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18.04. - NEW UPDATE of shimmer list in the profile (+4)! I swap IOUs ;)NastyaPhoenix.png TaELaEsmall1_zpsf546f4f8.png1_unshe.gifoneScrollOath.gif 2e49svm.jpg

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    I swap shimmer offsprings for lineages I don't yet have. Any gen and any colour are ok, the lines just must not be messy.

    1. No killing or freezing.
    2. Give it a name.
    3. Don't spoil the line with not-CB partners.
    4. The shimmer you've got stays on your scroll. You may do with its offsprings whatever you want.


    *Alphabetical order of avaliable lines*

    >>> Bronze <<<
    Babsang x White 8g
    Bilbo x Black 4g
    x Horse 6g (gender broken)
    x Lumina 8g (gender broken)
    x Tan Ridgewing 8g (Sauron) 9g (Aragorn)
    brFA8 x Copper (Red) 7g
    x Golden Wyvern 7g
    x Guardian 5g
    x Hellfire 6g
    x Red Nebula 4g
    *Deadline* Little Seian x Pillow 6g
    *Deadline* Muggles x Cavern Lurker 9g
    *Deadline* Wild Thunder x Thunder (Trio) 4g
    Diamond x Golden Wyvern 6g
    x Ice (Trio) 6g
    x Lurker 5g
    x Shadow Walker 6g
    Filly x Red 5g
    Haku x Christmas Spirit/Yulebuck 7g
    x Frill 7g
    Huntress x Golden Wyvern 5g
    x Ice (Trio) 7g
    Leviosa x Arsani 5g
    x Blusang 8g
    x Copper (Red) 5g
    x Lurker 4g
    Lucky x Arsani 4g
    x Golden Wyvern 6g
    x Sunsong 6g
    x Thunder (trio) 6g
    Magic x Copper (Blue/Green) 5g
    x Shadow Walker 8g
    x Tsunami Wyvern 6g
    x White 8g
    Merry x Purple Nebula 11g
    x Trihorn 5g
    x Whiptail 7g
    x Wrap / Arsani 8g, 9g
    x Wrap / Lumina 6g
    x Wrap / Tangar 5g
    x Wrap / Vine 5g
    Mystic x Blusang 6g
    x Daydream 6g
    x Ice (trio) 5g
    x Thunder (trio) 7g (gender broken)
    Roran x Ice (Trio) 8g
    Satan x Horse 5g
    x Lurker 5g
    x Lurker / Arsani 8g
    x Magi 5g
    x Purple 7g
    x Sunset 7g
    x Sweetling 6g
    x Sweetling / Arsani 5g
    Schimmernder x Royal Blue 6g (spiral)
    Seaglory x Daydream 6g
    x Electric 6g
    x Ember 8g
    x Water 6g
    Seian x Golden Wyvern 7g
    x Hellfire Wyvern 6g
    x Magma(Trio) 6g
    Utren Shim x Moonstone 7g
    x Ribbon Dancer 6g
    x Tan Ridgewing 6g (1 Purple Ridgewing link)

    >>> Silver <<<
    Color x Hellfire 7g
    x Moonstone 9g
    Dazzling x Black 6g (spiral)
    x Blusang 7g
    x Copper (Blue/Green) 5g
    x Hellfire Wyvern 7g (spiral)
    x Purple 6g
    x Purple Nebula 8g
    *Deadline* x Albino 5g
    *Deadline* x Balloon 7g
    *Deadline* Long lives the king x White 4g
    DivaZ x Copper (Blue/Green) 6g
    x Green Nebula 6g
    x Horse 6g
    Echoes x Magi 6g (spiral)
    x Spitfire 9g
    x Swallowtail 7g
    High Queen x Golden Wyvern 5g
    x Guardian 8g (spiral)
    x Lumina 6g
    Jewel x Lumina 6g
    x Moonstone 7g
    Kawa-no-Kami x Magi 3g
    x Royal Blue 4g
    x Sunsong 8g
    Layla x Blusang 6g
    x Bright-breasted Wyvern 6g (stair) 8g (spiral)
    x Siver > Spitfire 8g
    x Thunder (Trio) 8g
    x White 7g
    Luckiest x Copper (Red) 6g
    x Water 6g
    ProwI x Blusang 6g
    x Copper (Blue/Green) 4g
    x Lumina 5g
    x Pillow 5g
    Shao Shi x Daydream 6g
    x Golden Wyvern 9g
    x Purple 7g
    x Royal Blue 5g (spiral) 5g (stair)
    Shining x Purple 12g
    Silas x Red Nebula 10g
    x Ribbon Dancer 6g
    x Silver 9g
    x Trihorn 6g
    Silvery Waves x Halloween breeds 8g
    Tyche Lunar Halo x Moonstone 8g
    x Dire x Trihorn/Arsani 8g
    Xiaonxuan x Albino 6g
    x Blusang 6g
    x Pink 8g
    x Tsunami Wyvern 7g
    zilver prise x Royal Blue 7g
    x Shadow Walker 7g
    x Sunset 7g

    >>> Gold <<<
    Angelight x Cavern Lurker 5g
    x White 9g
    *Deadline* Diana Hlaath x Red 5g
    Geumseol x Copper (Blue/Green) 6g
    x Golden Wyvern 6g
    x Lumina 7g
    Isomanic x Lumina 9g
    Izaya x Gold / Silver 7g
    x Ribbon Dancer 6g
    x Moonstone 8g
    Lung Ying x Blusang 8g
    x Pillow 7g
    x Water 8g
    Shimmer Luck x Electric 7g
    Sugoroku x Harvest 6g
    x Magi 6g (gender broken)
    x Tsunami Wyvern 7g
    x Water / Silver 8g
    Virn ze Lunar x Grey 6g
    x Ice (Trio) 6g
    x Winter (Seasonal) 8g

    Just PM me if you want a swap!
    No other offers will be accepted for IOU. No begging please!
    English is not my native language.