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Fyrebird.jpg.b99e9c760d0f3bfd050b7e553568c763.jpg969501581_view.png.6c54f70fbf7676ec39704cd1ae344546.png «♦»  shoko.png firegem.png image.png clocks.gif «♦» sm-vo.gif ddf_button.gif get_a_llama_v2_0_by_ladyaway-d5grcjc.gif.c8cd0bbf8b0526972d31a8b051150859.gif b4thechange.gif.d5087117a1a4940181c2d565f6176b8a.gif

Disclaimer: I did not create any of this art. I can't even draw good stick figures. Okay, I put my name on the scroll link, but that's it. «♦» (Cycler art by Shokomon, coding and hosting by Pinkgothic.)

«♦» My dragons hate giving hybrids! Need 2g avatars of change/creation/destruction, carina, dusk pygmy, jester, risensong, setsong, sophrosyne, spotted teal drake, storm-rider. «♦»

Autorefresher by synditrix «♦» Leave an egg/Take an egg  «♦» I breed pb stripes. And anything else, really; just ask.  «♦» Holiday wishlist in profile.

Note to self: do NOT try to start a nobleshield/royal eminence checkerboard. Even if it would be awesome. Nobody has that many royal blues.

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    Atlanta area, Georgia, USA
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    My forum name = my Discord nick = my scroll name.

    Lucky winner (7/21) of bronze shimmer-scale, Ban-liang Loong ("bronze coin dragon").

    I give away 2nd and 3rd gen stripes, when my pairs are cooperating.
    Happy to attempt breeding almost anything on my scroll upon request.

    IOUs I O:

    IOUs from others:

    Feb: 2g radiant angel from snow angel
    Dec: 2g solstice from frostbite
    Dec: 2g snow angel from radiant angel

    I missed a bunch of holidays while I was on hiatus (4 years!) -- will be trying to catch everything after Valentine '17 (Halloween '17 through Valentine '21). Plus now I can get cbs of all the ones I missed. I'm going to be busy, busy, busy!!!