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Wishlist: Clean 2-4th Gen Shimmerscales of all colors spiral or stairstep, Clean 2-4th Gen Tinsels of all colors spiral or stair-step, Clean CB-4th Gen Neglected and CB Gold or Silvers. My scroll is public and I will breed any of my dragons on request. Thanks! :)oneScrollOath.gifARK2-1.gifMy scroll goal is to one day have a CB or 2nd Gen of EVERY still active dragon on my scroll.

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    Low 2-4gen Tinsel (especially gold)
    Neglected (any gender/generation, one for freezing)

    I'm a friendly adult mother of 3 who happens to love dragons, art and writing and I find all three of those here. I've easy-going and approachable, so feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions, comments or otherwise. I do accept IOUs for trading and I offer them as well. I don't try to hoard dragons, I just try to collect 3 males, 3 females and two frozen hatchlings per breed to complete my scroll goals. (Only 3 adults and one hatchling if it's a single gender breed.)

    I am a reasonable person and I honor my promises, always. ^_^