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Yeah, I've been gone a while.Forest.jpgGlomp.png sl181t.pnge7fey9.pngso7dlk.gifdcfocusbannersmall.pngeatw_button.jpgThe eggies I desire can be found in my profile. I'll be super grateful to anyone who happens to share with me <3

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    That area between fall and summer.
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    I write stories. I read books. I take naps. I eat when I feel like it. My hair is short and curly, and half the time, I can't be bothered to properly brush it. I'm a nerd of sorts, and quite peculiar, but most people can bear being around me. My nail polish is often chipped. I wear no make-up, and look fine without it. I often wear just a t-shirt and jeans. I'm not very athletic, though I very well could be. I'm often tired, occasionally cranky. I think school can be a real bother, but I like getting good grades, so I manage.

    I guess you can call all of that odd, but I disagree.
    It's just me.

    -All three Tinsels [Male and Female]
    -Black Marrow [Male and Female]
    -Pumpkin Dragon
    --- Applies to all: reasonably short lineage, no inbreeding. Those are my only requirements :D