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  1. Lol 9am here , no wonder i missed that 😅 ETA: yup just noticed the DC clock...
  2. We broke the cave already???
  3. Update: managed to get it to work. Placed dragon where i wanted, turned the phone sideways clicked checkmark, turned phone again to place next dragon. Repeat until i was done then hit survive
  4. Yup having issues with the mobile too. Im trying to place a dragon and once i hit the checkmark it just moves the dragon where the checkmark is, turning it red as it obviously can not be placed outside of the board. It also seems impossible to pick anything else than the green one.
  5. Anyone else playing on their phone? It's impossible to play. I try to edit the fort and when I try to click on the check mark it acts as if I clicked on back
  6. @TJ09 I love you..Will you marry me??? Oh wait I forgot...We're miles apart, I'm probably too old for you , and i'm already married... But oh my gosh the new features are amazing!!!! New sprites are so awesome, Trading all spiced up and don't get me started on the Market thing ❤️ Plus 4 new eggs!!! HP inspired too ??? I think i can go cry out of happiness now
  7. I actually freaked out for a moment. I was a bit frustrated cause i was going back and forth ( without creatig small waves in a puddle) trying to get the kids to sleep so i wasn't thinking clear enough, and i only had easter event in my mind and not St.Patrics , so for a few seconds i thought that either my GC was acting up badly, or my kids had messed up with the settings. Then i realized that everything else looked normal , and checked the news page lol
  8. LOL its hillarious !! And i don't re,meber that from last year @DragonLady86 I don't remember it at all.... Seriously i'm getting older and my memory seems to be giving up on me lol
  9. and by the way ..did the little tree turn into broccoli?
  10. Oh my gosh!!! Got an upside down mint!!!
  11. I too am kinda bummed about this. I finaly managed to grab a second gen from an alt sweetling this year , and it bugs me that it hatched pink. I think the best solution IMHO would be that the alts would breed true no matter on what scroll. That way we could all have both sprites, and still the people who where affected from the glitch 8 years ago , can still be the only ones with CB alts. I really do not get why do they have to be retired, why do they have to be SOOO limited, or why some people can have both sprites, and others just one. Seems like it's getting so complicated when it doesn't need to. Just let the sweets breed true no matter the scroll. Pink one gives pink offspring, alt one has alt offspring. Simple as that and everybody is happy
  12. Oh my gosh....the new dragons are gorgeous!!! Many thanks to the awesome spriters...!!!
  13. thank you so much TJ !!! Yay i can finally grab the missing CB holiday ones i'm missing!! Funny thing is that I'll need to lock myself with those (thank TJ again for the 8th slot) I'm missing 4..Holly , winter magi , snowangel and yulebuck so glad i'll hopefully be able to grab them at last
  14. Nice!! Looks so clean and sleek!! Are we supposed to be able to add eggs for testing or not? Cause i tried and got an error
  15. I was thinking something similar... Maybe new costumes appear as you encounter more hatchlings
  16. Oh my gosh i just checked and noticed about the new Halloween biome! It's awesome! Hope we'll get this on other holidays too. So glad I'll be able to grab finally some cb shadow walkers!!
  17. @Solanatsea I thought so. There's no way no one would have incubated them. So it seems it has to do with breeding. Either the time or parents. I wish they were cb though. Oh well we shall wait and see. How do you cope with the kids? Lol . I sometimes don't and freak out. They are both boys so they always find ways to keep me busy . There are times that I think "oh gosh , no food for us today" as they won't even let me cook. Lol but I somehow always manage to do stuff, surprising myself
  18. I'm thinking bred too, or a bsa on the eggs. At first I thought incubating them , would make the eggs "think" they are in direct sunlight and change color, but if that was the case we would already know, as I'm pretty sure some people have already incubated their eggs. So breeding seems to be the most logic explanation. A bsa is possible , but it is a long shot as we'd need to wait for a future bsa dragon, which has never happened I think. (Getting a bsa connected egg before getting the bsa) except if the spinels have a bsa themselfs which seems highly unlikely.
  19. "Alexandrites are amazing gemstones for jewelry, because faceted gems undergo a dramatic color change in different types of light. An example of this property is shown at the left. In warm indoor incandescent or candle lighting, this gem is a rich purplish red color. In bright daylight, it is greenish blue. To see the extremes of the color change one would need to be in environments in which these light sources are pure, but nonetheless, significant color difference can easily be observed in various lighting"..Dunno if this is the concept but it's all i could find....
  20. thanks i'll try that ETA: didn't work. Can't access any DC page.I went to all the nurseries and removed the hatchlings...now i'm hoping for the best
  21. same issue here...Getting an error message....My eggs are about to hatch and i need to fog them
  22. YAY!! Happy Birthday!!! Thanx TJ and spriters for the new eggies and features!!! Hopefully They won't be very hard to catch once our first batch hatches, so we can easily get them paired up <3 ETA: how/where do we enter those raffles? Is there a thread with more info about it?