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  1. Thank you so much, he's gorgeous. ❤️
  2. ER gen 3 thuwed? Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. So, I managed to get one shiny the LAST day of community day. Lol! So maybe my account can get shinies, I'm just horribly unlucky. Here is my friend code if anyone wants ❤️
  4. So. I'm pretty sure my account is hardwired to not catch shinies. I was out all community weekend. No shinies at all. People offered to trade me pity shinies, but I'm pretty sure they'd just die.
  5. Man. I spent almost four hours at the park and didn't see one shiny. Not one. That brings my total of shinies to a whopping ZERO. I really suck at this game :c
  6. I'm so happy. Thank you Rosa and donators! These are my first SAltkins and I'm so happy! ❤️
  7. If only there really were cake ;;
  8. I live in Texas. Snow is a once in every five years thing here, and it snowed last year.
  9. I have this one https://dragcave.net/lineage/pPcbt I don't remember getting it.
  10. I am an anxiety ridden, depressive mess who has never done anything with her life and am way too old to ever do anything with my life and I'm going to die alone. ;;
  11. I have a Z CODE dragon if anyone wants it and will trade me a non z code dragon of the same type. Not sure how long until it grows up. HAVE: CB pumpkin Z CODE dragon - male WANT: CB pumpkin non z code - male gendered/infulenced https://dragcave.net/teleport/037421c6d3e8c5057b8d73450fa897c0
  12. 2010, I think. But I keep taking hiatuses. I need friends to keep interested in the game. Anyone wanna be friends?
  13. Lost track of DC and missed out on everything. ;;
  14. I didn't know that we could customize the code of our prize dragons when we won them. So I did not. It sucks because his name would have made the perfect code. Silas. ;;;
  15. I am coming back from a very long hiatus and keep forgetting about my eggs and they are all dying!
  16. I got at least one of all the halloween dragons i've missed out on since I took a hiatus and some cbs of ones I didn't have cbs for. Now I just need to wait for them to hatch and the inevitable overwhelming of having to collect ALL the dragons i've missed.
  17. I missed almost ALL of Halloween! I think i logged on at 11pm :c
  18. I keep disappearing before my eggs hatch, and they die. :c I've gotten out of the habit of checking DC and I forget I have them. ;;
  19. I'm sorry ^^ I have a tendency to word things poorly. I don't mean to come off as a jerk. I'll roll with whatever happens. My main thing is that it'll make the game FAR too easy and the economy will crash because things get boring for most people and they leave. I hope that's a better argument. ;;
  20. Believe me. You really can't trust people, especially people on the internet. I know most of the DC players, especially the forum goers are awesome people, but you should have seen some of the harassment I got last year for having a CB shimmer >> People do things and be jerks that they'd never normally do in real life because no one knows them. But yeah. I don't see how this would help things. Trading adults isn't needed and the way I see it, if it isn't broken, don't fix it. You'll just end up screwing it up for everyone.
  21. You can't just propose such a radical idea (and indeed, unreasonable to some people) and then completely dismiss people who dislike the idea, but are proposing the limits to try and make it work. You can't have everything how you want it on demand. I can't tell if you're really so naive that you think that everything is sunshine or rainbows or if you just want, want, want for yourself.
  22. I don't really want to see this as a thing that happens. Sure, it'll make SOME things easier when it comes to trading, but the bad parts seem to completely outweigh the good. The economy is terrible as it is. We don't need to add in being able to trade rare adults and make it a hundred times worse. I know that the economy is fluid, which is good, but being able to trade adults will put the economy in such a perpetual state of motion that it'll be impossible for anyone to trade, especially for the people without rare dragons to trade. I can also see the people supporting this idea complaining later on because they traded away a rare dragon that they wanted to keep later on down the road. Which would be /really/ annoying. Also harassment, uh yeah, it'll increase astronomically. Imagine how many pms a cb tinsel or shimmer owner will get from people wanting to trade for their prize...it'll become near impossible (or at least take most of a day) to block all of those people. I have no idea how you think that harassment won't be a problem. Anddd would you really want the game to become /that/ easy? Being able to trade adults gets rid of the challenge associated with breeding, catching and raising eggs. You'd better believe a lot of people would stop raising eggs completely if this were implemented. If anyone plays WoW, I'd equate trading adults to the level 90 boost they just released, it bypasses the core function of the game and discourages people from doing what the game is all about just because they're too lazy to raise dragons or just want everything right now. I like the challenge that DC represents. Yeah, no. Trading adult dragons WILL break the game and I am relieved that DC is one of the few games out there that doesn't let you trade adults. It's a nice change of pace. Edit: So many people would QUIT the game over this, making it less playable for everyone left behind. People drift away when they get bored, can you imagine how many people would leave if the game becomes so incredibly easy that it doesn't capture their interest anymore? And believe me, it would become VERY, mind numbingly easy.
  23. I finally got the right color! http://dragcave.net/lineage/prW4T I can continue with the lineage when this baby grows up!
  24. I'm stuck on one pair of dragons. Can't seem to get the right color neb >>
  25. Can't say I'm a fan. I haven't been able to get any eggs. Only saw some in the initial drop and just now on the top of the hour, and that drop lasted less than a minute. Needless to say I'm not pleased with the new release time.