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Wishlist: Any dragon with any lineage that you're particularly proud of--I love checkers and PB EGs. Also, CB White hatchlings (11/32 F, 15/32 M), CB Golds (1/4 F, 0/4 M), 2G offspring of F GoN x M Green Copper. I accept IOUs. Will breed any dragons I have for anyone, even if you don't have anything to trade--just PM me!

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    .....IOUs in progress:
    ChocolateMousse - 1/8 F pink, 0/8 M pink, 4/4 magi, 7/10 red hatchlings

    .....IOUs completed:
    ChocolateMousse - 7 red hatchlings

    .....IOUs to me:
    Riannon - 4 CB Nebula hatchlings - completed!
    Blackadder - 4G PB Red, 2G PB Red, 4 CB Nebulas - completed!

    .....Kind Gifts - Thanks so much, everyone! ^__^ <3
    ChocolateMousse - CB Silver
    Skyal - CB White
    Raff - 2G AoC from M Green Copper
    Arella - 2G AoC from M Green Copper
    Meymo - Red Copper Stairstep
    Blackdragon71 - 4G Shimmer x Stone Stairstep
    Salmonbaby - Soulpeace Checker
    Byakko4 - Magma
    MapleDragon - Thunder
    Deshera - Cheese
    Annejeanne - Silver