet. Username: MrSpyro Name: Cascade (Cas) Silverstream Age: Literally just started existing Species: Undine (Water elementals sometimes created from water bodies as a byproduct of magic) Powers: -Really powerful water control -A bit of healing Appearance: Being a fairy, Cas is only six inches tall, but his muscular body shape puts one under the impression that if he were human, he would be very tall. His skin is light blue, and he has seafoam green hair that reaches his back. Two antennae sprout from his head and end at his ankles with teardrop-shaped beads. His most noticeable feature is the iridescent dragonfly wings that sprout from his back when he flies, which is most of the time. He wears a dark blue robe that flows as if it were made of water (which it is) and splits down the middle to show off a royal blue vest and some plain black pants and has ridiculously long sleeves, a pair of pearlescent pauldrons, and no shoes to speak of. Oh yeah, and he has pointed ears. Personality: Being not even a month old and yet having the approximate knowledge of an early teenager, Cas is curious to the point of being annoying. He often lands on others' shoulders and bombards them qith questions as to what they're doing. He is also mischevious, and likes to pull pranks on people that usually involve water. Other: Username: Riath Character Name: Enyaba Gender: Female Age: 56 Appearance: Enyaba appears as a kindly, aged lady with her white hair and olive skin. Her eyes are a milky blue, and she is long-sighted. She typically wears a cardigan with a T-shirt underneath, as well as a pair of oval glasses. She has plenty of wrinkles, and a a result looks like she's 60. Personality: Enyaba is a sharp-tongued, cranky old woman. Dementia has started to sink in early, as a side effect of using her powers and being exposed to the demons she's summoned. She has a soft spot for cats and little children. Enyaba hates any reference to her age, unless it's a compliment. She isn't very well liked by the kids and demons in her neighbourhood, as she has a strict attitude towards children despite rather liking them, believing that they should be taught to behave from a young age through spankings. She carries a rather large wooden spoon to serve this purpose. Powers: Eldritch portals Enyaba has the power to create portals that spew out lesser demons. These demons are typically feral and cannot communicate with anyone apart from Enya. The power is extremely draining for her, and with her old age, it has become even harder for her to summon them. As it takes up a great deal of spiritual energy, she tries to avoid using it. In the 26 years she had the power, she overused it to the point where she's become frail and weak, also ending up with more wrinkles than she should have at her age due to the stress. (Creatures she can summon are In this list excluding the things like elder gods that are obviously too powerful and do not fit into this setting) Spirit cat Enya can separate her consciousness from her body, putting it into the form of a glowing purple cat. The cat is corporeal, and can be touched and hurt. Any harm done to it will be felt by Enyas comatose body. If her body dies while using 'Spirit cat', her soul will be trapped in the cat apparition. If the opposite happens and the cat dies, Enya simply wakes up in her body with a splitting headache that will last for days. Other: She used to own twelve cats. Every single one of them were killed in the purge. Username: Marcus Phoenix Character Name: Charon Mercury Gender: Male Age: 19 Appearance: Pale white skin, and pale blonde hair he wears a collared plain grey shirt and black pants, he has a vest with an attached hood over his shirt. He has sunken brown eyes with bags underneath them. He has a bag that hangs down at his side and contains many things. On occasion he wears a gas mask, stylised to look like a bird’s beak. Lastly he wears a long black coat that hangs just passed his waist and black gloves that he wears to keep himself warm. Personality: He’s quite friendly, but can seem strange to others. He’s constantly tired and it’s notable when you see him. He is fairly smart, and enjoys playing ‘tactical games’ like chess. Knowing that he’s strange he tries to make up for it by being kind to others but can still act somewhat reserved due to his powers and lack of sleep. Powers: - Summoning the dead; he can cause zombies and skeletons (and perhaps other things) to rise from the plain of death and assist him, if he needs it they can rise with weapons, or not. In future he may be able to bring a zombie back to life who can still wield their powers from before death. - Zombie form; he can make his body become zombie-like, his skin becoming sunken and dead. In this state he lacks all feeling in his body, making him immune to pain and also allowing regeneration. However while in this state he feels extremely cold temperatures and sun contact with his skin causes a severe burning feeling. He also looks ugly, so he mostly confines the change to his hands, which are already covered by his gloves. - He can see and communicate with deceased spirits, this has led to his lack of sleep as spirits tend not to stay quite during the night. It is also the main cause for his social awkwardness as on occasion people will see him talking to things that aren’t there. Other: He is practiced in martial artist, having trained in it since he was young. He can understand several languages, including sign, which he taught himself so that he could communicate with the dead silently. He also has a caffeine addiction and carries a thermos of coffee and a sealed tank of gaseous caffeine that he attaches to his mask when he needs a strong dose as he is in a constant state of tiredness. Username: Coryn02 Character Name: Walter Horst Gender: Male Age: 14 Appearance: Walter is a young Caucasian boy with light brown hair with deep green eyes. He wears roughly-sewn slightly tattered brown cloth garments, similarly colored boots and gloves, and a hood that obscures the face and hides the mouth. Walter's sleeves are a bit too long, and sometimes get in the way of gestures. He is also carrying a pack designed to be slung over one shoulder, containing some spare clothes, a lantern, a blanket, and other necessities for life alone. His only weapon is a simple hunting knife, somewhat rusty and dull from repeated use. Personality: Not being very skilled in the art of oration, Walter tends to be reserved and quiet when confronting others. Ever since a young age, his father read him stories, fueling his active imagination and motivating his curiosity towards the world around him, especially where the supernatural were concerned. While he knows what his parents have taught him and is fully literate, Walter shies away from formal learning, instead preferring a more hands-on approach to new situations. He is especially shy around other human beings, but can be surprisingly bold around demons of many sorts due to his extended exposure to them. His rather unfocused grasp on his arcane magics are a source of great grief to Walter, and he seeks a better way to control it so that he won't run the risk of hurting others or himself. That said, he isn't above using any means necessary to achieve his ends, since ingenuity is valued when one must make the most of what they have. Powers: Arcane Spirit - Walter's mind and soul are attuned with the magical forces of the universe in a much closer manner than most mundane creatures, allowing him to manifest his will with the elemental forces of the universe: this includes natural substances such as water, wood, and soil, but also extends to the artificial such as lightning and even steel. Unfortunately, since the bond is quite unstable and limited to his mortal coil, Walter's magic is often unreliable, either being quite useless or dangerously powerful, even to himself. It also fluctuates with his emotional state: if distressed, Walter's spells could become ineffective or horrendous depending on how he feels. History: Walter lived with only his parents in a small wooden shack, some distance away from a nearby town. They lived a quiet life, only occasionally confronting demons in the area, often not seeing other human beings at all unless they went out of their way to find them. The Horst family made their livelihood by hunting game in the woodlands, selling the furs to the settled people in the region in exchange for those necessities they could not get on their own. Four years ago, after a somewhat unfavorable negotiation with a local demon, Walter felt that his family was in danger when arguments turned to violence, and prepared himself to defend them despite their wishes for his well-being. What happened next was something none of them expected: a great torrent of deep blue magical energy enveloped Walter in a torrent. Dissipating moments later, the group decided not to continue their hostilities, and instead discussed what had happened. The demon identified Walter’s experience as an act of magical enlightenment: he’d been born with mystical energies in his soul, which only now chose to reveal themselves. Since it had been acquired through innate means rather than learning or a curse, it had a mind of its own and wouldn’t easily submit to Walter’s will. Nonetheless, the demon agreed to help him use and control his newfound strength, perhaps that it may help the livelihood of his family. Since then, Walter’s instructions from Lysander the woodland spirit have helped him hone his abilities. While he can certainly make use of it now, his magic’s strength and motivation is quite unpredictable. He’s as much of a danger to himself as he is to everything else around him. He left home with permission from Lysander and his parents to find a large city where someone might want to help him bridle his otherworldly powers.
  20. 12th June, 2089 I don't know why I'm writing this down... Maybe years from now someone will want to read about me... A lot happened in the world, before and after I was born. In the year 2031, demons showed themselves to the world. And not the kind of demons you find in tv shows or religions. The demons are more like the Yōkai from Japanese cultures. Spirit animals, shape shifting beasts, soul sucking maidens, and all those sorts of things. They appeared because man was eliminating all places they could hide with their pollution and nature being brought down to build forests of concrete and glass. It was the demons' appearance that set the world into turmoil. War broke out between the two races. Humans had masses and technology on their side, while the demons had their otherworldly strenght and powers to rely on. Both sides were equal. Both sides had a lot of bloodshed. The war ended in 2045. Not because of a truce or treaty. Not because of mutal agreement. No A God came down, tired of the petty fighting. Tired of seeing the ruins. Tired of seeing 14 years of bloodshed and death. He was angry. He purified the lands in one fell swipe of his hand. He cut the masses down. He wrecked cities and towns. He returned the ruins to their former beauty. Earth lost 53% of its human population. Earth lost 60% of its demonic population. Grass and mighty oaks grew where cities of skyscrapers once stood. The earth was starting to heal from mans' scars. Towns and cities were scattered around and nature was taking it's throne yet again. The war stopped because everybody realized that Telharmonious would purge the earth if they continued. They chose to live with the devils they knew rather than the gods they didn't. I was born years after this. 2071. I was born with the name Axis. I was born a fox spirit. A demon. But... I fear for earth once more. A few nights ago I had a vivid dream. A dream in which one of the gods spoke to me. He told me that... The gods were not happy. They were preparing the great purge. But they wanted to see the powress of man and demon. They wanted to play a game. A gamble for the fate of the world. According to the God Rahka many other "chosen ones" were having the exact dream at that moment. We could choose to find one another. But it was our job to face against twenty one gods. We had to slay all twenty one gods to stop the purge. If not Existence will cease. And Rahka is not on our side... He's planning our demise. He's the king of this survival game. I do not know when the purge will happen. I don't know when the first god will turn up. I don't know how many chosen ones exist. I don't know where they are. All I know is that I'm afraid. And time's running out. Setting: It is 2089. A lot has changed over the many years. Technology still exists but developement has slowed down tremendously after the war and the first Purge. Both populations have drastically decreased and the inhabited lands have also decreased. The ratio of humans to demons is 7:3 (70%/30%). Old abandoned cities have overgrown and not many new cities and town are being built. Humans started gaining some powers, albeit weak or untrained ones. People believe it is a side effect of the purge. But life is as normal as ever. Children head to school and adults head to work. Life is modern and people laugh, but there is always a hint of fear. (Note that the characters won't stay in the same town forever. They'll have to travel to face other gods.) Rules: -Keep everything PG13. Blood, gore and romance is allowed, just keep in under 18. -No flamming, spamming, powerplay or godmodding. -You can be either demon or human. -No super strong powers. -Gods might be playable later on, just pm if you want to have one of the 19 gods (19 because 2 of them belong to me. 19 + 2 = 21) -Do not be rude and respect each other's opinions. -This roleplay is semi structured, so you can't always go running off doing as gou please. I will post whenever a significant plot event is coming up so you can ginish what you were having your character doing. The event will usually happen 5-20 posts after the announcement. (I will only count my posts for the timer.) -Have fun. -No, you can't have Axis. They're my character. I just used them for the history of the rp. Forms: Human Username: Character Name: Gender: Age: Appearance: Personality: Powers: (Limited to 3 for humans. You can have less.) Other: Demons Username: Name: Age: (Actual vs physical if applicable) Species: (oni, fox spirit, kitsune ect.) Powers: (Limited to 4 for demons. You can have less) Appearance: Personality: Other:
  21. Seeking RPs Username: XLaurentX Preferred Style of RP (ex. 1 on 1, short posts, long posts, ect.): 1x1 via email (since we don't have internet anymore) Preferred Genre: I really want to do a pokemon rp with an OC region Other: PM if you're interested or email me at pokemastersamantha@gmail.com
  22. Seeking RPs Username: XLaurentX Preferred Style of RP 1x1, slow paced, lenient Preferred Genre: Fantasy, fiction but I'm up for anything else Other: I don't have timeto post on dcf so I'd prefer it to be on email. PM or email me if there's any interest. My email is: pokemastersamantha@gmail.com
  23. Dear users Do not reply to any skype based rp's advertised by this account. I have been hacked and thus not in control over any posts made here or what has been advertised since the fourth ofJuly. I am sorry of any of you have been affected by this. ~XLaurentX