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  1. le gasp! i'm right! one is a skywing (a diff colored one) and ones a split (diff colored, too) WOWZERS!
  2. uh oh. i collected two eggs but when i click on my basket it only shows one of them!
  3. omg your moms so cool. mine would be like 'you spend WAAAYY to much time on that laptop! you better get down here and see your family!" \ i understand that of course, but she wont even care if i tell her bout the awsum easter eggs!
  4. eek! easter dragons hatching out of easter eggs! o.o EDIT: just got mah second one the first one looks vaguely like a very pale skywing, the second one, a brightly colored slpitohmygosh!
  5. lets hope because i only have 1 egg
  6. omg got my first one as soon as i woke up and got on dragcave i saw it next to my lucky girl, dinosaurus pinkie pie. shes my good luck dragon
  7. Gsea

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    i know, right?! i am scroll locked with some stupid commons and now they release these lovely eggs....really?!? oh well, at least they are a common and not a stupid rare!
  8. Gsea

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    so theyre permanent, and not rare? no rush? ohmygod thats such a relief! i was like " new eggs i'm gonna hafta scramble to get them and abandon all the eggs i have!"
  9. yeah i love drawing (on the computer) but all i have is a mouse and MSpaint. so it's a challenge to shade, draw pixels, etc, and i really just don't get it. i need, like, a sprite/pixe; tutorial specifically for dragons, lol
  10. omg, i would love to learn to sprite, but all i have is microsoft paint, no tablet or anything else. what do i need and are there any good tutorials out there? for spriting?
  11. um....one of the BSAs does that, i'm pretty sure. and you can always just fog it instead of wasting a BSA.
  12. Gsea

    Warrior Cats Books!

    oh. sorry. could you give me a link to it, if you can find it? if it exists, then mods can close this... i guess.
  13. Gsea

    Art Worm

    can i join? i love drawing. does it have to be dragons or can it be anything?
  14. Gsea

    Warrior Cats Books!

    just wanted to know your opinions. personally, i love this series. i see some of you have mywarriorcats adoptables, and i just finished the fourth book, so i wanted to ask players on DC. what do you think? please vote and feel free to discuss it, as well. you can reply! EDIT: oops...this should be on the books mini-forum, shouldn't it. how do you "move" threads?
  15. woah those ar lucky first dragons. ugh mine were so boring (frill mint balloon and black...not an alt)
  16. my first egg was a "this egg appears to be made out of limestone" so i think that's stone? it died, though. my second, third, and fourth were a mint, frill, and balloon. not too hard for me to remember since i joined about a month and a half ago, maybe two months?