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  1. HAVE CB, uninfluenced Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! WANT CB, uninfluenced
  2. HAVE CB Shadow Walker - on cooldown (proof in scroll) WANT CB Black Marrow Please message me to make an arrangement! I will edit this post when an offer has been accepted.
  3. !!!!! thank you! i didn't even see the button lol small text it's fixed now C:
  4. sooo, it's been a while and i'm still stuck in one spot, i thought waiting it out would fix it but every time i continue, the screen just fades to black like it's taking me to a new location, to recap on how i got here, i ended up at the edge of the world to the right (got a bit too explore-y) and tried to find a way back, that's where i hit this spot (screencapped it just before it faded out, i was heading left, thinking i could squeeze between the rocks) i don't mind if i have to restart but i would really like to continue with the story :c
  5. lol i think i glitched it, i got a little too exploratory and ended up hitting a room switch event or something cuz it fades out like it should be taking me to a new area, the music still plays but now it's just a dark screen and no loading or anything.. whoops ovo;
  6. is it possible to have a different breed to appear? all i'm getting is an undine and a white(once)
  7. My vase <3 Not much but it's a start >w<
  8. D0ra0g0n

    Portal 2

    Aww, I hope they dont have to make us buy it. I've been waiting so long for the third volume owo And that video was amazing. made my day x3