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    I LOVE Chocobos! I expescially love the little sound they make when you catch them in the FF 4 game. They're theme song rocks, they take you places, they come in different colours, there's nothing you can't love about those neat birds.
  2. FINALLY!! A forum where I can post all of the weird animals I ever had in my house. OK, rats, ferret, chinchilla, African grey parrot(sitting on his pearch behind me talking to himself on his invisible phone), Red eyed crocodile skink, lepered gekos, freash water sharks (look like little shiney fish), a cow(when I was little, I didn't want it killed or to be taken to the "slather" house)...ummm...that's about it actualy. Less than I thought...probubly cuz I only mentioned the uncommon pets...>.>
  3. I had a dream that me and my sister went to mexico...not sure why. But while we were there, we went into this bathroom that was realy dirty and gross lokking. It had these little spiders everywhere too. We got bit by them and our arms went numb. When I woke up, my arms were like dead weights cuz I had slept on my back with my arms raised above my head....
  4. My final words would be; "Make sure people stop treating animals like humans. Else The National Geographic channel's gunna' get sued for not labeling unsuitable content."
  5. My fav so far is Final fantasy 4 for the DS. I love the story line, although, I wanted to add, why do all of the female characters wear trashy clothes. They look cool, but have you ever REALLY looked at them? I noticed it in the beginning video. Rosa was standing behind Cecil and I thought...she has no pants on...
  6. It might be because I played the second one before the first one, but I like the second one better. Although, that's only for playstation. I have the DS version of the 1.5 game, errr 348/2 days or something(my friend is borrowing it so I haven't seen it in a while ) and I like that one even more. Go Roxas!!! He can fly outside of the Peter Pan level!!