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  1. Same it just happened to me on my phone. I figured it was the ad, because I typically don't use an ad blocker on my phone. But it could be the site. Edit: This is the first time it's happened to me, but I don't go on DC much on my phone. And I was getting candy for the Halloween event. No clicking on ads, page loaded and issue.
  2. I've been playing for a long time and seen many events and changes. I've always wondered about those who are just now joining. Like me doomed to never own a CB of a particular holiday, only there would be so many more. While there is that nice feeling to know you were around for such an event, it's torn by the fact you can't have other event dragons. I was very shocked by the Halloween biome and saw as a super nice gesture to newer players (I finally can get CB pumpkins!). Honestly it could have never happened and the game would have kept on going like it has and no one would have thought differently. I feel it plays into the spirit of the game perfectly. Much like the raffle for the prize dragons. A Christmas biome one would be amazing, though it probably would be harder if they still kept the limit. I'm very happy with my little badge proving I was there for it. A special biome every couple years to help users catch up will likely help people come and keep playing.
  3. I love them!!! It's releases like this that make me proud to play this game. They are both so great!
  4. I can't say enough how much more enjoyable the game is now with an extra slot.
  5. I'm super happy for the 8th slot. Seriously. My brain and thoughts thank you. I'm guessing the Joined DC year is a range? Feel kind of honored to be lumped in with the 2006 group
  6. I love the Scimitars! Probably the easiest release for me to get, there was plenty for my second batch!
  7. Having played this game for a very, very long time and I can't agree more with this.
  8. I was the only person viewing a biome and some how the egg was stolen by someone else
  9. I used your guide and wiki. The game let me "start over". Is there anything to gain from doing it over? Will my badge on DC change?
  10. I can't believe how much time I spent collecting all the items. I'm really happy I did!
  11. Omg I've been playing this game for hours and hours for days and I FINALLY have everything! I never thought it would happen!
  12. So I've been playing these mini games for hours, I'm seeing repeats but I'm still missing a fair amount. Is this normal?
  13. Just fixed itself. Give it time and reload, it should fix lol Never mind it loaded but now I can't move.
  14. I went really far on the second map and when I tried to load a new section on the map it froze. It says "An error has occurred." and won't load now.
  15. Oh wow first page! I've never here this early! So excited!
  16. I'm in love with those Fell Dragons! <3
  17. Knew this was going to happen but at the same time, still a surprise. Can't wait to see the adults!
  18. The eggs blinking at me is the best thing I've seen outside of an event! In all my years of playing, nothing has made me double take and smile so big. I'm in love <3
  19. I accidently released instead of influencing. This is my first true mistake in all my years of playing, so I'm pretty bummed out right now.
  20. The only thing is I wish we had more time. With my work schedule it makes it very hard :/ And there's more eggs each year. I hope I can collect them all this year. I feel I'm always stuck with 10-15 min intervals too.
  21. My game keeps freezing when I try to put the garland on the lamp poles. :/ Magically fixed
  22. I can't get the game to play and when I did, the game would freeze when I talked to the Holly dragon.
  23. I love the egg! I wish we could keep them in some way!
  24. Same, I love the black and white text. It's easier on the eyes and the skin itself is very pretty. It would be a very, very sad day if that one was retired.
  25. I'm glad you won. That's kind of how I feel at this point. I've been playing for 5 and didn't win this year either. Admittedly it's disheartening to see others win twice when you've haven't at all.