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  1. Not at all. I think makeup is a waste of time and money. Some of the more dangerous ingredients in makeup are actually toxic. Also, I'm a lazy person. I'm not willing to dedicate any of my time to something that I'll have to reapply soon afterwards. And honestly, I see a lot of girls put on makeup, but I don't think it does any good. No offense intended. It's just seems pointless to me.
  2. I have meat pie listed twice under recipes. Any way to fix? Edit: ainisarie, I looked at the cards individually and saw the poultry/meat difference. They both make the same thing
  3. DAAARNN. I missed another release. *annoyed* I haven't gotten a single egg of any of the new ones (I haven't been on Dragon Cave for a while). Now I learn there are three new breeds and can't even find where they are supposed to be. Did I miss the mass-release? And what the heck are UV's? Anyways... Happy Birthday Edit: Got a wave egg
  4. I've stolen 2 eggs now. Just sent a card to a random person.
  5. This is why there weren't any people in the Desert... I'm already close to my limit, so I guess I'll have to wait for them to hatch before I attempt anything.
  6. I managed to get 4 out of about 35 clicks.
  7. I missed 1 AP Silver hatchling(when there was no trade), and more recently, 2 CB Golds and 1 CB Silvers in one day Then I saw a rare egg, tried to click on it, refreshed, and got a common.
  8. Shadow2222

    2011-06-10 - UPDATES

    I love the changes, but I'm wondering why there's only two biomes with eggs at a time.
  9. Congratulations DC! I just logged in and found the main cave blocked. I got suspicious, checked the forums, and what do you know... new eggs!
  10. Shadow2222


    Bleach is a nice anime, but the Bount arc was really boring. I think I went from episode 1-305 at least 5 times, but I skipped the Bount arc.
  11. Ooooh, so you get to decorate a tree this year? And YAY! A new Christmas dragon!
  12. I got both eggs today. I couldn't before because I had 5 hatchlings. Two of my summers grew up today.
  13. Ooh new dragons! I'd like to have more, but I haven't collected all of the current ones yet. I'll try to catch them if they come out.
  14. How do you post them? I don't get it. I must've edited 5 times now.
  15. Infertile eggs should be allowed because it happens in nature. If you breed birds you would know that. Also, it would make the game more realistic. Then again, these are dragons...