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    I'm mainly interested in gaming since being hooked on the Spyro series way back on the PS1. My current favourite games are Dragon Age: Origins, Halo 3 and Bioshock. I'm also interested in reading, drawing and roleplaying so I guess i'll lurk in the rp forum until i muster up enough courage to post. I'm deeply interested in Psychology since being introduced to the topic at my school. *probes into your brain*
    I love listening to music, my current favourites being Coldplay, Snow Patrol, 30 seconds to mars and The killers. I also love anime my current favourites are Deathnote, Naruto: Shippuden, Wolfs Rain and Bleach.

    Currently I'm studying GCSEs; Psychology, Fine Art and Triple science as well as the core subjects. I'm known to be straight to the point, patronising and sarcastic but I'll be nice if you're not irritating or stupid. And yes I spelt Raccoon in my username wrong purposely because I'm cool like that...