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1zqtwyb.jpg 11966.pnghsq6n9.jpg208v687.jpg33ma4bc.jpg—-—> WISHLIST <—-— *** HOLIDAY WISH LIST IN PROFILE ***20pr9d3.jpgCB gold, coppers20pr9d3.jpg2nd GEN pb black stripe (blood swap?), moonstone w/shadow walker parent20pr9d3.jpgLOW GEN gold, silver, copper, tinsel, shimmerscale, hollyScroll name = forum name = IRC nick ♦ Time zone GMT-4/EDT/New York

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    Atlanta area, Georgia, USA
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    My forum name = my IRC nick = my scroll name.

    I give away 2nd and 3rd gen stripes, when my pairs are cooperating.

    IOUs I O:
    200 CB imperial fleshcrowne hatchies to rrattts
    AND/OR pb 2nd gen colored stripes at 3:1
    AND/OR 2nd gen hybrids listed in profile
    97 fleshcrownes
    84 stripes (28 delivered x 3)
    + 07 hybrids
    188 from original 200 = 12 still owed

    IOUs from others:

    ♥ 2g radiant angel from snow angel
    ☻2g pb pumpkin
    ☻ 2g pb shadow walker
    ☻ 2g shadow walker with storm father
    * 2g solstice from frostbite
    * 2g snow angel from radiant angel

    If I win the lotto/HM, I want a CB snow angel or hybrid, especially avatar of change or soulpeace.