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incubator_pokecoop.pngdragonpixel_411412.pngdragonpixel_376421.pngPlease click.d996b727fcbdb118a82f2ffd3d4c0eee.gifJade DestinyDragonnaryLinked ScalesURLs for makeing Neglecteds(ER Places)How to make a Neglected(Thanks to Neglected Science Forum)Get any egg, next Fog it ASAP. Time it, when at less than 0 Hours 10 Minutes (it accutaly has 30 Minutes left.)Unfog it, then PUT IT ON LOTS OF ER ROOMS!If lived, it will turn into a Neglected

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    A hobo town, Indiana, USA, North America, Earth, Milky Way
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    Pokemon, dragons, made up creatures, working with computors, playing video and online games