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    Have: 2nd Gen bronze shimmer shown here. Need: Any CB Pargulus eggs or hatchlings Make an offer on my egg!
  2. Oh my lord...how did I manage to miss this???
  3. Woohoo! Actually here for the day of release for a change! Three cheers for new eggs!
  4. I have two 2nd Gen MALE glowback hatchlings up for trade for one FEMALE glowback hatchling or influenced egg featured here and here. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! I also have one 2nd Gen MALE Luminox up for trade for one FEMALE Luminox hatchling or influenced egg featured here.. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. Oh my gosh these dragons are BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't choose a favorite. They're all pretty darn amazing!
  6. Happy Birthday DC!! I've been with you since 2008 and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon! Thanks for being her and being amazing all this time!
  7. >_< Sadly for the first year since I first joined DC....I missed the event completely this year. Due to the fact we were moving and I completely forgot in the hassle of shuffling boxes from one apartment to the other. Drat! I'll just stand over here with the other folks who forgot or were unable to collect them all. Saaaaad. But congrats to those who got all 62!! ^_^
  8. I was also rather tasty.... >_>
  9. The dragons are beautiful this year! Well done spriters!
  10. These dragons are wonderful! Definitely a fav for me!
  11. Yes when I switched to viewing my scroll from FireFox, i was able to move my dragons. Chrome won't let me activate Java...it says it no longer supports it. O_o
  12. Thank you both, I'll do those things and see if it helps! Update: After clearing my cache and restarting everything from computer on down to web page...I still cannot move my tiles. Next...to java. Final verdict: Apparently it's Chrome that's the issue. I can do this just fine in Firefox.
  13. Hello all, I wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue and if there's a fix for it or a work in progress? I usually sort my dragons via grid sort but the last few days, all of the dragons are grayed out and when I click on them to move the tiles...nothing happens. I can't move any of my dragons any more. Can anyone suggest anything? Thank you in advance! ~Ivory
  14. These dragons are TRULY fantastic beasts. Beautiful work from our spriters once more!
  15. THIS!! Lol I was like....huh...this seems very...famililar....
  16. Nah, it's really no big. Just means I gotta sit down and start over. Not worth reporting really. Minor inconvenience at best
  17. Yeah, I worked to get most of them unlocked the first week it came out. Then suddenly...poof.
  18. Yeah I know how it works, or rather is supposed to work, and I've been around here for ages. I know I had most of them if not all unlocked when it first came out...then suddenly...poof. Almost none of them unlocked so It's been a struggle trying to get it all done again.
  19. LOL ok well good to know I'm not alone then!
  20. I've noticed that I have several dragon breeds that have not been unlocked via encyclopedia...which is strange since I've been here for ALL of them...and have at least one of each of the breeds....do many others run into this issue?
  21. These updates are fantastic!!! Thank you DC for being the amazing site you've always been and THEN some and thank you TJ09 for continuing to bring us new features and dragons. It's been a great ride all of these many years and here's to many more to come!
  22. These are stunning! Beautiful work once again spriters! It's so wonderful to see your artistic brain-flowers formed in color and collectible here. Thank you!
  23. Oh dear...I haven't been at my pc in days...and it seems I've completely missed this release lol. Wow...time to get to work now that it's going to be much harder to find these little guys.
  24. Lol unlikely but I'm with you! I only have 34 of the 54 eggs this year. Even worse than last year. >_<