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  1. If by new layout you mean what Ripan showed, yus I do.
  2. I've replayed so many times now, what else can I do to get the rest of the items? This is really depressing.
  3. Thank GoN! Thank you TJ and spriters for this release!
  4. Oh noes, this release flew over my head for two days straight. I suppose I still have time to catch up?
  5. My dearies are finally adults! Ohh, they look so pretty, I can't get over it. EDIT: derp grammar
  6. What a beautiful couple! I love how vibrant and colorful they are. I'm glad I got 14 of them for a start, I absolutely adore the male.
  7. Not too late! Check the biomes every five minutes, they're dropping nicely, you'll be able to egglock yourself in no time at all.
  8. Got my second batch of eggs! I'm loving this.
  9. Waiting for my last two eggs to hatch so I can egglock myself with these cuties! I got really surprised I actually managed to catch a monthly release on their first days. :3
  10. I got seriously worried something would be done to St. Pat's skin when I got into the site and saw this thread, then freaked out because I ~suddenly~ had the default skin on. Took me a couple minutes to realize I was LOGGED OUT.
  11. I was a little late to the party. Also lost so many releases.
  12. They don't look too bad together! I would like for her to stay. o:
  13. I've participated in every raffle, still no luck winning, like many other users. Oh well, congratulations to those who won!
  14. I think maybe, if I win, I'm gonna gift the 2nd gens to people that draw me the cutest bunnies, so I can make the most amazing of computer wallpapers with them. Hmm. Or maybe a fun little contest of sorts, nothing complicated, and that everyone has a chance of getting a baby while having fun and making me laugh. Oh yes, that's it. *rubs hands together*
  15. I guess I'm not sleeping tonight. Won't be able to rest properly without confirming if I won something or not.
  16. I feel a little tense 'cause I only had 13 raffle entries by the end of the event, had no internet on the 25th so it kinda caught me off-guard. Means I have less chances of winning something, but oh lord, I'm still thrilled to think that there IS a possibility. I also catch myself checking this thread every couple minutes.
  17. Oh lordy, I love this Mana Alchemy thing! I find myself playing it even though I've already filled my mana bar. Thank you for the event.
  18. People saying the eggs look like gummies and other edibles, all I see are Puyo Puyo slimes because of the shading.
  19. Biomes: Alpine, Coast and Volcano Description: This egg feels like polished stone. Good luck catching!
  20. Egglocked myself in 10 minutes, now that's a record!~ Got 2 from Alpine, 2 from Coast and 3 from Volcano because of finger spasm. They look very familiar to me... if only I could remember their names now. Dx
  21. Took something from a few posts back Now leaving this awesome PB EG Blusang
  22. I'll take good care of it! Thank you. <3
  23. Taking nothing Leaving Bronze Tinsel, Reverse arrowhead lineage from Hypnotizing and Alcoholic
  24. I have yet to see the good side of retiring the breeds instead of making them rotate according to seasons and the like, I'm sorry but your arguments haven't convinced many. Of course we should, sometimes, consider other options when facing a problem, but even in real life, it is normal to choose the path that has minimized negative effects on people, while still being efficient. As you can see, many people would be extremely displeased with having their favorite dragons retired, to the point that they would quit the game (me included), but would be fine with some kind of rotation. This should be enough of a reason to not do what you've suggested, although you have the right to stand your ground, but so do other people, I'm afraid you won't succeed in changing people's minds.