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  1. Scary Story If you really want to be scared then read this story. If you want to recover from being scared then watch WARNING:Profanity is abundant.
  2. My eyes are so dark brown that they look red maybe. I really don't know if my eyes are really brown or red or both.
  3. Updated first post with a question: What will now take Harry Potters place? Also Moderators are free to edit first post in anyway they wish. It wouldn't matter to me as I am falling behind a little.
  4. Code Geass is definitely my new best favorite anime. It used to be Death Note. At least Lelouch caused world peace through the Zero Requiem rather than act like god and killing criminals. Also it was very sad how most of the characters died. Yup, Definitley Code Geass.
  5. Yup. Knew something like this will happen. I became active again just in time too.
  6. Wow awesome Spring theme. We have a red and blue background but what about other colors. Yellow, orange, pink, black. There could also be a different theme with every dragon type. The possibilities are endless but the work must be extreme.
  7. I know what dragon the velvet one is. I seen it in the Dragon request months ago. It is the ------ Dragon. Sorry but no spoilers for you. Well you know how many letters it is now. Finally a dragon released that I seen in the making. I feel so proud of myself
  8. I will NOT breed another black ever until CB blacks appear (or unless this idea will be rejected in the future which I hope not).
  9. There is a dino, gold, vampire, spitfire, white stripe and red egg stuck in an iceberg in the AP. *Goes to join the others in the sulking room* EDIT: I got a water hatchling but it is still in the AP and my scroll.
  10. This freakin' gold egg is mocking me!!!!!!!!! It is laughing at my face!!!!
  11. Thanks for clearing the DC tree thing up.
  12. What do you mean when you say a "DC" Tree?
  13. Will there be leetle trees on Christmas? ------- Awesome. Now I can get some holidays eggs.
  14. So wait a second. The higher rank badge you have the more your grabbing limit? I thought it would be the other way around so people with no badges would be able to get a badge by getting more dragons by having a higher grabbing limit.
  15. The movie was great but at where the ending left off: #SPOILER#(Voldemort using the lightning spell after taking the Elder wand from Dumbledore's grave)#SPOILER#It makes me feel that part two is going to be very short. If you read the book you'll know what I mean.
  16. Huh.. They're back to life again. You're right. TJ has the gift of life. Well now that I had a good long look at these I think they might be some sort of vulture-like dragon.
  17. ...! They just DIED! I have never seen any of TJ's dragon die of sickness before. Even if they were new releases. But...just....WOW.
  18. Darkling1212

    10 on 10-10-10

    I wonder who the artist are. They have my thanks.
  19. Darkling1212

    10 on 10-10-10

    *gasp* DC is loading super fast for me now. After one second of clicking an egg it says that I couldn't get it. Happy for the high speed. I managed to catch one of each.
  20. Yeah that's why the age was so different. Bit annoying 'cause of that. Would have been better if they made the movies while they were of that age instead of waiting for the one to come out. Also can't they just make it acordding to the book? That is what they are based on so i don't see theneed of another script for the movie.
  21. Isn't it weird that how the pictures of people in the chapter beginning and how you picture them in your mind always seems different in movies. Anyway Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was my favorite. Why because Daniel really looked like Harry (Probably because of the hair) and there was the robes and all and it was awesome. Yeah the robes do disappear in the movies even when they are RIGHT THERE in the books' description.
  22. Yup there is a new trailer for them. Also The game for this is epic but back to the movie. Trailers always make the movie seem good. But in the trailer I seen that they didn't cut out the first chapter like they did for the rest of the series. When they show part 2 of this movie it should also show part 1 with it.