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  1. Homemade Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies, and then a ridiculous amount of watermelon. I hate drinking water so I eat watermelon and pretend it hydrates me just as well. Plus it's delicious.
  2. Pot roast and rice. Probably my second favorite meal in the world after my mom's spaghetti.
  3. http://dragcave.net/lineage/GARY6 =D
  4. I guess I'll breed my Pillows again. Last time I did, they created a semi-wall that lasted a little while. And I can breed plenty of Reds but they definitely won't make any sort of wall. I'd breed Black Teas from my growing army but I have a weird thing about wanting most of them to be childless. Maybe some other time.
  5. Gsea


    I do power yoga. It's not like normal yoga. I actually don't really know what "normal" yoga is. But power yoga is pretty tough, each class is a one-hour workout using your body's own resistance that is meant to build muscle pretty much everywhere, lol. It involves a lot of standing on one leg (which I have to thank for my shiny new calf muscles) annndd a bunch of other stuff I'm too lazy to explain It's pretty fun. It's the only exercise I've ever participated in voluntarily. I've been doing it for a month and a half, attending 4-5 classes a week, and I now have muscles instead of skin-and-bone limbs. I have little baby biceps! And abs!
  6. "Pharmaceutics" for a dragon with a "CVS" code.
  7. This applies again. Wouldn't mind a nice wall of something to bump these times down a bit, lol. They're now outside the time window of "can be incubated to ER"
  8. Gsea

    Silvi's Lair

    I had a funny glitch happen to me when I was entering my scroll into Silvi's Lair. It detected a fogged hatchling on my scroll (I had no fogged hatchlings) with the code of a hatchie I gifted away days ago. Somehow the website thought I still had it & had hidden it. I exited & re-entered the site, but even in my second attempt, the fogged hatchie was still there. Not a big deal but a little strange =P
  9. Just beautiful: http://dragcave.net/lineage/DQNfZ
  10. real question is, will i ever get over him? do you ever really get over your first love? because if he ever broke up with the girl he chose over me, i think i'd come running. by all logic i should not be attracted to him. he has so many qualities that i can't stand. he is wrong for me in every way. and yet. ...i need closure. i need him to tell me once and for all that we will never ever work out. i haven't spoken to him in a year... how do obtain closure
  11. I honestly love rap. The right song can put me in a great mood. I listen to the basics, though, nothing too gangster. Kanye West, some Drake songs (his voice can be a little grating at times), some Jay Z, and the love of my life: Nicki Minaj. And I was kind of into Iggy Azalea's music before the whole internet turned against her, lol.
  12. Gsea

    Panic! At the Disco

    PATD has been a long-time love of mine. I don't listen to them so much anymore but some of their songs are still irresistible to me. For a while, I considered "Nearly Witches" to be my favorite song of all time. But these days I tend to skip over their songs when I put my music on shuffle. Although I do still jam out to "Hallelujah"
  13. Ask me a year ago; my answer would be Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and Paramore. Typical pop-punk-rock lover =P But these days I'm really loving Brand New and Arctic Monkeys. I feel like such a tumblr cliche by admitting that, lol, but I honestly adore them. They are definitely my top two favorite bands. Third favorite at the moment is The Neighbourhood, a recent addition to my music library, but a band I have quickly fallen in love with. Their songs all have a similar haunting-yet-comforting feeling that I really like.
  14. Annoyed. I had plans to go shopping today as I no longer fit into most of my clothes (hahahashahahff sudden weight gain) but it's storming pretty badly with no signs of stopping any time soon. Also I think I may be developing psoriasis or some other skin condition. It's come out of nowhere and won't go away )) So that's annoying. Just remembered another thing that is annoying me - I have recently discovered that I have a lactose sensitivity! It sucks! I'm not lactose intolerant but I definitely have some bad reactions to dairy. And, of course, my favorite things to eat are ice cream, cheesecake, etc.. Now I need to find some sort of lactose-free coffee creamer because coffee is a staple in my diet, but half-and-half is now a no-no for me :/
  15. i actually have no friends. isn't that kind of weird? everyone has friends. but i have none. i used to have some but then i broke all my ties w them. stopped using social media, stopped answering peoples messages, just withdrew into myself and i was happy because i 100% love being by myself, w myself, enjoying my own company. but now i'm goin back to school and i'm gonna be so pathetic just never talking to anyone and having nobody to lean on when i need to vent or when im stressed or need advice or even need someone to send me pics of their notes. lol. why did i cut myself off from the world.. i always turn this thread into like my dumb personal rants. but i'm not even upset rn i'm just thinking. about how weird it is that i have zero friends and i never really thought about it until now. huh
  16. -cracks knuckles- I've done my research. Personality-wise, I'm some odd mix of a Nilia, Frostbite, Lumina, and Gilded Bloodscale. But if I were spontaneously transformed into a dragon right now, for some reason I feel like I'd be an Olive dragon.
  17. Any Dexter fans out there? ...yeah, I was too, until season 8. Anyway. Stole a few names from the show. I got: Dex Morgan Debra Morgan (two spaces) Rita Bennett (so thrilled this wasn't taken!) Harrison Morgan and Frank Lundy <3
  18. do not watch dexter. never watch dexter. if you watch dexter, don't watch past season 5. season 6 at the most. i hate tv shows. i hate that i get so emotionally invested only to have them disappoint me/break my heart with the way my beloved favorite characters are treated
  19. Lots of dark chocolate. 70% cacao, more bitter than I'm used to, but delicious nonetheless.
  20. English muffin with peanut butter and bananas. I'll probably eat anything if it has peanut butter and/or bananas. Yum.
  21. I got a new (bigger, better) desk from IKEA, which has helped me feel like my life is somewhat in order, lol. Currently I'm thinking about how I'm excited to get back to school, but I know that once school starts, I'm going to be overwhelmed and probably miserable. Oh well. I'm just going to enjoy the fun part - a fresh new school year, new teachers, new supplies, new clothes.
  22. Grilled chicken breast, steamed broccoli, and mashed potatoes w/ sour cream (sounds weird but is really good)